Road Trip/3

24 Apr 2014 – Boston Marathon

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Sun: Happy Easter! After a good night sleep and breakfast with May & family and Rich at Whole Food, it was nice to see Olai enjoying the playgrounds on this beautiful spring day. The rest of the group was at church.



While the rest of the group went sight-seeing , I accompanied Linn to pick up her race package at the Convention Center where it was efficiently managed in spite of the crowds. Many streets around the finishing line was closed and it was nice to walk in the area with a lovely blue sky.



A dinner to remember for James & Olai’s first encounter with Teppanyaki at Bisuteki/Cambridge***Also my only chance to get a family pix. Brought back memories of Hanne’s (L&M’s Norwegian cousin)  Bday when she joined us for Linn&Jeff’s wedding. It was her first Teppanyaki meal too but then she was a teenager then and the meal had made an impression on her.



Mon: the hotel shuttle got us to the Marriot nearer town and still had to walk to the meeting places to as close as we are allowed near the finish line. Not an easy task to have 6 kids+4adults making sure we do not get separated in such crowds, but it was all worth the while to see the 2 youngest ones on Family Quack…

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Congratulations to Linn for qualifying in this prestigious marathon, for running and completing it in 3:42:04. Appreciations to Cindy and Rich for taking the time to be with us. My hat off to Jeff, May&Bjørn for keeping their flock together and in line 🙂



The drive was a pleasant one with lovely Red Bud blooms, first time seeing them and they have become my favourite at present! Safe and sound back in CAE/SC after 15+hrs drive thru’ MA-NY-CT-NJ-PA-WV-VA-NC-SC – one overnight stop in PA with 5 grandchildren and 1 son-in-law. Amazing father and kids. Good memories of the AT thru’ hike on this drive…


Anyone who really enjoys driving road trips like these with 6 children and then drag them to a crowd of 1mil+ must be totally insane! Amazing what we do for our loved ones!! Took me 29days to hike thru’ VA on the AT/550mi/885km in 2005 and yesterday we drove thru’ it in a few hours. If there is a sane person, I can totally cure her/him 🙂 🙂


Above pix from DC, Philadelphia/PA and Boston/MA. To rest and to gain back some sanity for a few days before having to think about flying off to SIN 🙂 🙂 🙂


Such a precious pix (credits to May) of the youngest and the eldest on this most unforgettable road trip! Experiences like these make a memorable life’s journey…

Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you – Jung