The Old Vs New Charms

23 Nov 2021 – On The East-Side To Chinatown

Sat: FriedCarrotCake aka ChaiTowKway 菜頭粿 – black or white, do not be mistaken by its name, this is a NOT your usual Western carrot cake and there is no carrot in this CarrotCake but a savoury dish! Because of a loose English from Hokkien translation of RadishPastry is called ChaiTow (white-radish) Kway (cake). Grown up with it as ChaiTowKway but the younger generation knows it as CarrotCake. Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake,115 Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre #01-37

So proud of #4, amazing that she chose to play the DoubleBass! (pix credits to her mom). And also proud of 1st-born who still continues with her running (here@RCRC TurkeyTrot 5k 2021/USA, pix credits to Alex), despite of being a full-time mother raising her 5children, part-time coaching CC&track and now working full-time.

Sun: walking bright&early down StillRd trying to imagine what these buildings were like in their heydays before these pre-schools. Glad they are not completely torn down and everytime I walk by here, the imagination runs wild into another life-time with childhood memories in LaLaLand!

Do enjoy some of the old vs new contrast&charms on the East-side, my neck of this concrete-jungle in the human-zoo on this RedDot – taking care to live these moments to the fullest and making hay while the sun shines! But also important to get out and be able to get away from the concrete jungles and the dense environment for the well being both physically&mentally!!

One of the beauties of Jungle Law is that punishment settles all scores. There is no nagging afterward ― Kipling/The Jungle Book

Passing by after ChapelRd to discover this new place, EastCoastGrocers where I will be able to get fresh BrusselSprouts and probably fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm gwei-lo lager looks interesting, not a beer drinker, but will probably get one for the fun of it. For my overseas family&friends, gwei-lo literally translates to devil-man, common Cantonese slur term for Westerners – once upon a time more a derogatory term, but not nowadays.

Not sure if there is a name for this lane off EC-Rd where some of my favourite one-story with a basement ConservedTerraceHouses are located.

Tkx for dinner at sis Jo’s – been quite a long time ago since I walked to&fro and tonigt decided to detour to EC Pk tonight with the companion of a beautiful full-moon – like the a moon, we all have dark sides which is not shown to everybody.

It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections – 

Mon: on to RafflesCity&Mustafa to check out if there might be any chance of finding CornishHen. Oh well! at least I have tried – the last time I found those hens here in SIN was when Carrefour existed. Today discovered MalaysiaChiak/CitySqMall with quite good foods.

Nathaniel Hope&family, David Tan&family, and others in this area, please be OK & safe.

Tue: got a cabS$12 just as the sky opened heading into Chinatown. Tkx CK for recommendations@People’s Park (Yong Xiang YongTauFoo) & popiah (from SpringCt/UpperCrossSt), all yummy.

YipYewChong’s new mural on a lane off TempleSt/Chinatown –

Great to catch up with IreneH and to see Yip in action.

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