Dempsey Hill

28 Jul 2016 – From Little India to The Art Science Of Gems


Tue: running errands@Little India where the ambience and colours there never fail to amaze and fascinate me. Somehow I feel that I am in India without having to travel there. What I really like and enjoy in SIN is that we also have Chinatown, Geylang Serai, Arab St to give a taste of all these cultures. Shopped at Mustafa, the only 24-7 store in the world where you can buy anything and everything under one roof at reasonable prices.


Wed: a morning walk round the Dempsey Hill area to discover new places, but somehow memories of Temenggong Rd crept into mind. Perhaps the presence of old trees and the colonial days buildings do play tricks to the mind! Many of these building are beautifully renovated and now fancy eateries which are way out of my budget!



The White Rabbit/Harding Rd – a 5*restaurant and the former Ebenezer Chapel built in the 1940s for British soldiers. Good food reviews and critics. Looks an interesting place and would like to try it someday! A must try now that Ting told me that she supplies their herb & veggie garden!


The Rabbit Hole specializes in Gin&Tonic, one of my favourite cocktails in these tropical weather. This place is joined to The White Rabbit.


Continuing towards Pierce Rd and found the durian place being relocated, but still in the area. Used to have durians here when working at SBG! Heading back to the main Holland Rd to discover that Nparks have an orchid nursery on Pierce Rd. The trees on this road are a joy to see and it feels good to be shaded by big trees.


The reason in this area was to visit the Maris Stella compound, Calvin@CC is donating angels here – met up with Chris, wondering if this was the same location where Catherine visits.



Peaceful and serene surroundings for a Chapel, Convent, Nursery, Kindergarten with fruit and veggie garden. Open and airy walkway towards the chapel, elegant carved-marble angel for holy-water and amazing skyline to the alter.


Thank you to sisters Marjorie and Theresa for showing us around. Sister Mary in action – pix credits to Chris.


13734737_10153600313376971_238356854_n13866718_10153975617987933_1547363200_nDid not have the pleasure to meet sister Mary (90yrs) who is still doing embroidery works, tkx to sister Theresa, managed to capture a pix of her workroom. This is where Catherine visits, small world and also bought some of these creative Chinese character for Love. In my eyes, all the religions seemed connected in this piece of wonderful creation.


Appreciations to Chris for the ride to MBS and to The Art Science Museum.

Tkx to Yoshie for the ticket. Bling-bling galore@Art & Science of Gems/Van Cleef & Arpels (VC&A), a definite must-see for those who admire gems. Here is where ALL that glitters is GOLD 🙂 Exquisite and spectacular creative workmanship. Last day 14 Aug.


Peacock Box/1950 – Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum collection. Cigarette case with Empress Eugenie surrounded her ladies/1946 – VC&A collection, yellow gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds. Hummingbird Box/1938 – VC&A collection, yellow gold, sapphires, rubies and diamonds.


Walska Briolette –  a Phoenix in yellow gold set with yellow and white diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The fabulous 96.62 carat Briolette is suspended from the bird’s beak but can de detached and worn separately as a pendant. The birds wings also detach and form a pair of earrings and the tail can be transformed into a brooch – bedazzled, speechless and blinded with all these stunning blings!!


None of my pix taken here in the security see-thru’ enclosures do justice to the real thing, but just a reminder of the glamour when senior moments hit 🙂


Walked to the Bayfront MRT, decided to lunch in the MBS Food court – the 2nd time. In future will try to remember that the food here is not good and overpriced!


Luckily the Whirlpool Fountain was splashing as it is not always on. Thoughts of a movie about a guy who makes a living cleaning out coins out in the fountains, do not remember the name! What a busy day, but good to be able to have that energy to enjoy it.


Thu: had my prescriptions@MP Polyclinics refilled before traveling and was done is less than 2hrs, which is quite good. Lunched leisurely at Marine Parade Promenade when the rains started. Was entertained by pleasant live-music and all for $5 (a bowl of mee-pok & grass-jelly dessert)+$2 for the street musicians’ box. Now to the most dreaded chore as the weekend is going to be a hectic one!


