Goodbye Jun 2016

1 Jul 2016 – Hello July & SIN

Mon: White Duck Taco Shop, interesting concept for tacos, originated presumably in Ashville NC. Will be unfair to rate restaurant chains – food is tasty. Shared the crab, pork, shrimp tacos with Linn. Watermelon Sangria is an interesting combination!


More a wrap than taco! As for the other eatery next door – not sure that name will tempt or provoke me to try!


Some quiet moments with #3, 4&5 while they had screen-time. Zuno is wagging his tail like there is no tomorrow to have his little people back home.


Tue: Happy Bday Jeff. Blue Flour*****to pick up some sugar cookies. These are the only sugar cookies I like the taste of – for real.


Linn made yummy ribs for dinner, Ellie baked the best chocolate-chip cookie, a recipe from the NY Times and I arranged a tray of Japanese sweets with the cookies and a recycled-candle 🙂 Cindy joined us for dessert.

IMG_2386Packing and unpacking are the most dreaded chores, but it has to be done and with the procrastination, did not get to bed until 0200hrs. Oh! why do I repeatedly do this to myself??? 2check-in bags, hoping to check-in the HMG backpack. Leaving behind 2bags in the attic.

Keep telling myself to stop shopping but does not seem to work! So difficult to resist a good deal.

Wed: Jeff drove me off to the high school to meet with Linn where she could take me to the airport. Usually like at least 2hrs at the airport before taking off, especially today as I was going to re-arrange my packing to check in the backpack if possible and it was possible.



CAE airport is one of those you do not need much time to check-in and go thru’ security and one of my favourtie small airports. The white rocking chairs have this calm and serene effect. New nice metal sculpture – do not remember it being there when I arrived in Apr. The same style as the Palmetto Tree I got for L&J. Must be in-thing now with that metal effect.



ATL is busy and hectic, but if you have time and willingly to walk, gates E&F are more pleasant and quiet. Art and music are around if you take the opportunity to listen&see instead of looking at your screens!  Today there was a cellist, and no she was not playing classical music but still nice to hear the mellow strings. We were all mugshot before boarding the plane. Security extra tight after the shooting in Istanbul airport where 43people died.


Thu: NRT where shops have one of the best displays and presentations. My favourite is the paper and candy stop near the McD.


Sweet Bean***(Japanese), Assolo**(Italian) fell asleep for most of it, A Cup of Life**(Japanese) also fell asleep for most of it. The Blind Side***drama on a true story.


Definitely Maybe*** Hello, My name is Doris*** My Big Fat Greek Wedding2***Would not have paid to watch the above movies, except for the Greek Wedding as I enjoyed the first one. Probably will not remember most of them, thus making a note here!


Fri: TGIF. After 6+hrs in 4airports, 20+hrs on 3different planes, 7movies, safe and sound stretching on an inviting extra long-bed.


imagesCANUJS18For the benefits of my overseas friends who might not be aware! Just to get things in perspective – SIN is an island-state&country app 277+SqMile, pop 5.7mil with a coastline of 120miles! SC/USA is app 32,020+SqMiles, pop 4.8mil. Lake Murray in SC has 500miles of shoreline!!!!!

Not trying to frighten people from visiting, but just a caution to know what to expect where there are so many people and so little space.

To me, big cities are not only concrete jungles, they are also human zoos…

4 Happy 4th for USA

14 Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France

17 Happy Bday Nancy Bowman

19 Happy Anniversary Linn & Jeff

20 Happy Bday David Yeoh

21 Happy Bday Albert Chua

22 Happy Anniversary Dika & Mark B

23 Happy Bdays James & Lucas

25 Happy Bday Winnie/CA

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