Down Memory Lane in NZ

25 Oct 2021 – With Euphemia&Family
Thu: good to be able to breathe more or less normally again! Has been rough for a couple of weeks, probably some infection on top of the asthma. The immune system is definately not as it used to be, but then nothing is as it used to be and such is life. So just move along with the flow, accept the inevitable and using whatever common sense possible to make the best of the present circumstances&situation. C-19 cases&deaths are still very high and going out only when I have to – staying connected with family&friends online via WhatsApp&FB.

Appreciations to Hotmail, FBfriends for the social connections and for this share about SIN, worth-while-watch, beautifully&tastefully done.

Going down memory-lane

Tkx Euphemia/E for keeping in contact – above pix from 1985-86 and we, L&M used to look foward for her visits. E & I first met at a lunch on the QueenMary in 1985 LongBeach, CA/USA thru’ UncleVincent (nephew to 4BG梁旭光 Henry LEUNG related by marriage on the HKG maternal side), and the best part is that E & I became good friends.

Sep1986 – flew to some of the ports around the world trailing the battleship USS Missouri to meet with Richard (2nd-husband then), who was a naval officer in the US Navy. AKL was not one of the ports of call, Graham was dating E and she wanted me to check out if he would be a suitable mate for her. My gracious Kiwi was the perfect guide and will be a perfect mate for E.

Summer1990: met again during her visit to FL/USA

Mar2008: was greeted by her after 11hrs from BKK/Thailand and a long line at the AKL Immigration & Custom – meeting her&family made it all worth while. What a wonderful reunion, now with Charles, a charming talented son who is nearly 12. Chat all day to catch up with present time. BBQ by the pool with a view of the city and a full moon in the company of this delightful family – I could really live here! Will be heading to Hahei, about 2hrs drive from AKL for the Easter weekend.

Lovely Sunday alfresco dinner in E&G’s garden/AKL with new found cousin (paternal grandmother CHAN SweeNgor side), Chen WengKei&his family – thousand tkx to E&G for hosting us all and for putting me up.   

Oct2021: now, still in NZ with Grahan&Charles who is 25 – pix credits to E.

Fri: feeling more human again after a proper night sleep. Grocery shopping at the neighbourhood Gaint which is now reopened – had to get detergents for cleaning, dishes, laundry, running out of all that. Giant was closed from 6-Oct due to staffs testing positive for C-19. They have now also extended their SenSav to everyday up to end of the year and today’s saving S$1.37

Sat: tkx to Clement for lunch+AromaMistDiffuser and to Audrey for cake. Hopefully this new gadget will help with the moisturizing&cleansing of the air – today’s essential oil is WarmingBalsamFir.   Too tired to go anywhere besides seeing Clement off at the bus-stop where a creative garbage bin can be found.

Sun: more of some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl and vax for now!) in SIN. 335 Smith Street #02-168 Chinatown ComplexMarket&FoodCentre, 168 CMY PorkSatay S$0.60 per stick. [ix downloaded.

Mon: hello to a start of another new week, but at this stage of life, any day is a good day as long as I can breathe, eat, hear, see, sleep, smell, taste&walk – oh yeah! I am alive!!

There are many Mondays to go before I die. I may as well look forward to them ― Trevor Carss

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