Goodman Art Centre

25 Jul 2016 – Tanjong Goodman Weekend Market


Formerly the grounds of the Tun Seri Lanang Secondary School from 1962 to 1985, then LASALLE College of the Arts from 1992 to 2007 (renamed to LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in 1993), followed by School of the Arts (SOTA) from 2007 to 2009, Goodman Arts Centre now houses the National Arts Council alongside a diverse range of tenants from the visual, literary and performing arts.


Sun: all these happenings to the school happened when I was away from SIN. Have wanted to visit the location when Bro Joe was there. Somehow time did not permit and finally took the opportunity to visit the Tanjong Goodman Weekend Market today. Such a good idea to utilize this location in the weekends when there are no classes


When Ting & KiWi were talking about how bad the market is for used containers at present got me to go take pix of Greenfield Modular Studios, or Block O which is constructed out of recycled containers into multi-purpose studios and project studios.


There are so many ways to design and use these metal rectangular blocks if you have creative imagination!


Togetherly Market is located here and the book exchange corner is a good idea. Would have brought some if I knew about it earlier. Thought of Denise at the Book Exchange Corner, where book lovers trade their books for new reads in a quirky fun way. Wrapping service is available for owners of pre-owned books and they may leave a personal note about the book for the next owner. In return, they may pick their preferred books based on these messages left by other owners.


Brilliant and beautiful ways to display air-plants. Happy to have found some gifts here to take to Norway.


Thank you to a charming young Dutchman, Iskander Walen for showing and discussing about some of his interesting works with this straight-forward senior 🙂 who is at present swamped with social functions and packing for my 2+months Norway stay. Unfortunately, unable to make  CAN! exhibition opening but good luck and well wishes to him.


Ceramic Studio, still a working studio where I found a glass stirring stick which I like and would use, also within my budget, $8.


The Great Singapore Garage Sales 7th edition (GSGS), nothing that interest me there but did enjoy the ice-latte outside!


La Barca Ristorante – looks an interesting place to try where there is a kids’corner so that parents can enjoy their meal.


Food Bazaar and Bric-A-Brac Fair – refreshing tea and the gyro kabab was tasty.


Cafe Melba seems to be a popular place which serves wood fired thin crust pizza! Another place to try


Wall mural and the space-bottle are more for the Y-generation! but do like these endless corridors and the 3D painting in La Barca Ristorante.


Never enough with greenery when surrounded by so many concrete buildings.


There is a bus outside here which goes directly to MarineC – very convenient especially when the rain started while waiting for the bus. Many of the overhead passes at the bus-stops here in SIN are with the cheerful bougainvilleas blooming on both sides, delightful to the eyes!

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down – Oprah Winfrey



Mon: congratulations to Kiat who lead SBG to an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 and now CEO@Gardens by the Bay.



Appreciations and tkx to ALL who are participating to make SGF 2016 into another unforgettable event at the Flower Dome,


Market Place and the Meadow. Happy Birthday YuZhang! Do not miss out on these creative and exquisite floral arrangements. Last day to feast your eyes on them – Sun 31July.


Thank you to Calvin@CC for sponsoring these gears for me to test in Norway. A pair of LaSportiva/Gore-Tex (Italian) with the Frixion AT Sole SystemS$280, soft resilient and lightweight rubber, totally non-marking, for road and trail. With both Gore-Tex and CC Ultralight Gaiters$55, the feet should be comfortably dry.


IMG_0240178gms Light weight CC Poncho$85 will hopefully be keeping the body dry. Also to test if it an be used as a wind-breaker without flying away!

Bamboo base-layer$30 to keep warm and as PJ too! Verdicts when I get back.

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go – Muir

Singapore Garden Festival 2016

23 Jul 2016 – SGF Celebrating 10yrs


Wed: so it is time again to set up for the bicentennial SIN Garden Festival/SGF 23-31Jul 2016@Gardens By The Bay. And one my all time favourite displays so far is from SGF 2010@SuntecCity.


Have been helping out the Orchid Society/OSSEA with their MOR publication from 1999-2009 and setting up with their 2003 1st show The Singapore Orchid Festival@SBG, now the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. For me it was the best orchid show in SIN ever!

