SIN National Gallery

16 Jul 2016 – World’s Largest Public Display Of Modern SE Asia Art

bonnefettelafrance - CopyThu: a pleasant surprise to hear my name at the traffic lights – Kitty is here as her mother had to be hospitalized! Hope that things will work out for her. Nice to be able to catch up over a glass of barley before heading to the National Gallery, my first visit there.


IMG_3048Located in SIN Civic District, the Gallery consists of two national monuments (have never been and always wanted to even as a kid) the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall, and has a combined floor area of 64,000 square metres (690,000 sq ft), making it the largest visual arts venue and largest museum here. Above pix downloaded.


The junction of these 2 buildings is quite an interesting contrast. Studio Milou Architecture’s design consisted of a linear draped canopy supported by tree-like columns to link the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall at the roof level. The design incorporated an extended staircase linking the basement to the upper levels, making use of solar energy to provide electricity. Fine metal mesh had been proposed to cover most of City Hall.



The former Supreme Court


A cuppa and a curry quiche! (had to try this fusion and it was quite tasty) with 2Japanese Friends of the Museums@Padang Cafe.


Tkx to Yoshie for getting me into the Reframing Modernism exhibition also FOC for PassionCard holders! Being a fan of Chagall, wanted to see this before it is over.


Harmony in Green/The Two Sisters by Le Pho, Portrait of Madame Heim by Robery Delaunay, Ang Pulubi (The Begger) by Hernando R Ocampo, On White II by VassilyKandinsky.

Wu Guanzhong Gallery do bring back memories from the SIN Shawl days!

img_0044img_962613 Apr 2009

Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Minister of Community Development, Youth & Sports was the Guest of Honour for The Singapore Shawl’s 4th Anniversary and to unveil the Wu Guanzhong’s shawl. Was there to help with the sales and the fashion show; presented my book 1st SIN AT Thru-Hiker to Mrs Yu-Foo.


Random pix and my personal preference are his earlier works.


There is only so much one can see in just one day!


And only so much that I can upload here…


This was a surprise! Liked this piece and usually when I take a pix of the work I like, will then proceed on to see who is by! Guess who owns this piece…


Views of SIN skylines from the Aura Sky Lounge.


Some of the eateries and all overpriced…


More overpriced food@The National Design Centre/Tanuki***Yoshie, being Japanese, wanted her input about the food and she tells me that this is fusion, not tradition Japanese. Quite tasty and their drinks are good.


Good to catch up with Seb@First Stop Food Junction, Block 261 Queen St, one of my favourite night (opens till 0200hrs) food joints in this area. Tkx for supper bro, even Yoshie (pix credits to her) likes SIN food! Crave for local food was satisfied for tonight and too late for food pix!

13734644_10208883638262357_1981414149_nBeen awhile since I have been on the go for over 12hrs like this – happily tired with no headaches. Alarm set and contentedly fell asleep until the bus arrived at my stop. Appreciations to Yoshie and Seb for putting up with me and for this pix→

Posted on FB so that friends will not be too shocked to see the changes – overwhelmed and touched to see the replies and comments. Just goes to show how often I post a pix of myself 🙂

4753Fri: TGIF – woke up to this news and it is indeed a very sad Bastille Day for the people celebrating as well as for me – thoughts and prayers to all affected.

5184Sat: does one want to listen to the news? Why all these destruction and turmoils?? Can PEACE ever be achieved??? Usually will stay indoors during weekends to catch up with news, uploading of pix, updating blog posting etc, but today do feel like getting away from it all.

 On Tuesday, the Thai printer blocked publication of a report in the International New York Times on the king’s dog defamation charges, the third time in a month that it has left a Thailand article blank, and the U.S. Ambassador to the country is being investigated over accusations he violated the strict lese-majeste law.

bury-head-sand-global-warming-cartoon - Copy - Copyfrieden[1]

At the rate things are going around the world at present, where can one hide to get away from it all? Is there any chance or hope for PEACE?? How did we get so messed up??? This is NOT what I have hoped, prayed and worked for my grandchildren or the future generation 🙁

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