11 Dec 2011 – or just meant to be…

Sat: met up for the first time with Henrietta & Francis from HKG who are friends of Harry (HKG hiking buddy). H&F are in SIN to visit a sick auntie. As we were chatting over dinner, they were telling how serious their auntie’s condition is and that the relatives (ie their cousins) live opposite the Botanic Gardens with the hospital just a few blocks within their home.

The mind suddenly flashed back to a recent dinner with CHIJ classmates! Irene then told me that Gerald & Greta’s (friends from the 1960s) mother is in serious condition. Immediate thought was should I call or visit but was told then that Auntie Pearl would not know or remember me in her condition.

During dinner with H&F last night, called Greta and asked if I could visit her mother and she said that it is OK. How coincident is this when SIN has 5mil people and HKG 7mil and we meet! Spasiba/Russian(11th day Advent calendar of thank yous) to H&F for dinner and seems like they are meant to cross my path. Safe journeys to them.

Fri: met with AudreyM for a cuppa and early exchange of Christmas gift. Audrey worked with me at the first job in SIN in 1999.

East Meets West 2011***Millenniums ago, eight quarreling heavenly gods fall to earth because they could not live harmoniously together. Millenniums later, they meet in Guangzhou as contemporary personas, not knowing they used to be gods. A struggle of love & good over hate & evil is the message but not my cup of tea.

This East did not meet West for me or perhaps being away from the East from such a young age and for nearly 40yrs, could not relate the title to this movie!

New Year’s Eve***Usual Hollywood flick and a feel good movie. No struggles but reflections here and a nice way to pass rainy afternoons with all these well-known casts whose characters’ lives are intertwined over the course of the final day of the year!

Que sera sera… whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to say! From movie The Man who Knew too Much

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