After combining to be SGF, the show has not been the same and has lost some of it’s personal charm, despite the crowds. Appreciations to Peggy, Shelly and Calvin for these wonderful experiences and memories – 2006/OSSEA, 2008/OSSEA&SIN Shawl, 2010/IR, 2012/NA, 2014/CC and 2016/OSSEA

Thu: after US moves to seize $1.3b in assets of Malaysian fund, assets worth S$240m seized as part of SIN 1MDB probe…


The contrast to the above situation is me, where I get subsidies 🙂 Live within your means is what my father, the banker taught me!


13770265_10153995900054900_5163288474625955382_nFri: TGIF  – Happy Celebrations to family and friends and all who are celebrating –

Mabel&Lawrence, Lily&Danny&fam, Melvin, Karen’s&Eugene’s fam, Chuan&fam, LuLu &fam, Chris’s fam, Ang Jack’s fam – enjoy the day and a good weekend to all.

Hope to visit again before the year is over.


Between Clinton and Trump, who will be the next president and what is going to happen to USA?? Speechless and lost of words about these 2 candidates – time will show.



Belated Bday celebrations for Chee Hoew with Ting Ting, Bev and KeeWhee@Sakunthala’s Food Palace***on Race Course Rd, Little India. Nice wall mural.


Bought a piece of Paan but have not tasted it yet. Had durians, Kings of the Fruits for this season. Tkx to all for this wonderful evening.


Good to see pix of the Amazing6 enjoying their reunion with their Norwegian family in OSL/Norway. Now the FaBulous5 are safely back in CAE, SC/USA. Pix credits to Linn.


Last night at SGF Flower Dome – pix downloaded

Sat: Happy 5th Birthday to #5 James and 8th to grandnephew Lucas.



Today at SGF Market Place where the OSSEA booths had more manpower than needed in tight spaces! Also being located near the door, the heat, noise and traffic there were just too much to deal with. Decided to call it the day.


Finding Dory

20 Jul 2016 – Senior Moments 🙂

Sun: such a pleasure showing off this local scene in SIN to people who appreciate it. Below 2 pix credits to Zarina.


Zarina had a field day at the MarineTerrace wet-market, buying nearly the whole market 🙂 Tkx for being an interested guest.


Tkx for dropping by Hannah, sorry that we did not get to the free-market but being outdoors in the crowds all morning was about all I could handle!


Favourite caviar and mussels cooked to perfection by my bro. The Iranian Beluga grey caviar is delicious with blini and all the condiments! Alone without the condiments, it is so-so! Need the blini and condiments to compliment the caviar + a glass of good champagne. Appreciations to the family for another delicious meal.


Mon: tkx to Mr Birch for lunch@Hong Kong Dim Sum Shop***Coffee@YaKun (my favourtie KayaToast place), tkx to Peggy. Introduced Pat to the Heritage Murals@51 Waterloo St.


Tue: how could this have been 19yrs ago??? the day I gained a wonderful son-in-law. Happy Anniversary to L&J


On the bus dark and early to meet with SY who accompanied me to pay respects to my parents@Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex. Was thinking how convenient it will be to have an MRT Sta there. Takes nearly 2hrs by 2 buses (with one change) to get from the EastCoast. Heavy traffic on the highway into town early morning and thank goodness the bus does not take the highway.


Alas to learn that the constructions are indeed for the new Thompson-East Coast Line/TEL, there will not be Mandai Sta but there will be a Marine Terrace Sta which is good news for me.


Tkx to SY for breakfast at the Nanyang Polytechnic canteen. Meals there are subsidized and a decent bowl of noodles there is S$2.


poster-193x290AMK Hub to catch Finding Dory***@Cathay. Senior rates are now up to $5! In future, will try my best to remember to stick with the Lido cinemas as their rates are still $4.

Dory’s visual  is such a joy to watch, drawing on the deep blues and greens of the underwater. While not as dazzling as its predecessor, the film has still a colorful script putting an engaging spin on the issues of home and identity.  The story-line was not up to par with inventiveness of the animation, but still entertaining and enjoyable.

An afternoon meeting with Andrew to hear and listen to their plans for trying to develop a senior activity place@51 Waterloo St. Wondering when and if I will be like Dory, if not already there – lol 🙂

So, I stopped in at the pharmacy to look for something new
To try to fix this memory thing and my E.D. problem too
But, I got my Rogaine and Viagra pills mixed up back at home
I had hair growin’ real thick but it was way too stiff to comb… Golf Brooks

SIN National Gallery

16 Jul 2016 – World’s Largest Public Display Of Modern SE Asia Art

bonnefettelafrance - CopyThu: a pleasant surprise to hear my name at the traffic lights – Kitty is here as her mother had to be hospitalized! Hope that things will work out for her. Nice to be able to catch up over a glass of barley before heading to the National Gallery, my first visit there.


