New Mutated Covid-19 Variant

28 Nov 2021 – Thanksgiving Meals
Wed: grocery shopping for the next few days to prepare 3 Thanksgiving meals. Some funnies to chase away the pre Thanksgiving Blues! But, there’s always something to be thankful for and the more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for. Turkey火雞 Huǒ jī literally translated=Fire Chicken in Chinese.
Thu: Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating and marking today (have not celebrated a Thanksgiving with my flock since 2012!). It is not marked or celebrated in this part of the world thus no holiday today or tomorrow.
A simple roast chicken. sausage, smoked-duck dinner+FamousAmosCookie (have to have something American!) with Calvin, Sam, Chris & Helen@CC. Tkx to Helen for salad and ice-cream.
Tkx to 1st-born for these pix, sooo missing my FabulousFivein the USA
and good to see them all here hands-on for their Thanksgiving dinner. Bon Appetit
Fri: TGIF and thank goodness DonaManisCakeShop@KatongShoppingCentre has the ChocolateTarts (S$5 per box of 5) – have been calling for them this whole whole week. These are the perfect bite size, not too seeet, and taste good for my dinner’s dessert tomorrow. Not being a fan of pumpkin pie, thus chocolate pie has been a tradition for my Thanksgiving dinner.
Was chatting with a friend a few days ago before Omicron surfaced! literally told him that what did not kill me will make me stronger after all my underlying health issues and surgeries. Just as we hoped&thought that the situation is looking up, a new mutated Omicron, the latest variant has been detected in SouthAfrica. To all, plx take whatever possible precautions&preventions to protect yourselves&your loved ones from getting and or spreading this hostile&nasty Coronavirus.
Sat: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/Market Food Centre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) in SIN. AhHwee BBQChickenWing & SpringChicken, EastCoastLagoon FoodVillage, Stall14. $1.30per wing. This location is on EC Pk and is a pleasant 20mins brisk walk or 10mins to cycle by the sea from my 4-walls.
Belated Thanksgiving dinner and I do not think I have made a spread like this since I left the US: pumpkin soup (have to make something with pumpkin as long as not pumpkin pie!),  no whole turkey, but sliced turkey, ham, roast-pork, sausages, smoked-duck (garnished with apples, corn, glazed-carrots, fresh-cranberries&Physallis) with BrusselSprouts, CranberrySauce, Gravy&Stuffing, GreenBeanCasserole, IrishCreamPotatoes. Tkx to Clem for cakes since he is no fan of chocolate tart! It has taken me a few days to get the food shopping done and I doubt that I will have the energy to do this again! Made enough food to last for a few meals with friends.

Sun: Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating. First Sunday of Advent – 3more Sundays for Christmas shopping! Will wait till Nov is over to gather some energy to think about Christmas but need to search for my AdventCalender of international ThankYou in 24Languages – might try add 24Languages for Peace for this year or perhaps Hope which is much needed in present circumstances! Lunch with HS and dinner at Les&Ivy with Jo&Sue. Abundance of food for this posting sums up the Thanksgiving week as we go into advent. And as SINs previous Irish Ambassador/GeoffreyKeating so appropriately puts it: Good Lord! Is it that time already?

The Old Vs New Charms

23 Nov 2021 – On The East-Side To Chinatown

Sat: FriedCarrotCake aka ChaiTowKway 菜頭粿 – black or white, do not be mistaken by its name, this is a NOT your usual Western carrot cake and there is no carrot in this CarrotCake but a savoury dish! Because of a loose English from Hokkien translation of RadishPastry is called ChaiTow (white-radish) Kway (cake). Grown up with it as ChaiTowKway but the younger generation knows it as CarrotCake. Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake,115 Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre #01-37

So proud of #4, amazing that she chose to play the DoubleBass! (pix credits to her mom). And also proud of 1st-born who still continues with her running (here@RCRC TurkeyTrot 5k 2021/USA, pix credits to Alex), despite of being a full-time mother raising her 5children, part-time coaching CC&track and now working full-time.

