Finding Dory

20 Jul 2016 – Senior Moments 🙂

Sun: such a pleasure showing off this local scene in SIN to people who appreciate it. Below 2 pix credits to Zarina.


Zarina had a field day at the MarineTerrace wet-market, buying nearly the whole market 🙂 Tkx for being an interested guest.


Tkx for dropping by Hannah, sorry that we did not get to the free-market but being outdoors in the crowds all morning was about all I could handle!


Favourite caviar and mussels cooked to perfection by my bro. The Iranian Beluga grey caviar is delicious with blini and all the condiments! Alone without the condiments, it is so-so! Need the blini and condiments to compliment the caviar + a glass of good champagne. Appreciations to the family for another delicious meal.


Mon: tkx to Mr Birch for lunch@Hong Kong Dim Sum Shop***Coffee@YaKun (my favourtie KayaToast place), tkx to Peggy. Introduced Pat to the Heritage Murals@51 Waterloo St.


Tue: how could this have been 19yrs ago??? the day I gained a wonderful son-in-law. Happy Anniversary to L&J


On the bus dark and early to meet with SY who accompanied me to pay respects to my parents@Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex. Was thinking how convenient it will be to have an MRT Sta there. Takes nearly 2hrs by 2 buses (with one change) to get from the EastCoast. Heavy traffic on the highway into town early morning and thank goodness the bus does not take the highway.


Alas to learn that the constructions are indeed for the new Thompson-East Coast Line/TEL, there will not be Mandai Sta but there will be a Marine Terrace Sta which is good news for me.


Tkx to SY for breakfast at the Nanyang Polytechnic canteen. Meals there are subsidized and a decent bowl of noodles there is S$2.


poster-193x290AMK Hub to catch Finding Dory***@Cathay. Senior rates are now up to $5! In future, will try my best to remember to stick with the Lido cinemas as their rates are still $4.

Dory’s visual  is such a joy to watch, drawing on the deep blues and greens of the underwater. While not as dazzling as its predecessor, the film has still a colorful script putting an engaging spin on the issues of home and identity.  The story-line was not up to par with inventiveness of the animation, but still entertaining and enjoyable.

An afternoon meeting with Andrew to hear and listen to their plans for trying to develop a senior activity place@51 Waterloo St. Wondering when and if I will be like Dory, if not already there – lol 🙂

So, I stopped in at the pharmacy to look for something new
To try to fix this memory thing and my E.D. problem too
But, I got my Rogaine and Viagra pills mixed up back at home
I had hair growin’ real thick but it was way too stiff to comb… Golf Brooks

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