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18 Feb 2022 – Enjoying Moments Whenever Possible

Tue: tkx to DaisyC for sharing a bowl of HKG-noodle – a new taste for me@ARC380 LavenderSt/JinBesar, former LavenderFoodCourt.

Walking around Lavender+JalanBesar to ensure that the Tiger has leaped fully in this area and was hoping to catch some lion/dragon dance, but none. Stopping by CitySqMall, decided to watch DeathOnTheNile

Continuing to Chinatown for 湯圓TangYuen@MeiHeongYuen. On to Hill&VictoriaSts, still no lion/dragan dance. Too cloudy to see the moon then – but tomorrow night is more the night for a full-moon ie if the sky clears up!! Nice night views of CHIJMES, former CHIJ my alma mater taken on VictoriaSt, SultanMosque from VictoriaSt/JinPinang, Concourse from VictoriaSt/JinSultan.

Tkx to Clement for late dinner/supper at TheHainanStory/ChapterOne@Hotel Boss, one of the few 24hr joints I know of.

Wed: appreciations to DaisyC for arranging with cousinJohnWONG to catch up. Tkx for lunch at ChuanJi@MacphersonMall, a dead mall with only a few places opened – decent wholesome home-cooked-style-food. A short visit with sisJo who was delighted to see our cousin too.

Also my first visit to HockSiong&Co, an interesting place to find all kinds of 2nd-hand-stuff. What would this Raffles here think of his discovery of the SIN of today??? Not only can he be found at SIN-River, he is with a family of KarungGuni (Origin: Malay – It means gunny sack but is more popular as a reference to our local Rag-and-Bone Man) and Raffles is even for sale here!

Thu: movies with pre-meditated murders – watched 3movies (2 on the big-screens and 1Netflix) with the subject of murders the past 2 weeks and here are my thoughts for whatever it is worth! Of the 3, only knew that DeathOnTheNile is a murder-flick and a very vague memory of the old movie made in 1979. LIke any of the AgathaChristie’s murder-mystery, this one with 5murders commited, will keep you guessing who did it? Motive – greed! HouseOfGucci – jealousy. PowerOfTheDog, probably not considered a murder, but for me here is a perfect murder! – motive, revenge&protection. Will not be a spoiler to go into details but all 3 movies are worth watching.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Does anyone know where one can buy these TigerBeers? Did not even know that they existed, but then not a beer drinker – nice to have a label of your own neighbourhood, enjoy your beer with this beautiful full-moon tonight.

An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger, or a beer – Confucius

Edited: 2019-Special-Edition TigerBeer, tkx for that info Alvin. Was away from SIN most of 2019, returned Nov2019 and did not know about these nor the chance to get any.

Tkx to niece DaisyL for catching up, enjoying the exhibits@i12/Sound of Art and hearing about her trip to Sydney where Darrly will be for the next 2yrs. She now has to learn to deal with the EmptyNestSyndrome, a new chapter in her life.

If she is half as much of an adventurous person as I am, she will be OK – hahaha!

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