Sun: walking bright&early down StillRd trying to imagine what these buildings were like in their heydays before these pre-schools. Glad they are not completely torn down and everytime I walk by here, the imagination runs wild into another life-time with childhood memories in LaLaLand!

Do enjoy some of the old vs new contrast&charms on the East-side, my neck of this concrete-jungle in the human-zoo on this RedDot – taking care to live these moments to the fullest and making hay while the sun shines! But also important to get out and be able to get away from the concrete jungles and the dense environment for the well being both physically&mentally!!

One of the beauties of Jungle Law is that punishment settles all scores. There is no nagging afterward ― Kipling/The Jungle Book

Passing by after ChapelRd to discover this new place, EastCoastGrocers where I will be able to get fresh BrusselSprouts and probably fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm gwei-lo lager looks interesting, not a beer drinker, but will probably get one for the fun of it. For my overseas family&friends, gwei-lo literally translates to devil-man, common Cantonese slur term for Westerners – once upon a time more a derogatory term, but not nowadays.

Not sure if there is a name for this lane off EC-Rd where some of my favourite one-story with a basement ConservedTerraceHouses are located.

Tkx for dinner at sis Jo’s – been quite a long time ago since I walked to&fro and tonigt decided to detour to EC Pk tonight with the companion of a beautiful full-moon – like the a moon, we all have dark sides which is not shown to everybody.

It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections – 

Mon: on to RafflesCity&Mustafa to check out if there might be any chance of finding CornishHen. Oh well! at least I have tried – the last time I found those hens here in SIN was when Carrefour existed. Today discovered MalaysiaChiak/CitySqMall with quite good foods.

Nathaniel Hope&family, David Tan&family, and others in this area, please be OK & safe.

Tue: got a cabS$12 just as the sky opened heading into Chinatown. Tkx CK for recommendations@People’s Park (Yong Xiang YongTauFoo) & popiah (from SpringCt/UpperCrossSt), all yummy.

YipYewChong’s new mural on a lane off TempleSt/Chinatown –

Great to catch up with IreneH and to see Yip in action.

Hawthorn Berries 山楂ShanZha

19 Nov 2021 – Chin Min Chin

Tue: booked for HighTea session on the Orient Express for Dec, a Christmas gift to myself to look forward to. Will also try to book to see the exhibition another day as this will end 5Jan2022, and since unable to be on the real Orient Express, this will be an early Bday gift to start the 72year life journey until hopefully I am able to cross off this item (from Istanbul-Paris on this train) someday on my bucket list. Pix downloaded.

Wed: early morning walk and somehow the Hokkien/Singlish term – Kiao-Kar came to mind when I saw this cat, but had to confirm with Leonard to be sure that it is correct. Kiao-Kar means to lift/kick leg, and refers to someone can afford to take it easy in life due to achieving some form of stability, such as a retiree! Such an eloquent expression for this most approciate pix!

Alice asked the Cheshire Cat – ‘What road do I take’?
The cat asked, ‘Where do you want to go’?
‘I don’t know’, Alice answered.
‘Then’, said the cat, ‘it really doesn’t matter, does it’?  
Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Great Bfast company with Helen@MTmarket (edited 7Feb2022: caught in action here 00:33queueing by SG FoodBuzz a video to the playlist Hawker Foods in Singapore 20mit8Spnsmago1145eh1d7 This stall allows you to customise your own version of chee cheong fun!

Lunch with Gel@KatongShoppingCentre, pleased to find chocolate tarts@DonaManisCakeShop. Hoping to get some for dessert for the Thanksgiving dinner next week. This location makes limited variety of pies&tarts but what they make are excellent and for me returning, someone who is so particular on baked goods, that says alot abou t this cake-shop!

Today’s flavour was BlackSesame@TheHumbleScoop and do remember in Aug when I tasted their ORH HAW/HawthornBerry, nice&refreshing.

