Scenes from SBG

12 Dec 2011 – Singapore Botanic Gardens/SBG

Sun: visited auntie Pearl at Glenealges Hospital who is now 83yrs, in ICU and unconscious but kept alive with all kinds of tubes. Memories of her from 1960s when she was such an elegant and well-dressed woman. Tried to talk to her but the only responses were movements from one of her foot and the slight turning of her head. A sad sight!

Picnic concert@SBG with Ting, CH & Geno. Got to taste Ting’s home-made Shepard’s pies and carrot cake, yummy. Tks Ting for delicious food & wine and to Geno for egg-plant dip and cider. The turn-out was not the usual packed full due to earlier rains. The temps were comfortable, a pleasant afternoon and evening passed by quickly.

Fun with people watching – a bunch of international kids running barefoot, quite a contrast with local kids who were probably not allowed to get their feet muddy from the wet grass! Mainland Chinese people eating with disposable gloves!! A cute puppy, break-dancers, jazz  & marching bands on stage.

United Nations of trees: Australia, Mexico, Norway & UK.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from SBG

  1. Yes, I really enjoyed myself! Yesterday’s weather was perfect compared to the storm we experienced at our Sentosa picnic!

    Can you email me photos of our group and u+me?

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