Invasion Of Ukraine

28Feb 2022 – War Is Never The Solution

Wed: much to be done with getting the fresh produce cleaned&stored after a big grocery-savings-shopping from Gaint/Tampines. Pleased with the promotional savings of S$20+including 3%SenSav+S$20 vouchers from the HappyDot surveys.

Thu: celebrating Calvin’s Bday@CC, home-made-SeafoodLaksa (fr Iyas), Sushi (fr Helen&Yoshie); home-made lotus-root-salad&coconut-agar+bought-popiah, otar, kuehs are my local-flair-contributions. Bummer to the trick candles for not doing their job and did not relit themselves again after being blown off!

No worries with all that Gins&Tonics from Stephanie, can try to imagine that the candles did relit –  a good yummy time was enjoyed by all.

Fri: TGIF – praying for the ppl in Ukraine. War, aggression&bullying are NEVER the solutions, the innocent ALWAYs suffer – extremely saddened&distrubed by this morning’s news.

Every war makes our world worse than it was before, war is the failure of politics and humanity, and a shameful capitulation and a devastating defeat in the face of the the forces of evil – PopeFrancis

Sat: continuing with Calvin’sBday celebrations DimSum (fr ChanWaiHang) for Tea-Time and BBQ-meat-galor (fr Calvin&friends) for dinner.

The secret to a good salad – tkx to Wendy for these flower buds of the TorchGinger-BungaKantan/Etlingera elatior. Not only do their fragrance&taste enchance the local SIN Rojak-dish, but also good in western salads. Pix credits to Helen&Wendy.

Friends (Ricky, John&Vin) of Wendy brought this MalaFish which was way too spicy&oily for my taste-buds. If I knew that the sauce is that spicy, (burnt my tongue in everyways!!) would have taken the fish+shellfish before the sauce was added. Have been warned by many about these Mala-dishes and have never ordered any, so now tkx to these ppl for confirming that I will never order or taste another Mala-dish. Thank goodness for Iyas’s coconut-mango-sticky-rice, the perfect neturaliser.

Sun: Tembusu/Cyrtophyllum fragrans (evergreen-tree native to SIN) can last 100+yrs as termites&weevils do not eat this kind of wood. Being a hardwood, often used for chopping-boards  – tkx to Calvin&Wendy this trunk will not to be turned to wood-chip or mulch, but will eventually be beautiful benches, cheese-boards, stools, etc…

One of them has now gone to Leonard as a house-warming-gift, it just needs some drying out before cleaning&sanding.

Appreciations for Thai-dinner@WarmUpCafe.

Mon: appreciations for flowers from Helen and Mark on this last Mon and last day of Feb2022 to chase away the MondayBlues as Russia puts their nuclear force on special alert – praying very hard that it will never be put to action.

These 2 uploaded pix will remain in my FBcover&profile and here in my blog-header until PEACE can be restored in Ukraine.

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime — Ernest Hemingway

28Feb2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,007
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 16,790
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 1,598

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