Invasion Of Ukraine

28Feb 2022 – War Is Never The Solution

Wed: much to be done with getting the fresh produce cleaned&stored after a big grocery-savings-shopping from Gaint/Tampines. Pleased with the promotional savings of S$20+including 3%SenSav+S$20 vouchers from the HappyDot surveys.

Thu: celebrating Calvin’s Bday@CC, home-made-SeafoodLaksa (fr Iyas), Sushi (fr Helen&Yoshie); home-made lotus-root-salad&coconut-agar+bought-popiah, otar, kuehs are my local-flair-contributions. Bummer to the trick candles for not doing their job and did not relit themselves again after being blown off!

No worries with all that Gins&Tonics from Stephanie, can try to imagine that the candles did relit –  a good yummy time was enjoyed by all.

Fri: TGIF – praying for the ppl in Ukraine. War, aggression&bullying are NEVER the solutions, the innocent ALWAYs suffer – extremely saddened&distrubed by this morning’s news. Both FBcover&profile+HeaderImage here pix will remain until Peace can be restored in Ukraine.

Every war makes our world worse than it was before, war is the failure of politics and humanity, and a shameful capitulation and a devastating defeat in the face of the the forces of evil – PopeFrancis

Sat: continuing with Calvin’sBday celebrations DimSum (fr ChanWaiHang) for Tea-Time and BBQ-meat-galor (fr Calvin&friends) for dinner.

The secret to a good salad – tkx to Wendy for these flower buds of the TorchGinger-BungaKantan/Etlingera elatior. Not only do their fragrance&taste enchance the local SIN Rojak-dish, but also good in western salads. Pix credits to Helen&Wendy.

Friends (Ricky, John&Vin) of Wendy brought this MalaFish which was way too spicy&oily for my taste-buds. If I knew that the sauce is that spicy, (burnt my tongue in everyways!!) would have taken the fish+shellfish before the sauce was added. Have been warned by many about these Mala-dishes and have never ordered any, so now tkx to these ppl for confirming that I will never order or taste another Mala-dish. Thank goodness for Iyas’s coconut-mango-sticky-rice, the perfect neturaliser.

Sun: Tembusu/Cyrtophyllum fragrans (evergreen-tree native to SIN) can last 100+yrs as termites&weevils do not eat this kind of wood. Being a hardwood, often used for chopping-boards  – tkx to Calvin&Wendy this trunk will not to be turned to wood-chip or mulch, but will eventually be beautiful benches, cheese-boards, stools, etc…

One of them has now gone to Leonard as a house-warming-gift, it just needs some drying out before cleaning&sanding.

Appreciations for Thai-dinner@WarmUpCafe.

Mon: appreciations for flowers from Helen and Mark on this last Mon and last day of Feb2022 to chase away the MondayBlues as Russia puts their nuclear force on special alert – praying very hard that it will never be put to action.

These 2 uploaded pix will remain in my FBcover&profile and here in my blog-header until PEACE can be restored in Ukraine.

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime — Ernest Hemingway

28Feb2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,007
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 16,790
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 1,598

Visiting&Revisiting Old&New Places

22 Feb 2022 – Happy 2s-Day On This 22-02-2022

Sat: more affordable tasty local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) 20 GhimMohRd Market&FoodCentre, #01-17 九江烧腊 JiuJiangShaoLa RoastDuckBreast+叉燒CharSiew=fork roasted in Cantonese/marinated roasted pork $5.

Must have been nearly 2decades ago since last setting foot in PanPacificHotel and as memory goes, do not remember anything of it! Now with this nice decor with tasteful matching 3Tier-serving-tray for the sweet-dishes might stay in the memory. Dementia/Alzheimer is NOT welcomed into any stage or part of  this life’s journey and will keep diligently working hard mentally&physcially to keep it at bay.

HighT was delightfully presented in the surroundings of a high sky-view-ceiling giving some feeling of space when you look up! Enjoy&like these one-bite size of everything, wish I could say the same for the taste and the service – blame it on the circumstances&consquences of Covid, the other 3Cs! Many family members&friends have now been exposed, infected&recoverd from Covid.

Nice round-about-detour-stroll to RafflesCity to pick up some plain dark RoyceChocolateS$15, a special treat for the memory. Know of someone who does not like chocolate and his memory is questionable?