IMG_3048Located in SIN Civic District, the Gallery consists of two national monuments (have never been and always wanted to even as a kid) the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall, and has a combined floor area of 64,000 square metres (690,000 sq ft), making it the largest visual arts venue and largest museum here. Above pix downloaded.


The junction of these 2 buildings is quite an interesting contrast. Studio Milou Architecture’s design consisted of a linear draped canopy supported by tree-like columns to link the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall at the roof level. The design incorporated an extended staircase linking the basement to the upper levels, making use of solar energy to provide electricity. Fine metal mesh had been proposed to cover most of City Hall.



The former Supreme Court


A cuppa and a curry quiche! (had to try this fusion and it was quite tasty) with 2Japanese Friends of the Museums@Padang Cafe.


Tkx to Yoshie for getting me into the Reframing Modernism exhibition also FOC for PassionCard holders! Being a fan of Chagall, wanted to see this before it is over.


Harmony in Green/The Two Sisters by Le Pho, Portrait of Madame Heim by Robery Delaunay, Ang Pulubi (The Begger) by Hernando R Ocampo, On White II by VassilyKandinsky.

Wu Guanzhong Gallery do bring back memories from the SIN Shawl days!

img_0044img_962613 Apr 2009

Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Minister of Community Development, Youth & Sports was the Guest of Honour for The Singapore Shawl’s 4th Anniversary and to unveil the Wu Guanzhong’s shawl. Was there to help with the sales and the fashion show; presented my book 1st SIN AT Thru-Hiker to Mrs Yu-Foo.


Random pix and my personal preference are his earlier works.


There is only so much one can see in just one day!


And only so much that I can upload here…


This was a surprise! Liked this piece and usually when I take a pix of the work I like, will then proceed on to see who is by! Guess who owns this piece…


Views of SIN skylines from the Aura Sky Lounge.


Some of the eateries and all overpriced…


More overpriced food@The National Design Centre/Tanuki***Yoshie, being Japanese, wanted her input about the food and she tells me that this is fusion, not tradition Japanese. Quite tasty and their drinks are good.


Good to catch up with Seb@First Stop Food Junction, Block 261 Queen St, one of my favourite night (opens till 0200hrs) food joints in this area. Tkx for supper bro, even Yoshie (pix credits to her) likes SIN food! Crave for local food was satisfied for tonight and too late for food pix!

13734644_10208883638262357_1981414149_nBeen awhile since I have been on the go for over 12hrs like this – happily tired with no headaches. Alarm set and contentedly fell asleep until the bus arrived at my stop. Appreciations to Yoshie and Seb for putting up with me and for this pix→

Posted on FB so that friends will not be too shocked to see the changes – overwhelmed and touched to see the replies and comments. Just goes to show how often I post a pix of myself 🙂

4753Fri: TGIF – woke up to this news and it is indeed a very sad Bastille Day for the people celebrating as well as for me – thoughts and prayers to all affected.

5184Sat: does one want to listen to the news? Why all these destruction and turmoils?? Can PEACE ever be achieved??? Usually will stay indoors during weekends to catch up with news, uploading of pix, updating blog posting etc, but today do feel like getting away from it all.

 On Tuesday, the Thai printer blocked publication of a report in the International New York Times on the king’s dog defamation charges, the third time in a month that it has left a Thailand article blank, and the U.S. Ambassador to the country is being investigated over accusations he violated the strict lese-majeste law.

bury-head-sand-global-warming-cartoon - Copy - Copyfrieden[1]

At the rate things are going around the world at present, where can one hide to get away from it all? Is there any chance or hope for PEACE?? How did we get so messed up??? This is NOT what I have hoped, prayed and worked for my grandchildren or the future generation 🙁

South China Sea Dispute

14 Jul 2016 –  In This World Of Turmoil


13285327_1214361438604628_260453144_nMon: the sky opened pouring buckets in the morning hours and stopped by noon. Picked up Recogen supplements@Ubi Ave 2, while the promotion lasts – S$62per box and 1travel pack free. This product was recommended to me last year, tried it out for a couple of months and found that it helped.

