Visiting&Revisiting Old&New Places

22 Feb 2022 – Happy 2s-Day On This 22-02-2022

Sat: more affordable tasty local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) 20 GhimMohRd Market&FoodCentre, #01-17 九江烧腊 JiuJiangShaoLa RoastDuckBreast+叉燒CharSiew=fork roasted in Cantonese/marinated roasted pork $5.

Must have been nearly 2decades ago since last setting foot in PanPacificHotel and as memory goes, do not remember anything of it! Now with this nice decor with tasteful matching 3Tier-serving-tray for the sweet-dishes might stay in the memory. Dementia/Alzheimer is NOT welcomed into any stage or part of  this life’s journey and will keep diligently working hard mentally&physcially to keep it at bay.

HighT was delightfully presented in the surroundings of a high sky-view-ceiling giving some feeling of space when you look up! Enjoy&like these one-bite size of everything, wish I could say the same for the taste and the service – blame it on the circumstances&consquences of Covid, the other 3Cs! Many family members&friends have now been exposed, infected&recoverd from Covid.

Nice round-about-detour-stroll to RafflesCity to pick up some plain dark RoyceChocolateS$15, a special treat for the memory. Know of someone who does not like chocolate and his memory is questionable?

Asides from boosting the blood flow to the brain, the flavonoids found in chocolate have been proven to infiltrate and improve the functionality of the areas of the brain equipped with memory and learning functions. Chocolate also contains a little dosage of caffeine.

Sun: tkx to DaisyL for having me over to their family-lunch – strange to be there without Darryl but he is certainly in our thoughts.

Coffee for Clement&Stanley, cold chocolate drink for me@Alchemist/The Mill, 1st visit.

Tkx to Leonard for dinner@BritishHainan/PurvisSt, 1st visit – good food&service, highly recommended.

PrawnCakes, OxTailStew, PorkChop,

interesting&tasty dessert 薏粑 YiBuaKueh, 1st time tasting this – will return. 

Another round-about-detour-stroll thru’ RafflesHotel where none of these foods on this poster are familiar to 2nd-born or me! And according to her, its probably lost in translation and that they do eat a lot of foreign food in OSL, so they did get that part right! nice try there RafflesHotel – hahaha. So here is where the GhostTiger is located; an interesting AC-packed back alley, honestly is it not possible to reduce these to just a few bigger units???

Liked&enjoyed these displays@OdeToArt/RafflesCity

Mon: quiet day to get some rest and to get my thoughts together. The end of 2022WinterOlympics and Norway top the medals with 16/Gold, 8/Silver, 13/Bronze – 37total. Norway never fail to amaze&impress me with their winter sports, especially when their pop is about 5+mil, like SIN&SC/USA, places where I visit and stay for longer periods. Having lived in Norway for over a decade, do understand their connection with winter and the snow. #6 (now 10) who is born&bred there was probably given his 1st pair of ski when he started to walk!

Received this from cousin YatSoon/London – so excited&glad to know that niece Merla, his 1st-born has an interest in the family history. Hope that we all will be able to travel to Jiangmen, Guangdong/China oneday when the restoration of the LAM-ancestral-hall is completed.

Merle has completed a school homework on family history. She chose to focus on her two grandmothers. Lam Po Kui (Madam Yeo) and Kate Vickery (née Mandale). Such extraordinarily contrasting lives and backgrounds… from Guangzhou in south China and Cumbria in north England. Different languages, cultures, outlooks… separated by continents, yet by the twist of fate touching at the congruence of Merle… for her to continue with another link in the unbroken chain of inheritance. Merle has been so lucky to share her life so far with Granny Kate Vickery. Granny Po Kui will be beaming on her with love and pride today as well! Thanks to cousin Amy Lam SG for her website on Lam family history… Amy, please note that Merle has acknowledged you in her bibliography… the inner historian in me made sure she did her footnotes properly!

Tue22022022: on this 2s-Day its also exactly 2yrs ago since I last saw 1st & 2nd-born+#2 & #6. Hope that some of them can visit me sometime this year as it will not be advisable for me to travel yet! Aupicious day on this 2ndDay of the week for couples to get married today.

I don’t want to be married just to be married. I can’t think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can’t talk to, or worse, someone I can’t be silent with ― Mary Ann Shaffer

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