Managed to pick up some fresh HawthronBerries山楂ShanZha@PP-Fairprice to make juice. Have now finally tried this berry raw in its natural form, (~the size of a SIN-10c with at least 4+seeds) juice, Haw-flakes-candy (too sweet), and ice-cream is one of my favourite way to eat this berry. Tried blending them in a blender and then mixing with natural yogurt and that too is good&healthy. 

Thu: hello on this lovely wet&rainy morning in SIN, nothing in comparision with what is happening in parts of BC/Canada areas. Family&friends in the affected areas – plx stay&be safe.

I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction – Leonardo DiCaprio

Fri: TGIF – Bfast@ChinMinChin, was in the line~15mins and since I had to wait for Clement, decided to stay, but not worth the waiting time if I was not meeting him! With this new refurnished look, the old charm is no longer, but it is pleasant sitting outside with all the fans on when it is not too hot yet!

SGH follow-up appt for the afternoon and good to be over with hospital appt for this year – no appt in Dec, next appt in Jan 2022 for another CTscan.

Weekend With Lights

15 Nov 2021 – Roselle/HibiscusTea

Fri: 0530hrs early&dark morning at the market for breakfast+fresh produce, no purple sweet potatoes but Roselle/Hibiscus for weekend tea. Not for everyone, especially if you are not a fan of tart flavour, but can always add honey, sugar or sweetener – I enjoy the natural tart flavour, like in cranberries&keylime!

There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life – Lin Yutang

Girls finished 12th; boys 14th@SC-State XC Championship/USA. Go Irmo – good job to #2&4+Coach Hall and pix credits to her.

Tkx to Les&Ivy and also having similar taste regarding butter&seafoods! Mussels cooked with Kerrygold+white wine&parsely.

Absoutely scrumptious where ever these seafoods may be from as long as they are fresh and have swam 3times – in water, in butter and in wine, hahaha! Tkx MeiPin for the company to walk down OrchardRd to see the lights, but far too early to post about Christmas! Still have yet to see Deepavali lights!! Feeling wonderful to be able to walk longer distances without getting short of breath.

Lobster has an aroma that is not in itself that appealing, more so than most other breeds of seafood. Yet, the lean protein of lobster is always joined by the lurid fats of melted butter, improving the texture and taste of most things, as well as increasing waist and decreasing arteriole width ―  Quackenbush

Sat: dropped by to CC to wish Sam(10Nov)&Chris(15Nov) happy Bdays – found these Bday-musical candles which was a nice surprise, all of the CC ppl here tonight have never seen them! Made them their favourite fresh-fruit-cocktail-salad from me and tkx for yummy Häagen-Dazs strawberry-ice-cream/473ml which was my dinner – for real. Delighted to catch up with Yukie&Lum, been a while since we had a chat without being surrounding by other ppl.

Decided to walk by LittleIndia to see the Deepavali lights ie, if without too much of a crowd, NO, did not go into LittleIndia, its Sat night 2200hrs! Short stroll passing by RaceCourse&SerangoonRd from one bus-stop40019 on the main BukitTimahRd to the next bus stop07539 on SungeiRd – forgot my camera, thus downloading exactly what I saw tonight with angles&positions I would have taken these, but better&clearer pix! OK now the Deepavali lights are done, can move on to Christmas lights, not until after Thanksgiving – hahaha.

Sun: after consuming these rich dairy produces over the past 2days will now have to take a break from butter before packing it in again for the Thanksgiving dinner! Sorting out and taking care of medical bills trying to figure out which is for what, quite a chaos&confusion considering the amount of appointments, medications, precedures, tests, etc – thinking about what JackieWolford told me about her mother who would place these kind paper work in the pile and burnt them. Tempting!!!

1358hrs: just heard the DJ from Symphony924 telling how he gave his wife a gluestick instead of lipstick and she is still not talking to him – that did put a smile on my face as I am at this very moment holding a gluestick here getting the packages ready!

Mon: also do need to get these packages to the flock via snailmail if they are to arr to Norway&USA in time for Christmas – that means a short stroll to the post office@PP despite that moods&thoughts regarding Christmas are not even anywhere in the heart or mind. Also to get a new tracer on the way@MPCC as the 2nd old one has run out of juice. Oh well, some things have to been done, mood or not.


