9 Apr 2014 – After 20hrs in the Air


SIN-NRT: SIN airport has been again rated #1 in the world. Here in T1



6hrs in the air, 3+hrs lay over at NRT. Good flight with an aisle seat, 2 empty seats beside and ahead of schedule. NRT, an airport with the cherry-blossoms in the far background. If time permits,  could never resist buying the cookies, candies etc . The presentations and packaging are just beautiful. Imagine if I ever visit Japan, would have so ship a lot of boxes, so far have only been passing thru’ in the airport.



NRT-ATL: 12+hrs in the air and spent most of time napping and watching movies. Don’t even ask what movies! Got trapped in a window seat, not by choice and it was a full flight. Flew over areas where snow is still on the ground. Arriving into a wet ATL with another 3+hrs layover. A glass of wine with a salad at a piano bar hit the spot, Gate E since they did not have any available slots at the SPA for a massage, Gate A & C.

ATL-CAE 1hr in an aisle seat and an empty seat beside, slept all the way. Always nice to get to a smaller and quieter airport where people have time to be courteous. Great to have all these Delta flights running on schedule even thought I feel like a zombie.


CAE, an airport with the familiar white rocking chairs and the welcome sign which have been welcoming me over the past 10yrs! Grateful to arrive in one piece no matter how tired. Every trip, no matter how many hours, airports, security check-points, etc are new experiences to be made the best of.

Appreciations to Linn for being at the airport and was greeted by Jeff and James who was the only child awake upon arriving to their new house. Have been looking so much forward to this trip. Life is good.

Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone? ― Erma Bombeck