Chancery Lane

27 Dec 2011 – Chancery Grove

Mon: tkx to Kitty & family, Boxing Day was a day full of fun! Walking up the slope in Chancery Lane towards Chancery Grove (first row pix downloaded from various property sites) was reviving memories when the parents used to play mahjong@the Lim family in the 1950s. Remembering that there was a small house away from the main house where the mahjong sessions were held then!

At least there are some greens in spite of the built-up!

To be experiencing a completely different ambience with a fun group of Irish with their families in SIN is a nice change.

Appreciations to Ciera & Steve for hosting this lovely Boxing Day pool party where three generations and a thirsty dog had a blast. The grown ups enjoyed the yummy food and drinks. The mini cup cakes, brownies stars and bashing the Santa piñata were great success for the younger generation! Safe journeys and Happy New Year to Kitty & family who will be heading to Bali for the New Year!

This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is – Dennis Rodma

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