Asides from boosting the blood flow to the brain, the flavonoids found in chocolate have been proven to infiltrate and improve the functionality of the areas of the brain equipped with memory and learning functions. Chocolate also contains a little dosage of caffeine.

Sun: tkx to DaisyL for having me over to their family-lunch – strange to be there without Darryl but he is certainly in our thoughts.

Coffee for Clement&Stanley, cold chocolate drink for me@Alchemist/The Mill, 1st visit.

Tkx to Leonard for dinner@BritishHainan/PurvisSt, 1st visit – good food&service, highly recommended.

PrawnCakes, OxTailStew, PorkChop,

interesting&tasty dessert 薏粑 YiBuaKueh, 1st time tasting this – will return. 

Another round-about-detour-stroll thru’ RafflesHotel where none of these foods on this poster are familiar to 2nd-born or me! And according to her, its probably lost in translation and that they do eat a lot of foreign food in OSL, so they did get that part right! nice try there RafflesHotel – hahaha. So here is where the GhostTiger is located; an interesting AC-packed back alley, honestly is it not possible to reduce these to just a few bigger units???

Liked&enjoyed these displays@OdeToArt/RafflesCity

Mon: quiet day to get some rest and to get my thoughts together. The end of 2022WinterOlympics and Norway top the medals with 16/Gold, 8/Silver, 13/Bronze – 37total. Norway never fail to amaze&impress me with their winter sports, especially when their pop is about 5+mil, like SIN&SC/USA, places where I visit and stay for longer periods. Having lived in Norway for over a decade, do understand their connection with winter and the snow. #6 (now 10) who is born&bred there was probably given his 1st pair of ski when he started to walk!

Received this from cousin YatSoon/London – so excited&glad to know that niece Merla, his 1st-born has an interest in the family history. Hope that we all will be able to travel to Jiangmen, Guangdong/China oneday when the restoration of the LAM-ancestral-hall is completed.

Merle has completed a school homework on family history. She chose to focus on her two grandmothers. Lam Po Kui (Madam Yeo) and Kate Vickery (née Mandale). Such extraordinarily contrasting lives and backgrounds… from Guangzhou in south China and Cumbria in north England. Different languages, cultures, outlooks… separated by continents, yet by the twist of fate touching at the congruence of Merle… for her to continue with another link in the unbroken chain of inheritance. Merle has been so lucky to share her life so far with Granny Kate Vickery. Granny Po Kui will be beaming on her with love and pride today as well! Thanks to cousin Amy Lam SG for her website on Lam family history… Amy, please note that Merle has acknowledged you in her bibliography… the inner historian in me made sure she did her footnotes properly!

Tue22022022: on this 2s-Day its also exactly 2yrs ago since I last saw 1st & 2nd-born+#2 & #6. Hope that some of them can visit me sometime this year as it will not be advisable for me to travel yet! Aupicious day on this 2ndDay of the week for couples to get married today.

I don’t want to be married just to be married. I can’t think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can’t talk to, or worse, someone I can’t be silent with ― Mary Ann Shaffer

Gallivanting Around

18 Feb 2022 – Enjoying Moments Whenever Possible

Tue: tkx to DaisyC for sharing a bowl of HKG-noodle – a new taste for me@ARC380 LavenderSt/JinBesar, former LavenderFoodCourt.

Walking around Lavender+JalanBesar to ensure that the Tiger has leaped fully in this area and was hoping to catch some lion/dragon dance, but none. Stopping by CitySqMall, decided to watch DeathOnTheNile

Continuing to Chinatown for 湯圓TangYuen@MeiHeongYuen. On to Hill&VictoriaSts, still no lion/dragan dance. Too cloudy to see the moon then – but tomorrow night is more the night for a full-moon ie if the sky clears up!! Nice night views of CHIJMES, former CHIJ my alma mater taken on VictoriaSt, SultanMosque from VictoriaSt/JinPinang, Concourse from VictoriaSt/JinSultan.

Tkx to Clement for late dinner/supper at TheHainanStory/ChapterOne@Hotel Boss, one of the few 24hr joints I know of.

Wed: appreciations to DaisyC for arranging with cousinJohnWONG to catch up. Tkx for lunch at ChuanJi@MacphersonMall, a dead mall with only a few places opened – decent wholesome home-cooked-style-food. A short visit with sisJo who was delighted to see our cousin too.