Did not take any while in the US and felt the difference and no, not easily physiologically influenced but more the opposite, a major skeptic!


Since in the area, decided to get a suckling piglet@YanChuan Roaster****to celebrate life’s blessing. The roasted goods there are good and have been wanting to get one of these last year when I was picking up the supplements, but did not. Quite a challenge to carry piglet on the MRT, but where good food is concerned, everything is possible 🙂 Walked to MacPherson MRT, crossing a major construction junction on Paya Lebar Rd! Circle Line brought me right on to Bras Basah Sta and to share this yummy piglet with staff and friends@CC.

While waiting, talked to this person from Myanmar. Unfortunately did not understand his language.


Posted the above pix in FB and to learn what this is – Paan (India), KoonYar (Myanmar) betel leaf, areca nuts (fresh or dried) and Chuna/limestone. Tobacco and colouring can also be added. It is chewed for its stimulant and psychoactive effects. After chewing it is either spat out or swallowed. Tkx to FB friends for all their informative comments and replies.


Tue: tkx Aileen for the introduction to Tunaki. Looks delicious but was not hungry, will return another day to try the food. The ginger drink and coffee were good.


Still eyeing this lamp at National Design Centre, but at a price tag of S$385, can only look!


Enjoy these local idioms, again at a price for those magnets and pins. Still need translation for some of them! Will just take pix unless there is one that I must have or one that I think will be an appropriate gift for someone.


Aisha friend’s Hari Raya home-baked cookies are good – MukMur, KuehDahlia & KuenTart/pineapple tarts which is my favourite. Will try to remember to order from her next festival. Had a bowl of local Hokkien Mee@Asian House (Fortune Centre)***calamansi juice is good and refreshing there.

david-james-roach26-year-old David James Roach from Canada has been arrested in BKK for the the bank robbery last week. The stupidity of some of these young people really amazes me and a name like Roach, ouch! Downloaded pix→


HOTEL_WR_450x637_2LASALLE College of the Arts for Hotel Part 1*****by Wild Rice where this play explores the notions of empire, nationhood, migration and identity against the backdrop of a shrinking world.

Spanning a century, and performed over five hours in nine languages, HOTEL is a ground-breaking theatrical event highlighting the eclectic energies born from the collisions between the old and the new, East and West, tradition and modernity. Looking forward to Part 2 tomorrow night.


Wed: above maps downloaded. The finding of an international arbitral tribunal, which ruled that China’s claims in the S China Sea are illegal. Beijing rejects this tribunal’s ruling. So what is going to happen??? Disturbing news – besides China & the Philippines, countries like N&S Korea are having some major issues, HKG&Taiwan are not happy with China, Japan has its own problems. Anyone who really thinks that all this is not going to affect the whole of SE Asia is having their head buried in the sand!

_85683390_japanpeaceepaJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed victory Sunday for his ruling coalition in parliamentary elections, which came despite lukewarm public support for his economic policies and wariness over amending the country’s pacifist constitution…

If Japan is no longer a pacifist country and reacquires the military, what then??

indexAfter 6yrs in office, David Cameron will resign as British Prime Minister following the UK’s vote to leave EU.  Downing Street is packed with reporters from across the globe to witness David Cameron’s departure and Theresa May’s arrival at the Prime Minister’s official London residence.


Glad to get my mind off the news. At LASALLE College of the Arts again for Hotel Part 2**** and even if the world is a stage and we are all actors and visitors, life is not a dress rehearsal. You only have this ONE life to live, so live to the fullest! Hotel Parts 1&2, highly recommended.

Mural Paintings@Tiong Bahru

11 Jul 2016 – Including Everton Rd

IMG_2641Sun: Good Sun morning. Sharing this irresistible skyline colours before going to explore down memory lane where the extended LAM family lived once upon a time.

Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind… – Wordsworth


Not knowing that there was a race going on today, bus#196 was detoured to Beach Rd instead of the normal route on Nicoll Highway. Was in no hurry and quite fun to be able to take pix of Haji Lane, Raffles Hotel on Beach Rd and a bunch of cyclists when back on Shenton Way.