11 Nov 2021 – SIN Health Care And Workers

Mon: morning SGH appointment to fill out paper-work for tomorrow’s procedure – previous CTscan showed some abnormalities that need to be checked into. Took the afternoon into LittleIndia catching&soaking in some Deepavali ambience but still avoiding crowds. CitySquareMall/Daiso to get some small odds&endsS$30 for the flock’s Christmas stockings, light&small enough for snailmail. IncenseS$12 to last for hopefully 6months. Chicken BriyaniS$12@Tekka is enough to last me for 4meals, 1 for dinner for tonight and the other 3 to be packed ready for the freezer! All in all a productive&successful day.

Tue: checked into SGH for day surgery, not too concerned as my suspicion to the abnormal scan is probably due to some infection I had last month when I was coughing badly with short of breath. But because of the lung surgery 3months ago, had to scope to make sure that the cancer has not returned. Procedure done under local sedation, did not feel anything – had a good nap and was discharged by 1500hrs. Results seemed OK and should not need any biopsy for now and hopefully will never need a biopsy! Had a bite@Kopitiam, was hungry, have been fasting from last night for this scope. Got back to my 4walls just in time as the sky opened up raining cats&dogs!

A court in Singapore has put on hold the imminent execution of a Malaysian drug smuggler who campaigners say has limited mental capacity.

Such a brillant man&speaker when he was at his peak.

Wed: warm greetings from yet another wet day in SIN. Enjoying&loving every minute in these cool wet weathers, very relaxing – those who have to be outdoors stay safe. Pix downloaded.

Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book said Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbs, one of my favourite cartoons.

Thu: have now been staying put in SIN for the past 2yrs due to the present circumstances and also due to underlying health issues which surfaced during the past 2yrs! Speaking&writing from experiences after having 3C-19shots+being admitted 5times (over the 2yrs) in SGH, NHC&RafflesHospital and am impressed with our public health care and the workers.

Pix downloaded

If interested in this humourious Daily Show with Trevor Noah –  Singapore ends free treatment for unvaccineated ppl – Singapore’s like the parents who actually do the s**t that you threaten your kids with, and this time they’re taking on people who won’t get a Covid shot.

Coffee With Butter

7 Nov 2021 – KopiGuYou

Wed: bus to BedokMall to pick up a tab-cutter@WatsonS$7.65. Appreciations to Helen for arranging hair-cut appt, last one was end Jul, just before surgery. MRT to PasirRis connecting to the new PasirRisInterchange is a quite an experience, but the ladies’ restroom is clean&new! By the time I was done, had to look for the stop, missing the bus but no worries, always early for the next bus. 2above pix downloaded.

After 3months, there was quite abit of hair to be cut. Cappucinno&DarkChocolate ice cream are my favourites from EutopiaCafe+yummy curry-puffs to go from PrimaDeli@EliasMall

Tkx to Yoshie for chicken-noodles from HawkerChan and to Iyas for homemade curry-chicken, 5above pix credits to Helen. Great to catch up with CCfriends – tkx to Chris for the ride and for picking up the freezer+bike, appreciations for the loan.

Thu: Happy Deepavali/Diwali to those celebrating. May this Festival of Lights, the new year celebrations for Hindus, Sikhs&Jains bring new beginnings with the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness to all. Delighted to have my lovely niece Yasmine in my neck of the woods for breakfast@ favourite CCFun stall – so sweet of her to take time despite of her short visit from London/UK. Was actually planning to pick up for her some ChickenBiryani from LittleIndia yesterday, but of course it would be suicidal of me to attempt into TekkaMarket last night!!

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – just discovered coffee with butter/KopiGuYou, choices of butter are Tine/Norwegain, KerryGold/Irish and Lurpak/Danish in this order. Unable to get Norwegian butter here in SIN, happy with Irish or German butter, taste amazingly good, better than I could imagine!

