No Time To Die

11 Oct 2021 – Living With COVID-19

Thu: the new JamesBond/DanielCraig movie No Time To Die is out. Was thinking about viewing it in the cinema, but as the movie title so approperately implies, think it will be wise to wait! Numbers of C-19cases here are high ~3,000+and that would be tempting fate to wander about, considering my age with whatever underlying heath issues which might be within. Memories watching the first JamesBond/SeanConnery DrNo in Dublin/1960s – and have watch all the SeanConnery/JamesBond movies during student days in Dublin/Ireland, but have not watch any since then, for real.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all and again 6yrs later, the same 6multiple birthday greetings this time from SIN to FBfamilhy&friends Angelina/Belgium, Audrey/SIN, Erin/USA, HengSun/SIN, Larry/Malaysia, Tom/USA. And how mistakened can I be to think that so many Bdays on the same day&month happens only in Sep, but seemingly it runs into Oct too! Do wonder if 3generations in the LAM-family will share the same day&month like in Sep?

Sat: SIN PMs speech today – we concluded a few months ago that a ‘Zero COVID’ strategy was no longer feasible. So we changed strategy to ‘Living with COVID-19’. 

S’pore to allow quarantine-free travel to 9 more countries, including US, UK

Those unvaccinated can no longer eat at hawker centres, enter malls

More of some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl and vacc for now!) in SIN. ChangiVillageHawkerCentre  2ChangiVillageRd, #01-03 International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭 S$3.50

The 2nd time round using Deliveroo and this time for Carl’sJr. No complains with Deliveroo, fast&efficent, but should have known better to order fried&onion-rings as these kind of food should be consumed fresh&hot! PortobelloMushroomAngusBeefBurger (low-carb/lettuce-wrap)+cheese S$15.90 is one of my favourite burgers.

Sun: have been efficient&productive here placing orders from WineCountryGiftBasket/USA

Sun30-Oct  – Halloween/US$39.95
Thu25Nov  –  Thanksgiving/US$35.95+US$15 shipping
Mon29Nov  – Happy Bday#3/US$26.96
Sat25Dec – Merry Christmas/US$44.95
Mon: Happy Candaian Thanksgiving to Canadian family&friends. 1st-born will be running the BostonMarathon/USA (world’s oldest annual marathon) again today. Hope that she gets to see some FallColours – the NewEngland states have some of the most beautiful colours there at this time of the year. 2nd-born is up in some Norwegian mts hunting reindeers and hopefully experiencing the FallColours.
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