End Of 2022 CNY Festivities

14 Feb 2022: ♥Happy♥Valentine’s♥Day♥

Thu: 10thCNY-day and it has been raining the past few days. Sharing 2amusing rainy pixs, one here on a StPatrick’sDay many years ago! and the other from Chicago/USA. The simple&repetitive sounds of raindrops are peaceful&restful for the overstimulated body&mind, am enjoying the lovely cool-wet weathers. Has been a long while since I had a cover (just a sheet) on in my sleep.

Fri: TGIF on this 11thCNY-day where the line was snaking around the food stalls here. Good luck to all who have bought or who are going to stand in lines to buy tickets for this TOTO$16M-Grand-Draw. A good one from nephew Jay about TOTO – hahaha.
Passing by one of the neighbourhood fruitstalls and thought this might be an interesting fruit to share, especially for my overseas friends! Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world (messy to dissect but yummy to eat), wonder how many seeds are there in a fruit? Supposedly a healthy fruit&seed.  https://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/…/SIP_870_2005-01-11.html
At Spotlight/PlazaSIN to pick up accessories (also taking advantage of the sale for members) for sewing and glad to see that Kopitiam is back in business. Had my usual ice-coffee+ToastedSardineSandwich before catching a movie and it must have been nearly 3yrs ago since setting foot in a cinema.
Was planning to watch DeathOnTheNile, but the show-times did not fit into my times! Instead watched HouseOfGucci which is also on my list –  based on the true story of PatriziaReggiani and the events leading up to her conviction for murdering her ex-husband MaurizioGucci. Enjoyed the performances by all the leading stars and nice to watch a movie on the big screen again.
CC to wish them Health, Wealth&Prosperity for the Year of the Tiger and my contribution of healthy food=a huge bowl of salad+RoastChicken – appreciations to Wendy for Paella and to Stephanie for RoastPork.
Sat: 12thCNY-day, one of my favourite CNYcookies, Cat’sTongue from AuntieKwok who was the only person I knew who made these. Have not seen them in the stores, appreciations&tkx for a taste of childhood!
Sun: 13thCNY-day, a walk on the ParkConnectors&along FrankelAve in nice drizzy cool weathers.
Appreciations to Pat&David for yummy home-cooked dinner+a few rounds of BlackJack with the family.
Mon: 14thCNY-day. Shophouses, a historical source of nostalgia and are a prevalent building type in SINarchitectural&built heritage – to me it is a delightful visual experience with these beautiful BleedingHeartCreeper/ClerodendrumThomsonia against the white-wash+a glimpse of the interior with the amazing lighting effects from the air-wells. Tkx to Wendy for identifying this BleedingHeartCreeper not to be mistaken with the FalseHeartCreeper on this Valentine’s Day
Hope to be able to plan a 20thAnniversaryWalk with AT-hiking-buddies for 2025! Also gives me something to look forward to after all the hospital stays the past couple of years.
Tkx to Henry for the last Lo-Hei this time round; learnt more about how some of these 4D bettings in this area at 59MarineTerrace – interesting dinner scene.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all. It is said that Valentine was a priest, who defied emperors’ orders and secretly married couples to spare husbands from wars; he was beheaded on 14Feb~270AD.
My most favourite version of Unchained Melody

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves –Victor Hugo

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