Also my first visit to HockSiong&Co, an interesting place to find all kinds of 2nd-hand-stuff. What would this Raffles here think of his discovery of the SIN of today??? Not only can he be found at SIN-River, he is with a family of KarungGuni (Origin: Malay – It means gunny sack but is more popular as a reference to our local Rag-and-Bone Man) and Raffles is even for sale here!

Thu: movies with pre-meditated murders – watched 3movies (2 on the big-screens and 1Netflix) with the subject of murders the past 2 weeks and here are my thoughts for whatever it is worth! Of the 3, only knew that DeathOnTheNile is a murder-flick and a very vague memory of the old movie made in 1979. LIke any of the AgathaChristie’s murder-mystery, this one with 5murders commited, will keep you guessing who did it? Motive – greed! HouseOfGucci – jealousy. PowerOfTheDog, probably not considered a murder, but for me here is a perfect murder! – motive, revenge&protection. Will not be a spoiler to go into details but all 3 movies are worth watching.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Does anyone know where one can buy these TigerBeers? Did not even know that they existed, but then not a beer drinker – nice to have a label of your own neighbourhood, enjoy your beer with this beautiful full-moon tonight.

An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger, or a beer – Confucius

Edited: 2019-Special-Edition TigerBeer, tkx for that info Alvin. Was away from SIN most of 2019, returned Nov2019 and did not know about these nor the chance to get any.

Tkx to niece DaisyL for catching up, enjoying the exhibits@i12/Sound of Art and hearing about her trip to Sydney where Darrly will be for the next 2yrs. She now has to learn to deal with the EmptyNestSyndrome, a new chapter in her life.

If she is half as much of an adventurous person as I am, she will be OK – hahaha!

End Of 2022 CNY Festivities

14 Feb 2022: ♥Happy♥Valentine’s♥Day♥

Thu: 10thCNY-day and it has been raining the past few days. Sharing 2amusing rainy pixs, one here on a StPatrick’sDay many years ago! and the other from Chicago/USA. The simple&repetitive sounds of raindrops are peaceful&restful for the overstimulated body&mind, am enjoying the lovely cool-wet weathers. Has been a long while since I had a cover (just a sheet) on in my sleep.

Fri: TGIF on this 11thCNY-day where the line was snaking around the food stalls here. Good luck to all who have bought or who are going to stand in lines to buy tickets for this TOTO$16M-Grand-Draw. A good one from nephew Jay about TOTO – hahaha.
Passing by one of the neighbourhood fruitstalls and thought this might be an interesting fruit to share, especially for my overseas friends! Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world (messy to dissect but yummy to eat), wonder how many seeds are there in a fruit? Supposedly a healthy fruit&seed.…/SIP_870_2005-01-11.html
At Spotlight/PlazaSIN to pick up accessories (also taking advantage of the sale for members) for sewing and glad to see that Kopitiam is back in business. Had my usual ice-coffee+ToastedSardineSandwich before catching a movie and it must have been nearly 3yrs ago since setting foot in a cinema.
Was planning to watch DeathOnTheNile, but the show-times did not fit into my times! Instead watched HouseOfGucci which is also on my list –  based on the true story of PatriziaReggiani and the events leading up to her conviction for murdering her ex-husband MaurizioGucci. Enjoyed the performances by all the leading stars and nice to watch a movie on the big screen again.
CC to wish them Health, Wealth&Prosperity for the Year of the Tiger and my contribution of healthy food=a huge bowl of salad+RoastChicken – appreciations to Wendy for Paella and to Stephanie for RoastPork.
Sat: 12thCNY-day, one of my favourite CNYcookies, Cat’sTongue from AuntieKwok who was the only person I knew who made these. Have not seen them in the stores, appreciations&tkx for a taste of childhood!
Sun: 13thCNY-day, a walk on the ParkConnectors&along FrankelAve in nice drizzy cool weathers.
Appreciations to Pat&David for yummy home-cooked dinner+a few rounds of BlackJack with the family.
Mon: 14thCNY-day. Shophouses, a historical source of nostalgia and are a prevalent building type in SINarchitectural&built heritage – to me it is a delightful visual experience with these beautiful BleedingHeartCreeper/ClerodendrumThomsonia against the white-wash+a glimpse of the interior with the amazing lighting effects from the air-wells. Tkx to Wendy for identifying this BleedingHeartCreeper not to be mistaken with the FalseHeartCreeper on this Valentine’s Day
Hope to be able to plan a 20thAnniversaryWalk with AT-hiking-buddies for 2025! Also gives me something to look forward to after all the hospital stays the past couple of years.
Tkx to Henry for the last Lo-Hei this time round; learnt more about how some of these 4D bettings in this area at 59MarineTerrace – interesting dinner scene.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all. It is said that Valentine was a priest, who defied emperors’ orders and secretly married couples to spare husbands from wars; he was beheaded on 14Feb~270AD.
My most favourite version of Unchained Melody

