Boys Scout Troop 123


29 Mar 2008 – Kaimuki

Fritz’s dinner on Thu with the 2 Davids, June, Huang & Kim was most stimulating. Interesting conversions & discussions about the generation of mobile phones and laptops. Will the illusions of their ‘in’ virtual-world ever touch ground with the ‘out’ real-world? Is this the today’s version of generation-gap?

Kaimuki is an old town in HNL county with an ancient Hawaiian name meaning oven. The area was known for the many ovens used to bake ki, or ti roots, into a sweet food similar to candy. Only had a salad but will certainly try their famous ‘poi’.

Appreciation for the attentive audience of the Boys Scout Troop 123 at St Patrick’s Church in Kaimuli.  The red T-shirt will bring me fond memories, thank you and apologies that I am unable to join your 5mi hike. Dinner with cousin Desmond (the troop leader) & his family was a good time to touch base!

Oh Hawaii: The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean – Mark Twain

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  1. Your trips are getting better and better. I just thought of you this morning when I was doing my regular Sunday walk around Bt Timah. Feeling bored and lonely after walking for merely 2 hours, I suddenly remembered you and your perseverance as a thru-hiker. You walked for months!!

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