USS Missouri BB63/1986

20 Oct 2021 – 1st Around-The-World-Trip

Sat: more of some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl and vax for now!) in SIN. 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11 MaxwellFoodCentre, TianTian HainaneseChickenRice天天海南雞S$5Bib Gourmand in SIN2021MichelinGuide.

Picked up enough food from downstairs for dinner with SL tonight as well as enough leftovers for myself over the next 2-3days. The appetite is not like what it used to be, and that is to my advantage as I need to lose weight to prevent more underlying health issues. Have been told that I have to use Relvar daily to prevent asthma attacks!

Dealing with those attacks as well as I know how, and choosing not to wander about thus keeping myself busy by going thru’ papers, pix, scraps, etc from pre-social-media-days for some memorable memories before memory&print fade! As it is, some scrapbooks were somehow written in pencil, probably for easier editing purposes then! and now re-writing&editing on top of the faded-pencil-writing with permanent pen. Time consuming, but some memories are worth keeping.

Sep-Nov1986: 1st-around-the-world-trip, trailing the battleship USS Missouri (BB63) by plane&train (for me, minus DiegoGarcia, Suez&PanamaCanal, but plus NZ, SIN, OSL) on her first good-will trip after being taken out of moth-balls from LongBeachCA/USA 35yrs ago! PearlHarbor HI/USA, Sydney, Hobart&Perth/Australia, DiegoGarcia, SuezCanal, Istanbul/Turkey, Naples/Italy, LaPalma/Spain, Lisbon/Portugal, and the PanamaCanal.
Sat: Sat16Sep1986 from LAX – HNL/Honolulu.

Sun: Fri19Sep1986 from HNL- AKL/Auckland, NewZealand crossing the International Dateline, thus losing a day! 1st visits to HI&NZ.

Mon: Sun21Sep1986 from AKL- SYD/Syndey, Australia celebrating RoyalAustraliaNavy 75th Anniversary.

High points – catching&meeting up with family&friends; uncleJohn, auntieWinnie&Coral in HNL/USA; GrahamGordan in AKL/NZ, Lawrence&family+FreddyOoi in SYD/Australia.

Mon7-Oct1986 from SYD via MEL – HBA/Hobart 1st visit to Tasmania.

MarineWonderland and PortArthur HistoricSite. The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is the present, so enjoy it.

Sun12-Oct1986 HBA via MEL via ADL – PER/Perth, Australia on the IndianPacificRail~1,650m/2,655k.

Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death. The landscape changes, the people change, our needs change, but the train keeps moving. Life is the train, not the station – Paulo Coelho 

13-21Oct1986 in Fremantle&Perth/Australia. High points, meeting&catching up with uncle VincentLeung&family (PP&family were in the US on sabbatical ) and GefforyOng&family. 1st visit to Perth. Discovered KangarooPaw flowers and have liked them since.

21Oct1986 PER – SIN in SIN/Singapore until 9Nov catching&meeting up with family&friends and visiting temples for Deepavali.

Tue: Sun9Nov1986 SIN via ATH – IST/Istanbul,Turkey.

Sat15Nov1986 IST via FCO – NAP/Naples, Italy. Take only memories, leave only footprints ~ Seattle

Thu20Nov1986 NAP via FCO via BCN – PMI/Palma, Spain and here in Palma/Spain (1st visit there) for one day – sweet&short with a funny&memorable high point bringing in the MightyMo.

Sat22Nov1986 PMI via MAD – LIS/Lisbon, Portugal here until 17Nov,

celebrating ThanksgivingLunch on board the USS Missouri with her crew&guests. Somehow I do not know why, but do regret that I did not take any pix from the official social receptions on board with the crew&guests thru’out this trip.

Fri28Nov1986 LIS via FRA via CPH – OSL/Oslo, Norway here until 17Dec to pick up L&M who were living with their father druing my trip and take care of the logistics for renting out the house. Highest point of this trip was receiving mail from them. The traveller has reached the end of one journey! But life journey continues.

Wed17Dec1986 OSL via CPH via FRA – LAX/LosAngeles, USA.

Wed: have managed to fit 3months of round-the-world trip here in 5days! With age, our memory, our attitudes, and our wisdom changes!

