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28 Jul 2016 – From Little India to The Art Science Of Gems


Tue: running errands@Little India where the ambience and colours there never fail to amaze and fascinate me. Somehow I feel that I am in India without having to travel there. What I really like and enjoy in SIN is that we also have Chinatown, Geylang Serai, Arab St to give a taste of all these cultures. Shopped at Mustafa, the only 24-7 store in the world where you can buy anything and everything under one roof at reasonable prices.


Wed: a morning walk round the Dempsey Hill area to discover new places, but somehow memories of Temenggong Rd crept into mind. Perhaps the presence of old trees and the colonial days buildings do play tricks to the mind! Many of these building are beautifully renovated and now fancy eateries which are way out of my budget!



The White Rabbit/Harding Rd – a 5*restaurant and the former Ebenezer Chapel built in the 1940s for British soldiers. Good food reviews and critics. Looks an interesting place and would like to try it someday! A must try now that Ting told me that she supplies their herb & veggie garden!


The Rabbit Hole specializes in Gin&Tonic, one of my favourite cocktails in these tropical weather. This place is joined to The White Rabbit.


Continuing towards Pierce Rd and found the durian place being relocated, but still in the area. Used to have durians here when working at SBG! Heading back to the main Holland Rd to discover that Nparks have an orchid nursery on Pierce Rd. The trees on this road are a joy to see and it feels good to be shaded by big trees.


The reason in this area was to visit the Maris Stella compound, Calvin@CC is donating angels here – met up with Chris, wondering if this was the same location where Catherine visits.



Peaceful and serene surroundings for a Chapel, Convent, Nursery, Kindergarten with fruit and veggie garden. Open and airy walkway towards the chapel, elegant carved-marble angel for holy-water and amazing skyline to the alter.


Thank you to sisters Marjorie and Theresa for showing us around. Sister Mary in action – pix credits to Chris.


13734737_10153600313376971_238356854_n13866718_10153975617987933_1547363200_nDid not have the pleasure to meet sister Mary (90yrs) who is still doing embroidery works, tkx to sister Theresa, managed to capture a pix of her workroom. This is where Catherine visits, small world and also bought some of these creative Chinese character for Love. In my eyes, all the religions seemed connected in this piece of wonderful creation.


Appreciations to Chris for the ride to MBS and to The Art Science Museum.

Tkx to Yoshie for the ticket. Bling-bling galore@Art & Science of Gems/Van Cleef & Arpels (VC&A), a definite must-see for those who admire gems. Here is where ALL that glitters is GOLD 🙂 Exquisite and spectacular creative workmanship. Last day 14 Aug.


Peacock Box/1950 – Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum collection. Cigarette case with Empress Eugenie surrounded her ladies/1946 – VC&A collection, yellow gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds. Hummingbird Box/1938 – VC&A collection, yellow gold, sapphires, rubies and diamonds.


Walska Briolette –  a Phoenix in yellow gold set with yellow and white diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The fabulous 96.62 carat Briolette is suspended from the bird’s beak but can de detached and worn separately as a pendant. The birds wings also detach and form a pair of earrings and the tail can be transformed into a brooch – bedazzled, speechless and blinded with all these stunning blings!!


None of my pix taken here in the security see-thru’ enclosures do justice to the real thing, but just a reminder of the glamour when senior moments hit 🙂


Walked to the Bayfront MRT, decided to lunch in the MBS Food court – the 2nd time. In future will try to remember that the food here is not good and overpriced!


Luckily the Whirlpool Fountain was splashing as it is not always on. Thoughts of a movie about a guy who makes a living cleaning out coins out in the fountains, do not remember the name! What a busy day, but good to be able to have that energy to enjoy it.


Thu: had my prescriptions@MP Polyclinics refilled before traveling and was done is less than 2hrs, which is quite good. Lunched leisurely at Marine Parade Promenade when the rains started. Was entertained by pleasant live-music and all for $5 (a bowl of mee-pok & grass-jelly dessert)+$2 for the street musicians’ box. Now to the most dreaded chore as the weekend is going to be a hectic one!


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