A Green Visitor

7 Apr 2014 – No, Not an Alien


Fri: heart and blood tests healthy and cleared to fly. Shopping for some goodies to pack. SIN hand-made rock candies from Sticky are good gifts and they taste quite good. In addition they have a pack called ‘I ♥ Singapore’ which are perfect gifts. The irony is that they are not the least bit sticky, unless in your mouth!


Individual packed BBQ pork jerky, also excellent gift too. A Sweet and Savoury Taste from SIN 🙂 What I dislike doing, shopping packing and flying – but like and looking forward to the flip side, ie arriving after 25++hrs in 4 airports and in the air!

IMG_2041IMG_2042Sat: hello! look who was waiting to greet me on the 7th floor as I stepped out of the elevator – poor little fellow would have been crushed if I did not look before I step!

Picked it up with the newspapers and left it on the ledge. Hopefully it will be safer there and it has wings to take off from the 7th floor…



Sun: appreciations to Albert&May and Kiera for a scrumptious lunch at Chui Huay Teochew Cuisine****the suckling piglet, one of the best tasted and the fish was excellent both in taste and presentation. Oyster omelette was OK. Thanks Lee&Adeline and Sun-Sun for the drive back, a short nap after such a lunch before completing with the packing and to the airport.


Someone please beam me to SC/USA so that I can get there in 5mins! SIN-NRT-ALT-CAE, 25++hrs with two changes of airports and planes. Safe journeys to me and thank you to all for crossing this inter-section of life journey’s path. Blessed and have so far have been living as best and as I know how and will continue doing so. Looking forward to being with the children and grandchildren.

Going to hospital is rather like going to an alien planet – Quentin Blake