I want to visit Memory Lane, I don’t want to live there – Pogrebin

Caring And Helping Hands

15 Oct 2021- Real Food

Tue: has been a rough night last night trying to breathe!  Looks like this worn-out body&soul survived yet another night and the breathing goes on!! Have not been out for nearly a week, slowly but surely emptying foods from the borrowed freezer.

This is what I could consider to my taste a Perfect10 – appetizing well-balanced&presented healthy&tasty foods. Avocado Tacos (minus the sour cream for me) and a true&thru’ real fruit-cake (fruit pix credits to MichelleTan). Real food dosen’t have ingredients; Real food IS ingredients – our bodies are not meant to deal with fake foods.

LucianoPavarotti (1935-2007), my favourite tenor who would have been 84 today. Was sooo totally blessed to be in the same hotel (The Regent then) as he was for his 1983 Gala performance of La bohème in Sydney/Australia. I was, am and still is a total fan of his – a voice that can being me to tears!

GeofferyK posted about GaietyTheatre, SouthKingSt, Dublin/Ireland. This year, the GrandOldLady is marking her 150yrs.

Vivid and memorable 1960s memories of my 1st time in the Gaiety with VladimirAshkenazy performance of Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5/Emperor. It was not until 2003 when I had the chance to see him again at another performance in SIN – he was all ears with many questions when I told him about his 1960s Dublin performance.

Wed: family&friends in HKG take care&stay safe from Kompasu and a good midweek to all. Tkx to Garry for this CaringHand/HR Giger (quite surprised to see this as he is more famous for his alien art!), Switzerland. More caring&helping hands: Lorenzo Quinn/Italy,

MB Eriksen/Norway, JohnButler/UK, CarrieFischer/USA.

A caring heart that listens is often more valued than an intelligent mind that talk – M Josephson

My favourite building in this area of SIN, House of TanYeokNee, a gazetted national monument (1974) at ClemenceauAve/PenangRd, is up for sale again – owned by Perennial Holdings & Charles Quay International is the last remaining traditional Chinese-courtyard-house is being marketed at an indicative guide price of S$92mil-S$1,573/ft2 Old pix shows its time as the Salvation ArmyHQ.

Thu: Magne and Zai what is happening in your neck of the woods? Plx take care and stay safe everyone in Norway and the rest of the world.

Been watching so many cheesy, mediocre, silly, trashy, etc movies the past year that I do not even remember what I have watched? FrankVsGod stood out not just because of the title, but also questioning the different institutions of religion, thought provoking – highly recommended. After his house is destroyed by a tornado, what his insurance company deems an act of God, former hotshot lawyer David Frank is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God…with a lawsuit.

Fri: TGIF – borrowed freezer is now finally emptied and cleaned to be returned with tkx to CalvinT. Small freezer in the fridge is now stocked up enough for one week of food supply, but will need fresh produce&fruits for the week. Follow-up app@SGH. Looking forward to a FriedKwayTeow dinner@my favourite ZionRd-stall and grocery shopping@CS/GWC, all within walking distance from SGH.

Many thx to PP/Australia for this book by her son, Joel – snailmail from Perth 16Sep, arr today.

Cheerful&delightful illustrations – lovely way to share your dreams.

No Time To Die

11 Oct 2021 – Living With COVID-19

Thu: the new JamesBond/DanielCraig movie No Time To Die is out. Was thinking about viewing it in the cinema, but as the movie title so approperately implies, think it will be wise to wait! Numbers of C-19cases here are high ~3,000+and that would be tempting fate to wander about, considering my age with whatever underlying heath issues which might be within. Memories watching the first JamesBond/SeanConnery DrNo in Dublin/1960s – and have watch all the SeanConnery/JamesBond movies during student days in Dublin/Ireland, but have not watch any since then, for real.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all and again 6yrs later, the same 6multiple birthday greetings this time from SIN to FBfamilhy&friends Angelina/Belgium, Audrey/SIN, Erin/USA, HengSun/SIN, Larry/Malaysia, Tom/USA. And how mistakened can I be to think that so many Bdays on the same day&month happens only in Sep, but seemingly it runs into Oct too! Do wonder if 3generations in the LAM-family will share the same day&month like in Sep?

