Gastronomy in SIN

10 Feb 2011 – Glorious Food

Today was a total food indulgence day. Cousin Wilki and wife Patty will be returning to HI in the weekend and today is the only day we got a chance to meet up. Wilki is staying with his mom (96yrs 4th aunt)@Pearl Bank, less than 5mins walk from Chinatown, thus most convenient to choose the area to hang-out for the day. Pearl Bank Apartments/珍珠苑 is a high-rise private residential building on Pearl’s Hill. The 38-story building resembles a horseshoe design.

Started with trying to get some info from the Kung Chow Wui Koon/冈州会馆 to check out if any of the LAM were members there. Some of the older generation have heard of father and the bank but unfortunately none of the LAM family members joined this association.

Tiong Shian-porridge/長城粥品**** famous for the porridge and our choices were the claypot ginger and spring onions frog legs + chicken feet + raw fish. This corner coffee shop is located on New Bridge Rd/Keong Kiak Rd. Then across the street for durian.

Such luxury with one hour of foot reflexology@The People’s Park Complex/珍珠坊 which is a development, consisting of offices and apartments above a podium of shopping space. With a height of 103 metres/338ft, the 31-storey People’s Park building was the first shopping centre of its kind in SE Asia when completed in 1970 and set the pattern for later retail developments in SIN. The residential block was completed in 1973. This shopping centre occupy one hectare in the heart of Chinatown.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert/ 味香园**** located@Temple Street where the best almond and black sesame paste can be tasted. Cousin chose the chendol which is coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food colouring, shaved ice and brown palm sugar. Next to these basic recipe, other ingredients such as red beans and or grass jelly might also be included. Thank you Wilki & Patty for a delicious day! Safe journeys back to HI.

Bjørn and May liked the peanuts@Raffles Long Bar, so decided to buy the famous Heritage Farmer Peanuts here to send to them.

Don’t sell your soul to buy peanuts for the monkeys – Dorothy Salisbury Davis

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