11 Nov 2021 – SIN Health Care And Workers

Mon: morning SGH appointment to fill out paper-work for tomorrow’s procedure – previous CTscan showed some abnormalities that need to be checked into. Took the afternoon into LittleIndia catching&soaking in some Deepavali ambience but still avoiding crowds. CitySquareMall/Daiso to get some small odds&endsS$30 for the flock’s Christmas stockings, light&small enough for snailmail. IncenseS$12 to last for hopefully 6months. Chicken BriyaniS$12@Tekka is enough to last me for 4meals, 1 for dinner for tonight and the other 3 to be packed ready for the freezer! All in all a productive&successful day.

Tue: checked into SGH for day surgery, not too concerned as my suspicion to the abnormal scan is probably due to some infection I had last month when I was coughing badly with short of breath. But because of the lung surgery 3months ago, had to scope to make sure that the cancer has not returned. Procedure done under local sedation, did not feel anything – had a good nap and was discharged by 1500hrs. Results seemed OK and should not need any biopsy for now and hopefully will never need a biopsy! Had a bite@Kopitiam, was hungry, have been fasting from last night for this scope. Got back to my 4walls just in time as the sky opened up raining cats&dogs!

A court in Singapore has put on hold the imminent execution of a Malaysian drug smuggler who campaigners say has limited mental capacity.


Such a brillant man&speaker when he was at his peak.

Wed: warm greetings from yet another wet day in SIN. Enjoying&loving every minute in these cool wet weathers, very relaxing – those who have to be outdoors stay safe. Pix downloaded.

Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book said Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbs, one of my favourite cartoons.

Thu: have now been staying put in SIN for the past 2yrs due to the present circumstances and also due to underlying health issues which surfaced during the past 2yrs! Speaking&writing from experiences after having 3C-19shots+being admitted 5times (over the 2yrs) in SGH, NHC&RafflesHospital and am impressed with our public health care and the workers.

Pix downloaded


If interested in this humourious Daily Show with Trevor Noah –  Singapore ends free treatment for unvaccineated ppl – Singapore’s like the parents who actually do the s**t that you threaten your kids with, and this time they’re taking on people who won’t get a Covid shot.