Wine Design

10 Apr 2014 – Get Your Art Buzz On

Tue: not easy to drive by the site of the burnt-down house, now completely demolished. The swing is still standing there at the far end of the yard near where Gator was buried. She was the family’s pet dog for 12+yrs. Relieved and happy to see the new house and that the family thrives and are well-settled in this new neighbourhood. Shrimp salad lunch specially for Sophie while the 3 older kids are in school.


The Wisteria blooms are amazing and also the other spring blooms.


With the ‘Strictly Running’ Ladies group where one could bring their own wines and food to a painting class. Did not take part in the painting but watched and had a bite and a glass with them. What an interesting art class at ‘Wine Design’. These ‘Strictly Running’ ladies have proved that they are more than just strictly¬†runners! Here enjoying their wine and snacks while painting ūüôā


Wed: good to catch up with Amy and Rachel. The last time I met up with the Jensens was 2yrs ago Aug 2012 in Brussels/Belgium. They have just relocated back to the USA. Katy and Rachel are friends from when they were 3 & 1 (2004 pix credit to AmyJ) and now 14 & 12 (2014). Rachel has grown into a fine pretty young lady, tall and looks much like her father Mike.

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen – Leonardo da Vinci