Marine Cove

3 Jul 2016 – Silver Zone

IMG_2442Fri: arr to see this washing machine as the elevator door opened! For a moment in my zombie-state thought that I was burglarized! Jetlag seems to be part and package of my travels. Slept from 0200-0800hrs after arrival and had a good day on Fri just chilling around.

Yusof commented on FBpost, Oh balik liao and took the chance to inform him about the situation. Within an hour after my comment, the machine was gone, tkx to Yusof. For sure will vote him in any position he stands for here.


If there is electricity and water supply in the common corridor, it will surely be used! As it is people use this space for drying their laundry and for their plants. No problems if they are clean and tidy, but there must be a limit! What is it with inconsiderate people thinking that the common corridor is their personal storage space??

Sat: could not keep the eyes open by 2000hrs last night, struggled to stay awake another half hr to just barely manage. Awake by 0430hrs and feeling rested, but also aware of the consequences later…



Got to the local wet market by 0530hrs, had my regular porridge S$3, ice coffee $1.10 and take-away lunch $3. Bought my favourite purple sweet potatoes, 8 for $4. Need to make a note of these prices as to compare the inflation rates down the road for future references.



Explored the new Marine Cove where the 1st drive-thru’ McD used to be there&then! Now a playground even I would like to play on 🙂


It is sooo kids-friendly that there is a kids section at the restrooms + the female and male sections! Not quite that progressive enough yet for both the female&male section combined…


McD without the drive-thru’ but lots of hot-air floating about outside – no worries there is also inside sitting with AC.


High-tech order system which I will have to learn – not a McD fan and looks like the ice-cream is at another counter with a real person there! Hope that there will be milk-shakes there too.



Looking forward to trying these new eateries when rested and when the taste-buds are back to local cuisine. Most of these eateries have gone high-tech too, so will just go along with the flow and where food is concerned, cannot or impossible are NOT in the vocab 🙂


Good morning SIN and got back early enough to snooze until a voice from the microphone downstairs announced a reminder of the…



Launch of the Silver Zone –  to encourage motorists to slow down at crossings in the HDBs built-up areas. Marine Parade is blessed to have people like ESM Mr Goh Chok Tong and Yusof Lateef. Decided to go down to thank Yusof and to take some pix before snoozing more.


Great to see a good turn-out for this event with a set-up in the playgrounds like a mini fun-fair with free candy-floss, popcorn and ice-cream. Lasted only about 15mins outdoors in the heat and humidity on top on the jet-lag. Spent rest of the day indoor with the AC.


Sun: before the crowds and before sunrise, walked to discover that the bus-stop is relocated (a few steps from under one side of the overhead pass to the other!) to make way for new constructions, a MRT office and station. Pix taken from the overhead pass.



Delighted to learn that there will be a Marine Terrace MRT station (Thompson-East Coast Line/TEL) est to be completed in 2024 (wonder if I will live to see it?). Also under construction is a MRT office next to the police station (which has been here for as long as I have lived here, ie the police station!). All within 3mins walk from me, making this even a more sort-out area to be in!


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