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves –Victor Hugo


9 Feb 2022: Or Gluttony???

Sun: 6thCNY-day, appreciations 18thUncleTL&Auntie+cousinSara for lunch (seafood soupS$12.50) in the Woodlands area,

a new territory for me to explore walking on well-maintained paved walkways on this cool lovely wet day between MarsilingMall and

CausewayPoint passing by this beautiful pefectly-shaped tree.

WoodsSquare – completely new to me, 1st time seeing&being in this building,

with trendy tipsy joints – hahaha. Today concludes the CNY-visits with the BlueGeneration.

Mon: 7thCNY-day人日JanJat=human day was the day human beings were created and viewed as the common birthday of all human beings. Happy Birthday to ALL on this nice cool day.

3Nov2021: Helen&I were caught in action by SG FoodBuzz 0:33, a video by Hawker Foods in Singapore 20mit8Spnsmago1145eh1d7 This stall allows you to customise your own version of chee cheong fun! CCF here is highly recommended – 0530hrs Bfast this morning before walking EC Pk.

Lunched with Clement@GoldenMileFoodCentre – MincedMeatNoodles/ShenBakmie, BabiTulangBuak Keluak/Charlie’s, TruffleFries&Coleslaw/Ashes. Being人日had to have a taste of one! TangYuan/75 AhBallingTangYuan. Does Gastronome defines a person who enjoys food for pleasure???

Ongoing action@TheVadaiShop where SPH was filming there – quite a bunch of crew+equipments and again like last week’s bus action, do not have a clue if this is for a commercial or movie??

Another nice cool walk with Clement (he is the only one in my SIN-family who enjoys exploring&walking like I do) in this area/pix downloaded – along RochorRiver-CrawfordSt/NBridgeRd-crossing MerdekaBridge-NicollHighwayWaterwaysWatchSociety a detour-round-about to bus-stop80211 opp NationalStadium. Memories from this bus-stop 10yrs ago – due to a few hiccups, the initial planned completion date of 2011 for the SIN SportsHub has come and gone. However, after construction finally got underway in 2011, the 35hectare sports complex is on track to open its doors in 2014 –

Tue: 8thCNY-day, another lovely cool wet day to enjoy while it last. Where CNYfoods are concerned, what I miss most is Jessic&Frank’s 28ingredients YueShang/生 with IkanParang/WolfHerring. Posted Mar2013 but worth reposting here again.


Preserved ingredients: 1.Vegetable  2.Cucumber 3.Red sweetened ginger  4.White sour ginger 5.Brown melon 6.White melon 7.Leeks. These 7 preserved ingredients can be bought at: Sin Hwa Foodstuff/Senoko South Rd/SIN

Dried candied ingredients: 8.Winter melon 9.Chinese mandarin orange.

Fresh ingredients thinly cut: 10. Two varieties of lettuce/iceberg&romaine 11.carrots 12.Large celery 13.Spring onions 14.Coriander, also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley 15.Red chillies, remove seeds 16.Fish IkanParang is Malay for WolfHerring/brandy for seasoning, optional.

Fried crisp ingredients: 17.Wonton skin 18.Pillow-shaped crispies/pok chui 19.rice vermicelli/mei fun


Sauces & Seasoning: 20.Five spice power 21.Ground white pepper 22.Thinly sliced fresh ginger 23.Light soya sauce 24.Calamansi juice 25.Finely cut scallions fried till crispy 26.Sesame oil and oils from the deep-fried scallions 27.White sesame seeds 28.Pounded roasted peanuts.


Tossing and mixing this salad with auspicious phrases and sayings – beyond any doubt for me, this is my favourite YueShang/生 and CNY-dish.

Wed: 9thCNY-day, tkx to HS for an excellent 8-course-dinner at TangYunCantoneseRestaurant in TanglinClub where it was such pleasure for the mouth and pleasant to the ears to hear good Cantonese spoken by the chef&servers.