Not that clear pix from a not so clean bus window, but a good view from the upper decker of a double-decker bus down the CBD on Shenton Way where the barricades are in-placed for the NDP. 88c on a public bus (senior fares) and a tour of the city, now that is a good deal. Tourists pay $20+ to go on bus-guided tours.


IMG_267839&40 Everton RdAmah & Barber is in the neighbourhood where 4thAuntie LAM PohKua+family once lived. Spent some weekends there as a child with them as 4th aunt did not have any daughters and wanted to adopt me! But usually after the weekend, 5 Temenggong Rd was where I returned to.

First time venturing back here since the late 1950s – used to be sensitive about this issue, but fortunately grew out of it and has turned the situation to my advantage by feeling so much in demand 🙂 Still counting my blessings when thinking of the old CHIJ Gate of Hope


Provision Shop8 Spottiswoode Park Road. This area is delightful & interesting with the contrast of old shop-houses and new condos.


5thUncle LAM TinYick+family, father’s cousin Auntie LAM KeiBik+family lived@3SengPoh Rd apt block. For cousins in Canada and USA who lived here and @Everton Rd in the 1950s-60s, wanted to capture some moments hoping that the memory can reveal more about the former 3 SengPoh Rd which was owned by the family then, now New Cape Inn. There must be some images of that old building somewhere before it was torn down. Will try SIN Archives again someday!


The Bird Corner next to #3


Across the road from the Bird Corner was HuLu Temple then, now the Hotel Nostalgia.



Read a couple of days ago that Yip Yew Chong will be signing his Tiong Bahru murals. Today it took him nearly 2hrs to do some touch-up, the poem and the signature for Home@Tiong Poh Road/Eu Chin Street Block 74. Some Italians living behind that wall kindly offered a chair for me to sit and water for us to drink. Thank you Massimilliano, partner and their little dogs.


Bird Corner, Pasar & Fortune Telling@Eng Watt Street Block 73 – did not stay to watch him sign these and he himself was not sure that he could do them today.



Tiong Bahru means New Cemetery (thióng 塚 – Hokkien for cemetery, bahruMalay for new) is one of the oldest housing estates in SIN. The architecture and artistic residents here are both symbols of SIN cultural past and moving towards to the future.

13082565_1318206511530075_1092974838531912712_nStarted the day at 0530hrs and felt like the head was exploding by 1330hrs. Being outdoors most of the time except when on the bus to and from the murals is NOT a good idea in this heat for such extended period of time…

Also another reminder to myself that age is getting up and there are hardly any more trees around for shade or for climbing – not that I can get up those trees just because age gets up 🙂 🙂 🙂

Heritage Muarls@51 Waterloo Street

9 Jul 2016 – Former Catholic High School

Thu: heritage Murals by Yip Yew Chong & Yuen Kum Cheong@Campers’ Corner are now completed and they are absolutely worth the time to take a look. Both Waterloo and Queen St have much to offer. And while you are at 51 Waterloo St, do drop into Campers’ Corner for your best outfitter store here in SIN where you can also quench your thirst with a pint, a cuppa or a soda. The management and staff there will provide you with the best service if you mention me 🙂 just kidding!



Ice Ball: brought back memories of The Ice-Ball Man when shaved-ice costed 5c for plain ice with syrup and 10c with fillings inside. If I describe the way this was made then, one would wonder how we managed to survive to be strong and healthy as we are!


Use your imagination with the old downloaded above pix see if you can figure out how the shaved-ice was produced! If they are still using that concept to make it today in public, doubt that I will eat it…


Beach Road Army Market & NCO Club: former Britannia Club (1952) was originally constructed for British servicemen. Like the Tanglin Club then, locals were not permitted there in those days! Today it is the chic South Beach Club housing several dining spaces and will depend on locals for their business!


Odeon Cinema & National Theatre:  National Theater (1963) is no longer. Designed by local architect Alfred Wong, a close family friend. Attended some performance there once (must have been 1964-65, but unfortunately do not remember what performance) and remember being bitten by mozzy!


The Odeon (1953), somehow somewhere back in the not-so-fond memory niche – Hayley Mills there in person to premier the movie The Parent Trap (1962-63). Being pushed and fell in the crowds surrounding by screaming fans might be the explanation to my phobic for crowds. The kacang puteh man is in the fond memory section 🙂 Above 3pix downloaded.


