28 Dec 2011 – Acknowledgements

Appreciations to Akismet in WordPress who has protected http://amylamsg.wordpress.com from 42,087 spam comments since I started blogging four years ago. Apologies but unable to reply to many of them. WordPress will BLOCK my blog if I reply to what they considered and flagged aside as spam. But I do read each and every one of comments before replying or deleting.

Today I would like to show my appreciations to all my readers for visiting and to acknowledge all my readers with all the kind comments, suggestions, advises, and from those who have been interested for me to write for them and to buy space in my blog. For those with motives for your personal promotions, I do thank you for your interest.

For those who are commenting on behalf of your business address/blog  or website, please provide me a personal contact if you want a reply. This is a public blog and comments are received, read and noted with thanks. Whether or not I reply to the comments or include them in my posting is my prerogative and I do NOT do so for monetary profits or any motives to promote or advertise for any product. Comments made by me about any companies, business, products, websites etc are solely from my personal point of view.

To me it does not matter that it is spam, more important for me to thank you for all the encouragements.

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