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27 Apr 2014 – After One+ Crazy Week


Wed: kids back to school after missing 2days and catch up time is no fun! Just as well they are such smart kids! Was in a daze all day and fell asleep before 20hrs without changing to PJ or brushing teeth. Got up the next morning after 10hrs of sleep to realize that the lights were still on – must have been really exhausted. Happy to see the Sunrise Cactus’s blooms welcoming us back.


Thu: had to get some works done on the blood and this LabCorp in Irmo must be the most efficient lab. Was lucky enough to be in and out within 10mins. If you have to go to any Post Office here, this branch on  St Andrew’s Road by the Little Caesar’s Pizza is the post office to be. No lines and the best service with a smile 🙂


Fri: got out of the way for the cleaning helper and had breakfast in town. Millwood Coffee Co*** An omelette there is large enough to keep you stuffed for a whole day if you do not doggy-bag! Interesting place with art displays. Good recommendations, Linn and nice to have some quiet time with my first-born. 


Lovely afternoon down by the lake with James enjoying the attention while his older siblings are at school. Just relaxing in such peaceful surroundings.


Sat: on the road bright and early for Linn & Ellie’s road race in town. An absolutely beautiful day and a record crowd for the 13th annual Providence Heart & Sole Women’s Five Miler!  More than 2,300 females from SC and neighbouring states registered for this event that raises awareness about heart disease in women. Starting and finishing by Finlay Park


Ellie was running non-competitive 3mi with her school, Irmo Elementary and she was the 1st in for her school at under 32mins. Linn got 2nd prize in her age group for the 5mi at 33:58 her PR. Way to go mother and daughter. Not easy trying to cheer and get pix of them finishing so close in times. Well-deserved red roses and chocolate covered strawberries at the end of the race… 🙂 🙂


Thank you Shannon&Mark for the hospitality in their idyllic home with beers from here, there and everywhere. Not a beer drinker but tried a sip of them all and the Belgium Saison Dupont is good for more than a sip! Congratulations to Shannon who placed 1st for her age group. Appreciations to all who were there to support this race.


Above 3 pix credit to Linn: 1.Boston Marathon/MA 2.Strictly Running Ladies Team ‘Heart & Sole 5-miler’ at Finlay Park, CAE/SC 3.Date night at Motor Supply, CAE/SC

Sat date night for L&J while the flock is at my mercy… 🙂 🙂 🙂

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure – Czech Proverb

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