NewPowerDrink of the SiliconValley, this BulletproofCoffee is coffee, with a spoon of good butter! Have read and known about it for ages – thinking that I would not like it, but have never tried until now! Making my own with my choice of butter and glad that I did – not sure how it will taste outside, am usually quite fussy&particular with my butter&fresh cream! Pix downloaded.

Sat: 665 Buffalo Rd, TekkaCentre&Market #01-232, #01-229 Food Centre, Allauddin’s BriyaniS$5 – Famous Nasi Briyani With Michelin Recommendation. Pix downloaded.

Appreciations for yummy dinner – tastefully done and good value for the price all delivered to your doorstep! The meat here was enough for 4ppl, but could do with a larger portion of potatoes, especailly for the younger ppl.

Sun: nice walk in my neck of the woods ppl-watching (not crowds!) enjoying their weekend-breakfast (still stuffed from last night’s dinner!) at this iconic KatongBakery&Confectionary (1925). In the 1960s (pix downloaded), a favourite hangout for local bands. The RedHouse today is restored as a residential(42units)-retail-lifestyle heritage development.

From the traditional shop-houses of 19-115EC-Rd on one side of a narrow street

to such contrasting views on 30-112EC-Rd just directly across the street&fence!

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is greenest where it is watered – Robert Fulghum

Hello Nov2021

2 Nov 2021 – Byebye October

Sat: Blk 32 New Market Rd, #01-1084 People’s Park Complex Food Centre 珍珠百貨商場, Yong Xiang YongTauFoo 永祥興豆腐S$4.50. Note: in SE Asia, the term YongTauFoo=StuffedTofu is used to describe a dish instead of just a StuffedTofu item exclusively. Pix downloaded.

Sun: Happy Halloween – safe Trick-or-Treating to all. #1/USA, be safe in her 2nd U-year/USA,  #1-5/USA, enjoy the early goodie basket! #6/Norway, do remember to turn back the clock despite of being camera-shy! Cannot even remember when I had my flock all together for Halloween but hopefully some of them will want to continuing Trick-or-Treating!

There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch – Robert Brault

31Oct2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 total deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 394
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 13,716
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 900

Mon: it is rather concerning considering that the total C-19deaths in SIN up to 30Sep2021 was 93 and today the total deaths is 394! meaning that just in the month of Oct, there was 301deaths averaging to ~10deaths a day – ouch!! Tkx to PP/Australia for this hahaha, needed it today. Welcome Nov and a good week&month ahead to all. Deepavali/SIN falls on Thu4Nov, a public holiday here. Thanksgiving/USA, Thu25Nov and everyday is a celebration of life.

Life is meant to be a celebration! It shouldn’t be necessary to set aside special times to remind us of this fact. Wise is the person who finds a reason to make every day a special one – Leo F. Buscaglia
2  Nov – Happy Bdays HongSze & JohnK/Ireland
3  Nov – Happy Bday AiLing
10Nov – Happy Bday Sam/CC
13Nov – Happy Bday YeeFun/NZ
15Nov – Happy Bday Chris/CC
17Nov – Happy Bday ChristopherLAM
19Nov – Happy Bday Yulis
21Nov – Happy Bday Annie
25Nov – Happy Thanksgiving
27Nov – Happy Bday DaisyC
29Nov – Happy Bday 15thBday JohnW
30Nov – Happy Bday Chai & MerleY
Tue: appt@SGH, picked some PorkSatay in Chinatown to have dinner with Les&Ivy, have not seen them for awhile. Had to cancel on them a couple of weekends ago, too tired then. And no, not wine in this lovely wooden box packaging with sauces! Used up 2ARTpackages (6kits) received 22Sep, ie have been out 6times since 1+month ago, ie ~once per week.
Glory my most favourite location for MeeSiam, NasiPadang&Popiah is no longer and up today, I am still searching for a palatable taste for those dishes at one location! Do miss the luxury&pleasure of being able to just walk there for a bite of their popiah+a cuppa.