Mural Paintings@Tiong Bahru

11 Jul 2016 – Including Everton Rd

IMG_2641Sun: Good Sun morning. Sharing this irresistible skyline colours before going to explore down memory lane where the extended LAM family lived once upon a time.

Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind… – Wordsworth


Not knowing that there was a race going on today, bus#196 was detoured to Beach Rd instead of the normal route on Nicoll Highway. Was in no hurry and quite fun to be able to take pix of Haji Lane, Raffles Hotel on Beach Rd and a bunch of cyclists when back on Shenton Way.


Not that clear pix from a not so clean bus window, but a good view from the upper decker of a double-decker bus down the CBD on Shenton Way where the barricades are in-placed for the NDP. 88c on a public bus (senior fares) and a tour of the city, now that is a good deal. Tourists pay $20+ to go on bus-guided tours.


IMG_267839&40 Everton RdAmah & Barber is in the neighbourhood where 4thAuntie LAM PohKua+family once lived. Spent some weekends there as a child with them as 4th aunt did not have any daughters and wanted to adopt me! But usually after the weekend, 5 Temenggong Rd was where I returned to.

First time venturing back here since the late 1950s – used to be sensitive about this issue, but fortunately grew out of it and has turned the situation to my advantage by feeling so much in demand 🙂 Still counting my blessings when thinking of the old CHIJ Gate of Hope


Provision Shop8 Spottiswoode Park Road. This area is delightful & interesting with the contrast of old shop-houses and new condos.


5thUncle LAM TinYick+family, father’s cousin Auntie LAM KeiBik+family lived@3SengPoh Rd apt block. For cousins in Canada and USA who lived here and @Everton Rd in the 1950s-60s, wanted to capture some moments hoping that the memory can reveal more about the former 3 SengPoh Rd which was owned by the family then, now New Cape Inn. There must be some images of that old building somewhere before it was torn down. Will try SIN Archives again someday!


The Bird Corner next to #3


Across the road from the Bird Corner was HuLu Temple then, now the Hotel Nostalgia.



Read a couple of days ago that Yip Yew Chong will be signing his Tiong Bahru murals. Today it took him nearly 2hrs to do some touch-up, the poem and the signature for Home@Tiong Poh Road/Eu Chin Street Block 74. Some Italians living behind that wall kindly offered a chair for me to sit and water for us to drink. Thank you Massimilliano, partner and their little dogs.


Bird Corner, Pasar & Fortune Telling@Eng Watt Street Block 73 – did not stay to watch him sign these and he himself was not sure that he could do them today.



Tiong Bahru means New Cemetery (thióng 塚 – Hokkien for cemetery, bahruMalay for new) is one of the oldest housing estates in SIN. The architecture and artistic residents here are both symbols of SIN cultural past and moving towards to the future.

13082565_1318206511530075_1092974838531912712_nStarted the day at 0530hrs and felt like the head was exploding by 1330hrs. Being outdoors most of the time except when on the bus to and from the murals is NOT a good idea in this heat for such extended period of time…

Also another reminder to myself that age is getting up and there are hardly any more trees around for shade or for climbing – not that I can get up those trees just because age gets up 🙂 🙂 🙂

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