Welcoming The Year Of The Pig

7 Feb 2019 – CNY Celebrations

Mon: Reunion dinner tkx to Ivy&Les for LoHei 捞起 – Cantonese-style raw fish salad, personal favourite taste is with fresh 西刀 Ikan-Parang Wolf-Herring, anything else is not the same! Do remember all the auspicious phrases as you add the fish&other ingredients into the salad.

Tue: 恭喜發財 Kung-Hei-Fat-Choy to each and everyone celebrating the CNY, Chinese/LunaNewYear. May the Year of the Pig bring you all Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Greetings from some of the Green (sitting), Orange (standing – Kiera should have been in the front row with the PurpleG) &Purple (front row) generations from the LAM TinYue (BlueG) – at present, total of 71 (including those who passed on+spouses still in tact) from my father’s branch on this 1stDay for the Year of the Pig. Appreciations to Ivy&Les for their gracious hospitality and for teaching the younger generation the Art of BlackJack 🙂 Family group pix credits to MeiPin.

Bro-in-laws Michael&Khalid; god-sister, Pat’s son SengYee; nieces Pat&Sue, Adeline, LIMKimBeng (Albert’s bro-in-law). MichaelCHUA&fam (Albert’s bro) left before I could get a shot of them!


2above pix credits to David

Continued my visit to 4Sis-in-law who is under the weather and then to bro Steven@UMC, Queensway.

Tkx to Daisy for prata@Springleaf PrataPlace (TheRailMall ) and a drink@EagleWingsLoft, KingAlbertMall. Since we were in the area, wanted to take them to CAMACA which was closed by the time we got there.

Very seldom in this area and now suddenly twice within the week!!

Wed: CNY is also the start of the Spring Festival and this beautiful blossoming tree is at Kranji MRT Station. Not out there for any horse racing on this 2ndCNY day, but to visit 2Sis-in-law who lives with her 2nd-born&fam. Tkx for having me over and for her delicious home-cooking, especially her curry.

2nd bro, LAM KwokKiong’s (may he RIP) 4children, JenMun, Jenleng, JenWee&Steve and their families on the 1stCNY-day. At present 17total from here and more to be added as time goes by. Eldest grandnephew SuiChang recently got married and when they start their family, the new generation will be colour-coded Brown. It would be a dream come true if I am able to gather as many as possible together from the LAM TinYue’s branch for a family reunion. Above pix credits to JenLeng. 

If my calculations are correct, the total count ( including those who passed on+spouses in tact) from paternal grandfather LAM SongKee’s+3wives trunk to the branches, sub-branches, etc is 159 for today.

Thu: welcome Magnus back to SIN. Has it really been 7yrs ago when I first met him&the SMUexchange group? Always proud to show off how garbage&graffiti free SIN public areas can be. Underpass leading to EC Pk and a beautiful day to have a picnic brunch there. For someone from a maritime nation like Norway, even he is amazed with the all the ContainerShips in the background.


Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another –  Ernest Hemingway

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