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30 Apr 2014 – Before the Storm and the Snakes…

Sun: family was at church and decided to clear the girls’ room. They will now be #1-6 so that I am addressing the correct grandchild. Their names get me calling most of the names before the correct one… 🙂

Mon: Linn got rear-ended at the pre-school car line and thank goodness no injuries to anybody. What a start to this week!


Tue: took 2 days to clear, washed and put away everything on the floor in the girls’ room. The question is how long can it stay this way?? Did not take a before pix to spare them but there was NO space to place a foot on anywhere without stepping on some clothes or things! Have threatened #1 & 2 that US$1 will be fined if any of their clothes or things are on the floor and for #4 that it will be given away…


The boys’ room is usually cleaned and organised. #3 is amazing and has been awarded his requested prize/Ogre. Only because of the age of #5, a little help is necessary…


Not just a good runner and a straight A student, just look at this impressive Rubber Band Rainbow Loom bracelet made by #2 for me. More or less up-to-date with the grandchildren’s latest gadgets and toys… 🙂 🙂



Enjoying the morning on this humid garbage-day before the predicted rains hit. Seems like the neighbour’s cat know how to avoid the new toy 🙂 🙂 🙂 While loading these pix, can sooo relate and understand #6 saying ‘I want to be at tante Linn’s’ during the road trip!!

Only in the US that I know of about mail getting delivered and also picking up of stamped-mail from the home mail-box. Like the idea of saving a trip to the post office or mail box.


Thoughts and prayers for those who are affected by these severe storms.

snake2904eWhat is this about snakes? The SNAKE year is over!! About 2+ weeks ago there was a snake in L&J’s garage that freaked me out. Leonard posted a pix of another snake in his path followed by Francisco, Michelle and a friend of Dee within the past couple of weeks. Are these snakes trying to tell us about more climate changes? Camping and hiking are not in the 2014 schedule…

25505923_BG1Edited 14 May: this one will certainly give me a heart attack. My reaction, close the door and then all the other doors as I run out of the house.


Edited 15 May 2014: three more sightings, two in SC, USA. The Copperhead with out a head is a poisonous one. It bit the family’s dog and thank goodness the dog is OK after a night at the emergency vet. One from Denise, Brisbane, Australia that got into her place. Tkx for the share, Linn, Joyce and Denise.

The wind is scary – during a tornado or in life in general, never know when a gust is going to come in your direction and change everything ― David Walsh

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