Sat: SIN PMs speech today – we concluded a few months ago that a ‘Zero COVID’ strategy was no longer feasible. So we changed strategy to ‘Living with COVID-19’. 

S’pore to allow quarantine-free travel to 9 more countries, including US, UK

Those unvaccinated can no longer eat at hawker centres, enter malls

More of some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl and vacc for now!) in SIN. ChangiVillageHawkerCentre  2ChangiVillageRd, #01-03 International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭 S$3.50

The 2nd time round using Deliveroo and this time for Carl’sJr. No complains with Deliveroo, fast&efficent, but should have known better to order fried&onion-rings as these kind of food should be consumed fresh&hot! PortobelloMushroomAngusBeefBurger (low-carb/lettuce-wrap)+cheese S$15.90 is one of my favourite burgers.

Sun: have been efficient&productive here placing orders from WineCountryGiftBasket/USA

Sun30-Oct  – Halloween/US$39.95
Thu25Nov  –  Thanksgiving/US$35.95+US$15 shipping
Mon29Nov  – Happy Bday#3/US$26.96
Sat25Dec – Merry Christmas/US$44.95
Mon: Happy Candaian Thanksgiving to Canadian family&friends. 1st-born will be running the BostonMarathon/USA (world’s oldest annual marathon) again today. Hope that she gets to see some FallColours – the NewEngland states have some of the most beautiful colours there at this time of the year. 2nd-born is up in some Norwegian mts hunting reindeers and hopefully experiencing the FallColours.

Changi Memorial Sea-Burial

6 Oct 2021 –  130 Total Deaths Due to COVID-19 In SIN

Sat: MOH unveils new COVID-19 map with areas in Jurong, Bedok, Sengkang among those frequently visited the past 3days by cases – the darker colour being the most visited areas.

Death toll in SIN has crossed 100-mark today with a total of 103ppl have died from COVIDcomplications.

Sat2-Oct: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN.  ZionRiverside FoodCentre 70 Zion Rd, #01-17 ZionRiverside FoodCentre, 18 Zion Rd FriedKwayTeow 炒粿條S$5 (with Michelin Recommendation!). Although its name is No.18 Zion Road, the stall is really No.17. The man who runs the stall has mastered the skill thru’ many years of operation and there is usually a long line.

Yummy steamboat dinner at Clement’s and we did justice to the food.

Tasted one bite in every piece of these desserts from Sinpopo which I have tried some other fusion sort last year – do remember that they were too heavy&sweet for my taste then and now, but like the Roasted Apple Tart

Jul2020: located in a conserved shophouse on JooChiatRd, SIN Peranakan heritage district, Sinpopo (Local Artisanal Restaurant) heritage menu with a twist, a fusion of local dishes for the most discerning palates. Have been wanting to try this place ever since it started  into this neighbourhood in 2013 (the same ppl who started&continue to run Awfully Chocolate, also born in Katong in 1998). Will be back to try the other dishes.

Sun: cheerful memories from Mar2011HKG trip@Johnny’s – 10+yrs have gone by too quickly. Harry is now busy being a GhostNetHunter and leading many beach clean-ups; Johnny has since moved to China and LokLok is in DogHeaven. 

Mon: funnies to cheer myself, got news today that ChrisT/CC was admitted into NUH yesterday for Bell’sPalsy, praying&hoping that it is nothing serious. Overseas-FBfriends Kim/Australia, Tracy/USA are being hospitilized – hoping&praying for their speedy recovery. RIP MichaelO (pioneer of SINs florist scene) who passed away on Sat from complications due to COVID-19, condolences to his family.

Tue: bright and early on the buses (#196 changing@Bedok to #2) heading to ChangiV bringing back memories of some childhood weekend trips to our seaside bunglow there.

Changi prision has always stayed in the memory as when I see that, it meant that finally the drive from TemenggongRd together with my then car-sickness would soon be over. Today part the old entrance+turrets are still standing+new entrance. 2016 Changi Prison’s entrance gate, wall, turrets gazetted as SIN 72nd national monument.

