Heritage Muarls@51 Waterloo Street

9 Jul 2016 – Former Catholic High School


Thu: heritage Murals by Yip Yew Chong & Yuen Kum Cheong@Campers’ Corner are now completed and they are absolutely worth the time to take a look. Both Waterloo and Queen St have much to offer. And while you are at 51 Waterloo St, do drop into Campers’ Corner for your best outfitter store here in SIN where you can also quench your thirst with a pint, a cuppa or a soda. The management and staff there will provide you with the best service if you mention me ๐Ÿ™‚ just kidding!



Ice Ball: brought back memories of The Ice-Ball Man when shaved-ice costed 5c for plain ice with syrup and 10c with fillings inside. If I describe the way this was made then, one would wonder how we managed to survive to be strong and healthy as we are!


Use your imagination with the old downloaded above pix see if you can figure out how the shaved-ice was produced! If they are still using that concept to make it today in public, doubt that I will eat it…


Beach Road Army Market & NCO Club: former Britannia Club (1952) was originally constructed for British servicemen. Like the Tanglin Club then, locals were not permitted there in those days! Today it is the chic South Beach Club housing several dining spaces and will depend on locals for their business!


Odeon Cinema & National Theatre:ย  National Theater (1963) is no longer. Designed by local architect Alfred Wong, a close family friend. Attended some performance there once (must have been 1964-65, but unfortunately do not remember what performance) and remember being bitten by mozzy!


The Odeon (1953), somehow somewhere back in the not-so-fond memory niche – Hayley Mills there in person to premier the movie The Parent Trap (1962-63). Being pushed and fell in the crowds surrounding by screaming fans might be the explanation to my phobic for crowds. The kacang puteh man is in the fond memory section ๐Ÿ™‚ Above 3pix downloaded.


Two Rails with founding father of Catholic High School, Reverend Father Becheras. Been on the train many times to then Malaya and still enjoy my train rides.


National Library & MPH – besides the nice courtyard coffee joint, not much memory from here as I left SIN in 1965.



Fascinating and interesting talk on the Climbing of Denali (6,194m) by PheiSunn. Knowing that it is not my cup of tea, but still like hearing the experiences and seeing the amazing views and glad for a good turn-out.


Nice to catch up and share stories with these outdoor and sporty people. Appreciations to Calvin & staff@CC for hosting it.

Fri: TGIF and that means I have been back in SIN for a week; the heat, humidity and time are still not in full sync with the body and mind!

v1.bTsxMTU0Mzc3MztqOzE3MDk4OzEyMDA7NDA1OzYwMAMe Before You***is such an uncynical movie that it almost doesnโ€™t matter that it isnโ€™t very good. A tearjerker chick flick, and despite the numerous cliches that plague the first half, this romantic drama has enough charm and warmth to recommend it, especially at senior citizen rates! A total sucker for a good romance, but the tearjerker seems to go hand-in-hand with those kind of flicks ๐Ÿ™‚ The question is how does a quadriplegic manage to try to make those marks on his wrist???


Sat: Linn&FaBulous5 arrived safe and sound in OSL and now the Amazing6 are together. Just looking at Linn’s pix gave the overwhelming feeling of being sooo blessed was beyond any words. How is it possible to feel so much love for the Amazing6 – made my day.

images1Issues with the screen on the laptop, but tkx to Leonard it is all OK! This guy is so clever and good with these high-tech issues; lucky with such friends.

After deleting over 1,000pix by mistake ๐Ÿ™ tend to now overload pix in this blog and have paid to upgrade it to a Business Plan so that unlimited pix can be uploaded and stored here.


13620042_673849816113980_2495499773935999979_nEdited with the below link and 3 above downloaded pix for the benefits of my overseas family and friends.

There was a bank robbery in SIN on Thu, and this robbery is only the 5th bank robbery or attempted robbery reported in the last 12 years. The bank is located@Holland V, also known for being SIN Bohemian popular shopping and dining destination for younger SIN and expatriates!

Thus this incident has gotten the brunt of many jokes recently, including this one titled Wake Up, SIN โ†’


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