Two Rails with founding father of Catholic High School, Reverend Father Becheras. Been on the train many times to then Malaya and still enjoy my train rides.


National Library & MPH – besides the nice courtyard coffee joint, not much memory from here as I left SIN in 1965.


Fascinating and interesting talk on the Climbing of Denali (6,194m) by PheiSunn. Knowing that it is not my cup of tea, but still like hearing the experiences and seeing the amazing views and glad for a good turn-out.


Nice to catch up and share stories with these outdoor and sporty people. Appreciations to Calvin & staff@CC for hosting it.

Fri: TGIF and that means I have been back in SIN for a week; the heat, humidity and time are still not in full sync with the body and mind!

v1.bTsxMTU0Mzc3MztqOzE3MDk4OzEyMDA7NDA1OzYwMAMe Before You***is such an uncynical movie that it almost doesn’t matter that it isn’t very good. A tearjerker chick flick, and despite the numerous cliches that plague the first half, this romantic drama has enough charm and warmth to recommend it, especially at senior citizen rates! A total sucker for a good romance, but the tearjerker seems to go hand-in-hand with those kind of flicks 🙂 The question is how does a quadriplegic manage to try to make those marks on his wrist???


Sat: Linn&FaBulous5 arrived safe and sound in OSL and now the Amazing6 are together. Just looking at Linn’s pix gave the overwhelming feeling of being sooo blessed was beyond any words. How is it possible to feel so much love for the Amazing6 – made my day.

images1Issues with the screen on the laptop, but tkx to Leonard it is all OK! This guy is so clever and good with these high-tech issues; lucky with such friends.

After deleting over 1,000pix by mistake 🙁 tend to now overload pix in this blog and have paid to upgrade it to a Business Plan so that unlimited pix can be uploaded and stored here.


13620042_673849816113980_2495499773935999979_nEdited with the below link and 3 above downloaded pix for the benefits of my overseas family and friends.

There was a bank robbery in SIN on Thu, and this robbery is only the 5th bank robbery or attempted robbery reported in the last 12 years. The bank is located@Holland V, also known for being SIN Bohemian popular shopping and dining destination for younger SIN and expatriates!

Thus this incident has gotten the brunt of many jokes recently, including this one titled Wake Up, SIN

Back To SIN Time

7 Jul 2016 – More Or Less 🙂

13592744_1171548066200923_4361231986897509919_n2013OSL Norway4thJul 2013 Olai in OSL

Day66PA AT20052015SC LMurrayMon: 4thJul here in SIN but not quite yet in USA! Someone sure had a lot of time of get the flag marked on that field! Pix downloaded.  Searching for pix with US flags to discover that I was only in USA 2005 and 2015 for the 4th! And somehow deleted all my pix from Jan-May this year during my search – ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. So annoyed with myself 🙁 Another lesson to NOT work with pix when jet-lag and tired! Thank goodness the blog is updated and a few pix is better than none.

33623239e14c40c2b4526157e8cabcdcAs the news of attacks in Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Dhaka and Baghdad, we hear more sad news of suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia, including at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, just before the end of Ramadan. Who wants to know about such depressing news? But if we do not listen or read about it, then we are not aware of the world’s situation. A really lousy Mon for me, but that too shall pass and tomorrow is another day!


Tue: time to go out enjoying the colourful and varieties of local food after yesterday’s disaster with my pix!


Forgot that today is the eve of a public holiday, the end of Ramadan, the fasting month and tomorrow is Hari Raya Puasa. Was planning on having nasi lemak for lunch but of course the stall was closed. Happy for my orchid and pandan leaf. No big deal considering the choices of food at the local market and food stalls.

IMG_2572 - CopyTkx to Anne for dropping by for lunch and it has been over a decade since we last met. Great to catch up!

Does anyone remember how we thought that our grandparents were really ancient when they were our age; then when our parents were this age we thought them old! So now here we are at this age I do wonder what my grandkids and kids think?? Certainly do not feel ancient or old 🙂

IMG_2573Wed: a public holiday. The tent downstairs has been up yesterday and prayers going at 2100hrs last night. This morning the prayers started again at 0745hrs. Can someone plx explain to me again why prayers have to be broadcast thru’ a microphone?? I suppose consideration is not quite the same  as acceptance and tolerance!

