Changi Memorial Sea-Burial

6 Oct 2021 –  130 Total Deaths Due to COVID-19 In SIN

Sat: MOH unveils new COVID-19 map with areas in Jurong, Bedok, Sengkang among those frequently visited the past 3days by cases – the darker colour being the most visited areas.

Death toll in SIN has crossed 100-mark today with a total of 103ppl have died from COVIDcomplications.

Sat2-Oct: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN.  ZionRiverside FoodCentre 70 Zion Rd, #01-17 ZionRiverside FoodCentre, 18 Zion Rd FriedKwayTeow 炒粿條S$5 (with Michelin Recommendation!). Although its name is No.18 Zion Road, the stall is really No.17. The man who runs the stall has mastered the skill thru’ many years of operation and there is usually a long line.

Yummy steamboat dinner at Clement’s and we did justice to the food.

Tasted one bite in every piece of these desserts from Sinpopo which I have tried some other fusion sort last year – do remember that they were too heavy&sweet for my taste then and now, but like the Roasted Apple Tart

Jul2020: located in a conserved shophouse on JooChiatRd, SIN Peranakan heritage district, Sinpopo (Local Artisanal Restaurant) heritage menu with a twist, a fusion of local dishes for the most discerning palates. Have been wanting to try this place ever since it started  into this neighbourhood in 2013 (the same ppl who started&continue to run Awfully Chocolate, also born in Katong in 1998). Will be back to try the other dishes.

Sun: cheerful memories from Mar2011HKG trip@Johnny’s – 10+yrs have gone by too quickly. Harry is now busy being a GhostNetHunter and leading many beach clean-ups; Johnny has since moved to China and LokLok is in DogHeaven. 

Mon: funnies to cheer myself, got news today that ChrisT/CC was admitted into NUH yesterday for Bell’sPalsy, praying&hoping that it is nothing serious. Overseas-FBfriends Kim/Australia, Tracy/USA are being hospitilized – hoping&praying for their speedy recovery. RIP MichaelO (pioneer of SINs florist scene) who passed away on Sat from complications due to COVID-19, condolences to his family.

Tue: bright and early on the buses (#196 changing@Bedok to #2) heading to ChangiV bringing back memories of some childhood weekend trips to our seaside bunglow there.

Changi prision has always stayed in the memory as when I see that, it meant that finally the drive from TemenggongRd together with my then car-sickness would soon be over. Today part the old entrance+turrets are still standing+new entrance. 2016 Changi Prison’s entrance gate, wall, turrets gazetted as SIN 72nd national monument.

Traffic was heavy into ChangiV and nice to still see some old houses standing.

Pleasant short strolls before and after the downpours, nice to see all the greenery flourishing.

Delighted for the Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) 沙梨 S$3 at the food centre, seldom can I get this juice fresh in SIN.

Catching up with cousins JohnW, Yeng&Ching+HH at the memoial sea-burial for 10thauntie LAM PohChee who passed away in Mar2020.  Due to present circumstances, only 4ppl were allowed on the boat while the rest of us stayed on land to wave our final farewells.

Met with DaisyL&Darryl@CC for him to pick up a pair of climbing shoes and for me finally a new pair of black Chaco. The first and only black pair I had was burnt down in L&Js housefire/Sep2013. Introduced my favourite thin pizza to DaisyL@OwlsBrew – appreciations to DaisyL.

Wed: will need a couple of days to rest&recover after such a busy day like yesterday!

We’re so busy keeping busy that we fail to see the error of our ways ― Frank Sonnenberg