Traffic was heavy into ChangiV and nice to still see some old houses standing.

Pleasant short strolls before and after the downpours, nice to see all the greenery flourishing.

Delighted for the Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) 沙梨 S$3 at the food centre, seldom can I get this juice fresh in SIN.

Catching up with cousins JohnW, Yeng&Ching+HH at the memoial sea-burial for 10thauntie LAM PohChee who passed away in Mar2020.  Due to present circumstances, only 4ppl were allowed on the boat while the rest of us stayed on land to wave our final farewells.

Met with DaisyL&Darryl@CC for him to pick up a pair of climbing shoes and for me finally a new pair of black Chaco. The first and only black pair I had was burnt down in L&Js housefire/Sep2013. Introduced my favourite thin pizza to DaisyL@OwlsBrew – appreciations to DaisyL.

Wed: will need a couple of days to rest&recover after such a busy day like yesterday!

We’re so busy keeping busy that we fail to see the error of our ways ― Frank Sonnenberg

Welcome Oct 2021

1 Oct 2021 – The Month For Pumpkins And Halloween

Tue: it is amazing that I could hardly recognise #4 in the pix (far left here, credits to Linn) who is now also running and they were in one of my favourite Southern US towns, Charleston/SC – not even sure what meet or race they were at over the weekend? But looked like they had fun&amazing weather.

Also over the same weekend was the 44th annual Cooper River Bridge Run – beautiful day there, pix credits to JohnW/MoFo

Many thanks to all for your concerns. Doing OK so far, no side-effects, arm not even sore today! According to Clement, am now officially boostered0up. if only I could also feel and be boostered-up mentally too! ABRACADABRA to keep my sanity – books, dreams, illusions, memories, movies, music, etc… hopefully do the trick for now, but will be taking it easy for the week.

Logic only gives man what he needs. Magic gives him what he wants ― Tom Robbins

Wed: appreciations to Barbara/SC,USA for this share about news where most of my flock in USA attends where I have also been countless of times – pix downloaded. Why would someone like Resuda who has no connection with this HighSchool want to vandalize it? What is his problem or what is he on??

This is the second day in a row SIN has reported a record number 2,258 of new COVID-19 infections, after 2,236cases were announced yesterday.

Thu: Happy Bdays to yet another 6FB-family&friends on this last Sep2021day – not sure if it will be that many family&friends Bdays on the same day for other months?? Today, 3generations in the LAM-family, sis-in-law Mabel, nieceDaisyL&grandnieceValerieL share this day!

A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate the life as well as to update the life – Amit Kalantri

The total numbers of the latest COVID-19 deaths in SIN is quite a worry, considering that last month in Aug2021 it was 55, and with 93 today – 38deaths for just the month of Sep2021, making it an average of 1+death daily for Sep!!

30Sep2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 93
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 12,259
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 861
Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all and welcome Oct, the month of pumpkins&Halloween.  Family&friends in China enjoy today’s 72nd Celebrations and their GoldenWeek ahead – it is never too early or too late where celebrations and good vibes are concerned. And everyday is a celebration as long as there is life…
Have not celebrated a Halloween with my flock since I do not even remember when?? It was really more an American celebration when L&M were younger, but has spread around the world over the years. Fond vivid memories for our 1stHalloween celebrated in 1985 LongBeach CA,USA. May was sooo apprehensive with her 1st TrickOrTreat that I had to accompany her to knock on 1st door – upon receiving her 1st large Hershe-chocolate bar, there were no more issues with knocking on doors the rest of the evening or the years following. They really had a blast then.
Oct Bdays
3  – Happy Bday CHONGSiongYin
6  – Happy Bday DavidWONG
7  – Happy Bday LeslieLAM
8 – Happy Bdays Larry LAM, AudreyWONG and KONGHengSun
12 – Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM
13 – Happy Bdays DavidYUNG
16 – Happy PatriciaLAM
21 – Happy Bday SteveLAM & DeeHALL
27 – In memory of EllenHALD Sr
29 – Happy Bdays KwokLockLAM & KieraCHUA
31 – Happy Bday AdelineLEE, MarkBOROWSKY, and Happy Halloween