To all Muslims who are celebrating today – Selamat Hari Raya and may Peace be with us all with forgiveness and good food!



Lunched at Tiong Bahru where there is a  view from the roof-top car-park in this market and food-court.


Good food at Eng Hoon St, House of Peranakan Cuisine Petit*****Their Beef Rendang was tender and tasty, NgorHiang crispy and one of the best I have tasted, Ayam BuakKeluak delicious. The long beans were slightly on the lemak side for me. Highly recommended location.


Coffee and dessert@Drips Bakery Café*****


Was actually too stuffed to have more food, but did enjoy the coffee and the crust and the filling of the tart was absolutely worth a bite. Another highly recommended place. Drop by to Les&Ivy with food for por-por.

v1.bTsxMTMxODA2ODtwOzE3MDk1OzEyMDA7NDk5Ozc0MQCould hardly keep my eyes open but managed to do so at this Disney feel-good movie where there’s a lot here for kids to like and nearly as much to keep parents from fidgeting – Zootopai*****Only a movie like this could keep me awake!

What a wonderful Hari Raya where the whole day was a 5*day – am sooo blessed with family and friends, thank you! Tomorrow will be another day…



Marine Cove

3 Jul 2016 – Silver Zone

IMG_2442Fri: arr to see this washing machine as the elevator door opened! For a moment in my zombie-state thought that I was burglarized! Jetlag seems to be part and package of my travels. Slept from 0200-0800hrs after arrival and had a good day on Fri just chilling around.

Yusof commented on FBpost, Oh balik liao and took the chance to inform him about the situation. Within an hour after my comment, the machine was gone, tkx to Yusof. For sure will vote him in any position he stands for here.


If there is electricity and water supply in the common corridor, it will surely be used! As it is people use this space for drying their laundry and for their plants. No problems if they are clean and tidy, but there must be a limit! What is it with inconsiderate people thinking that the common corridor is their personal storage space??

Sat: could not keep the eyes open by 2000hrs last night, struggled to stay awake another half hr to just barely manage. Awake by 0430hrs and feeling rested, but also aware of the consequences later…



Got to the local wet market by 0530hrs, had my regular porridge S$3, ice coffee $1.10 and take-away lunch $3. Bought my favourite purple sweet potatoes, 8 for $4. Need to make a note of these prices as to compare the inflation rates down the road for future references.



Explored the new Marine Cove where the 1st drive-thru’ McD used to be there&then! Now a playground even I would like to play on 🙂


It is sooo kids-friendly that there is a kids section at the restrooms + the female and male sections! Not quite that progressive enough yet for both the female&male section combined…


McD without the drive-thru’ but lots of hot-air floating about outside – no worries there is also inside sitting with AC.


High-tech order system which I will have to learn – not a McD fan and looks like the ice-cream is at another counter with a real person there! Hope that there will be milk-shakes there too.



Looking forward to trying these new eateries when rested and when the taste-buds are back to local cuisine. Most of these eateries have gone high-tech too, so will just go along with the flow and where food is concerned, cannot or impossible are NOT in the vocab 🙂


Good morning SIN and got back early enough to snooze until a voice from the microphone downstairs announced a reminder of the…



Launch of the Silver Zone –  to encourage motorists to slow down at crossings in the HDBs built-up areas. Marine Parade is blessed to have people like ESM Mr Goh Chok Tong and Yusof Lateef. Decided to go down to thank Yusof and to take some pix before snoozing more.


Great to see a good turn-out for this event with a set-up in the playgrounds like a mini fun-fair with free candy-floss, popcorn and ice-cream. Lasted only about 15mins outdoors in the heat and humidity on top on the jet-lag. Spent rest of the day indoor with the AC.


Sun: before the crowds and before sunrise, walked to discover that the bus-stop is relocated (a few steps from under one side of the overhead pass to the other!) to make way for new constructions, a MRT office and station. Pix taken from the overhead pass.



Delighted to learn that there will be a Marine Terrace MRT station (Thompson-East Coast Line/TEL) est to be completed in 2024 (wonder if I will live to see it?). Also under construction is a MRT office next to the police station (which has been here for as long as I have lived here, ie the police station!). All within 3mins walk from me, making this even a more sort-out area to be in!