Goodman Art Centre

25 Jul 2016 – Tanjong Goodman Weekend Market


Formerly the grounds of the Tun Seri Lanang Secondary School from 1962 to 1985, then LASALLE College of the Arts from 1992 to 2007 (renamed to LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in 1993), followed by School of the Arts (SOTA) from 2007 to 2009, Goodman Arts Centre now houses the National Arts Council alongside a diverse range of tenants from the visual, literary and performing arts.


Sun: all these happenings to the school happened when I was away from SIN. Have wanted to visit the location when Bro Joe was there. Somehow time did not permit and finally took the opportunity to visit the Tanjong Goodman Weekend Market today. Such a good idea to utilize this location in the weekends when there are no classes


When Ting & KiWi were talking about how bad the market is for used containers at present got me to go take pix of Greenfield Modular Studios, or Block O which is constructed out of recycled containers into multi-purpose studios and project studios.


There are so many ways to design and use these metal rectangular blocks if you have creative imagination!


Togetherly Market is located here and the book exchange corner is a good idea. Would have brought some if I knew about it earlier. Thought of Denise at the Book Exchange Corner, where book lovers trade their books for new reads in a quirky fun way. Wrapping service is available for owners of pre-owned books and they may leave a personal note about the book for the next owner. In return, they may pick their preferred books based on these messages left by other owners.


Brilliant and beautiful ways to display air-plants. Happy to have found some gifts here to take to Norway.


Thank you to a charming young Dutchman, Iskander Walen for showing and discussing about some of his interesting works with this straight-forward senior 🙂 who is at present swamped with social functions and packing for my 2+months Norway stay. Unfortunately, unable to make  CAN! exhibition opening but good luck and well wishes to him.


Ceramic Studio, still a working studio where I found a glass stirring stick which I like and would use, also within my budget, $8.


The Great Singapore Garage Sales 7th edition (GSGS), nothing that interest me there but did enjoy the ice-latte outside!


La Barca Ristorante – looks an interesting place to try where there is a kids’corner so that parents can enjoy their meal.


Food Bazaar and Bric-A-Brac Fair – refreshing tea and the gyro kabab was tasty.


Cafe Melba seems to be a popular place which serves wood fired thin crust pizza! Another place to try


Wall mural and the space-bottle are more for the Y-generation! but do like these endless corridors and the 3D painting in La Barca Ristorante.


Never enough with greenery when surrounded by so many concrete buildings.


There is a bus outside here which goes directly to MarineC – very convenient especially when the rain started while waiting for the bus. Many of the overhead passes at the bus-stops here in SIN are with the cheerful bougainvilleas blooming on both sides, delightful to the eyes!

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down – Oprah Winfrey



Mon: congratulations to Kiat who lead SBG to an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 and now CEO@Gardens by the Bay.



Appreciations and tkx to ALL who are participating to make SGF 2016 into another unforgettable event at the Flower Dome,


Market Place and the Meadow. Happy Birthday YuZhang! Do not miss out on these creative and exquisite floral arrangements. Last day to feast your eyes on them – Sun 31July.


Thank you to Calvin@CC for sponsoring these gears for me to test in Norway. A pair of LaSportiva/Gore-Tex (Italian) with the Frixion AT Sole SystemS$280, soft resilient and lightweight rubber, totally non-marking, for road and trail. With both Gore-Tex and CC Ultralight Gaiters$55, the feet should be comfortably dry.


IMG_0240178gms Light weight CC Poncho$85 will hopefully be keeping the body dry. Also to test if it an be used as a wind-breaker without flying away!

Bamboo base-layer$30 to keep warm and as PJ too! Verdicts when I get back.

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go – Muir