Road Trip

18 Apr 2014 – SC-NC-VA

Tue: Dee&Terry headed on I-95 back to FL bright and early.  Wet windy last day at Edisto with 2,000pieces of jigsaw! Seeming Inga (May’s room-mate from UF) is a big fan of jigsaw. Good to catch up with Inga who flew from TN to spend a few days with May. The last time we crossed paths was when May was in UF/FL. Now she lives with her mom in TN.

The 24hrs stomach-flu was on-going and poor Olai, the youngest one got it followed by the others. Just no fun and wish it was me instead of the little ones. Linn & family was hit by this a week ago. Seems like Inga, the Jensens and I were spared, so far…


Wed: packed up to vacate the house by 1000hrs. Said our goodbyes to the Jensens and to Inga. Headed back to CAE to clean up and packed for the road trip to Boston. The flowers have bloomed beautifully in our absence. Olai was just happy to not be in his car-seat enjoying the new John Deer jeep where he could just step on the pedal and he is on his way…


Packed and ready to hit the roads in 2 cars again by 1500hrs. Was driving together with May & family and Olai kept saying, ‘I want to go to tante Linn’s house’. A short dinner break at Hardees somewhere in NC, arriving in Washington DC/Days Inn by midnight. The kids are amazing, 8+hrs drive with only a short break.



Thu: first time in the US capital on this absolutely beautiful day. For the 6 grandchildren, it is their first time on the US metro. Smithsonian was far too crowded…



Fell going to the rest room at Aria Pizzeri. Good pizza but wished that they would not send customers to the downstairs’ restroom if they were not going to turn the lights up. Thank goodness not a serious fall and still in one piece. Decided to return to the hotel to take a bubble-bath and relax.

Described Washington as a community of Southern efficiency and Northern charm – John F Kennedy