Caring And Helping Hands

15 Oct 2021- Real Food

Tue: has been a rough night last night trying to breathe!  Looks like this worn-out body&soul survived yet another night and the breathing goes on!! Have not been out for nearly a week, slowly but surely emptying foods from the borrowed freezer.

This is what I could consider to my taste a Perfect10 – appetizing well-balanced&presented healthy&tasty foods. Avocado Tacos (minus the sour cream for me) and a true&thru’ real fruit-cake (fruit pix credits to MichelleTan). Real food dosen’t have ingredients; Real food IS ingredients – our bodies are not meant to deal with fake foods.

LucianoPavarotti (1935-2007), my favourite tenor who would have been 84 today. Was sooo totally blessed to be in the same hotel (The Regent then) as he was for his 1983 Gala performance of La bohème in Sydney/Australia. I was, am and still is a total fan of his – a voice that can being me to tears!

GeofferyK posted about GaietyTheatre, SouthKingSt, Dublin/Ireland. This year, the GrandOldLady is marking her 150yrs.

Vivid and memorable 1960s memories of my 1st time in the Gaiety with VladimirAshkenazy performance of Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5/Emperor. It was not until 2003 when I had the chance to see him again at another performance in SIN – he was all ears with many questions when I told him about his 1960s Dublin performance.

Wed: family&friends in HKG take care&stay safe from Kompasu and a good midweek to all. Tkx to Garry for this CaringHand/HR Giger (quite surprised to see this as he is more famous for his alien art!), Switzerland. More caring&helping hands: Lorenzo Quinn/Italy,

MB Eriksen/Norway, JohnButler/UK, CarrieFischer/USA. Hands pix downloaded.

A caring heart that listens is often more valued than an intelligent mind that talk – M Josephson

My favourite building in this area of SIN, House of TanYeokNee, a gazetted national monument (1974) at ClemenceauAve/PenangRd, is up for sale again – owned by Perennial Holdings & Charles Quay International is the last remaining traditional Chinese-courtyard-house is being marketed at an indicative guide price of S$92mil-S$1,573/ft2 Above 2pix downloaded – old pix shows its time as the Salvation ArmyHQ.

Thu: Magne and Zai what is happening in your neck of the woods? Plx take care and stay safe everyone in Norway and the rest of the world.

Been watching so many cheesy, mediocre, silly, trashy, etc movies the past year that I do not even remember what I have watched? FrankVsGod stood out not just because of the title, but also questioning the different institutions of religion, thought provoking – highly recommended. After his house is destroyed by a tornado, what his insurance company deems an act of God, former hotshot lawyer David Frank is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God…with a lawsuit.

Fri: TGIF – borrowed freezer is now finally emptied and cleaned to be returned with tkx to CalvinT. Small freezer in the fridge is now stocked up enough for one week of food supply, but will need fresh produce&fruits for the week. Follow-up app@SGH. Looking forward to a FriedKwayTeow dinner@my favourite ZionRd-stall and grocery shopping@CS/GWC, all within walking distance from SGH.

Many thx to PP/Australia for this book by her son, Joel – snailmail from Perth 16Sep, arr today.

Cheerful&delightful illustrations – lovely way to share your dreams.

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