In Search of 162 Elephants

30 Dec 2011 – to preserve a legacy for future generation

ABN-AMRO Private Banking presents this elephant parade in SIN. Since unable to donate or adopt, AudreyM & I shot 162 elephants with our camera to show our support to this Wildlife Reserves SIN Conservation Fund. This is the largest open-air art exhibition in preservation of the Asian elephant world wild painted by local & International artists. For those who can contribute, please go on this site for inquiry:

Day 1 Wed: 0700hrs bus#135 to AMK Interchange connecting tobus#138 to SIN Zoo/1hr30mins travel time. First 25 elephants with #4 EWN replaced by Love & Protection. WONG Hong Sze is fortunate to have SIN Ele-Dragon guarding his house@Cairnhill Rd!

Damaged Dumbo who is supposed to be@Raffles Place Green swapped locations with  Deep InSIDE, who was originally@MBS

Last stop for Day 1, VivoCity (with 26, the most in this location) and Unicelephant in a glass-case. Home 22.00hrs, showered and crashed but still missing 9 elephants.

Day 2 Thu: 0645hrs bus#196 to Clementi Rd/1hr15mins on the bus. A short walk to the new NUS Tembusu College for Precious Ties & Blink of an Eye. MRT to SBG for one of them name after SIN National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim and Blessing. Continued solo on foot to Jim Thompson Restaurant on Dempsey Hill. Lucky Kirimek who is the only one in a restaurant! 2 more in front of Forum on Orchard Rd. Complete those by 12noon but still no news as to where Delightful Durian/DD who is supposed to be@One Fullerton and Starry Starry/SS@MBS??

Day 3 Fri: received email as to the new locations for DD & SS. 0615hrs bus#196 to One Raffles Quay South Tower, DD’s new relocation and to the Arts House for SS. Poor SS is behind the barricades where Victoria Memorial Hall is undergoing major renovation and makeover! Hooray! looks like the facade will be kept.

The sunrise was beautiful and that is when SIN is at its best. NO crowds and cool temperatures, home by 0815hrs.

The whole adventure has taken nearly 23hrs and cost under S$30, the most expensive is the entrance to the zoo, S$10 for local seniors, otherwise S$20. Difficult to upload all the elephants in their locations. If interested, plx contact me for the pix. With 162 elephants and their locations photographed, will end with sharing this message from the White Elephant@SAM.

2011 was the worst year for the seizure of ivory from elephant tusks in decades, according to the international wildlife watchdog TRAFFIC. It said the rising demand from Asia was the cause…

Sad to read today’s BBC news about this. My New Year wish is that people will NOT buy ivory, then these killings can STOP!

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  1. Thanks Ting. Hopefully this will stop or at least slow down the slaughtering of elephants for its ivory. There will be a parade of all the 162 elephants in the SIN Botanic Gardens from 8-11 Jan.

    Plan to go after I return from KCH ie 10 Jan early morning for a walk in SBG. Can you join?

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