Hamachi/YellowTailYueShang, AbaloneSoup, SteamedSoonHock,

BraisedChicken, SauteedScallop, StewedPorkTrotter,

GlutinousRice, NianGao&TangYuan – details of dishes in the menu.

Abundance of the best CNY-food to start the Year of the Tiger with old&new friends where a good time was had by all, leaving with happy-full-bellies. Appreciations to Wil for the ride back to the EastSide on this lovely wet evening.

Gastronome or Gluttony?? Gastronome when savouring and enjoying every bite, but Gluttony when eating well past the point where hunger is satisfied – we all need to be aware and to be honest with ourselves to find the balance in our world of overindulgence!

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger/2022

5 Feb 2022 – Lunar/CNY Visits

Tue:  恭喜發財 KungHeiFattChoy=wishing you great happiness&prosperity in Cantonese. and since I am Cantonese, these are the phrases I would be wishing my family with:

l新年快樂 SunNinFaiLok=Happy New Year
身體健康SunTaeGeenHong= Good Health
出入平安ChutYupPingOn=Peace be with you

1stCNY day and as far as I can remember, it is usually a day packed with family&friends’ visits &gatherings. Due to the present circumstances, not more than 5ppl could visit and also not more than a group for the day – somehow today I do not fit in any group and just as well as I do need this day to rest before a whole week of visits ahead.

Wed: 2-2-22 visit with 2nd sis-in-lawYS on this 2ndCNY day. Bus16 to DhobyGhautMRT-KranjiMRT (WestSide) takes nearly 2hrs; appreciations to nieceLeng&CS for picking me up at the station. Tkx for delicious home-made lunch – always look forward to her delicious curry and she is still an excellent cook, even today in her 80s+

Quite a neighbourhood where a green corrridor with banana, durian, rambutan trees can be found – tempting but, unfortunately no medial insurance unless the CaiShen can guarentee me protection falling from trees!

One of the neighbours has this 6-metre 財神 CaiShen/God of Wealth on their varenda – hope that it will bring extra Huat to the neighbourhood and a CaiShen of this proportion should have the power to bring Huat to all others too! size sems to matter for this house! a HelloKitty fan too!! But what does one do with wealth when there is no more cure for poor health??

Since in the area, continued to BukitBatok and tkx to JenMun&SK for yummy durian&home-made ChickenRandang. By the time I got back to the EastSide, it was nearly 2200hrs; out for nearly 12hrs, left before 1000hrs this morning.

Thu: another day of long public transport day! Somehow I remember BukitTimah canal to always be flooding in heavy rains and this section of the road will be jammed with traffic during horse racing weekends in the 1950s! Cheerful flowers grown on the shaded walkways.

Annual walk into BinjaiPk neighbourhood with beautiful lush greeny –

even saw a BuahCherry/Aratiles/Sarisa tree, but the berries are far from ripe.

3rdCNY-day-visit to 11thAuntieDiana who is now 98 and does not remember me, but tkx to cousin Ken for remembering&having me over for this visit.

Fri: TGIF a good weekend to all on this 4thCNY-day; considered not too wise to leave the house for too long, just in case 財神 CaiShen/God of Wealth should pay a visit to the family’s house.

2022Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing/China tonight. All the best&Good Luck to AdrianYUNG – Tim’s son, nephew to David, Richard, May&Lock, MInos+Dika&Mark’s cousin, Ike’s uncle who will be representing HKG in the slalom&giant slalom events.

4thCNY-day-dinner@sisJo&Michael+nieceSue with broLes&Ivy. Fond memories of broLawrence who would have been 88 today. Some action@UpperEC bus-stop93099 where there was a police car+a bus with some psg on it not being allowed to get off, but nobody seemed to really know what was going on?and the police around were tight-lips?? 45mins-stroll@EC-Pk after dinner and back in my 4-walls before midnight.

Sat: 5thCNY-day to update before heading for another visit tomorrow.

Feb’s Bdays

2 – Happy Bdays Cathrine and Garry
4 – Happy Bdays Kurt and fond memories to bro Lawrence who would have been 88
12 – Happy Bday SK Tan
14  ♥ ♥ ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥
15 – Happy Bday Guri
16 – Happy Bday Mike/LOON
20 – Happy Bdays YatSoon and Henry
24 – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin. 27 – Happy Bday Cleo