New Mutated Covid-19 Variant

28 Nov 2021 – Thanksgiving Meals
Wed: grocery shopping for the next few days to prepare 3 Thanksgiving meals. Some funnies to chase away the pre Thanksgiving Blues! But, there’s always something to be thankful for and the more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for. Turkey火雞 Huǒ jī literally translated=Fire Chicken in Chinese.
Thu: Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating and marking today (have not celebrated a Thanksgiving with my flock since 2012!). It is not marked or celebrated in this part of the world thus no holiday today or tomorrow.
A simple roast chicken. sausage, smoked-duck dinner+FamousAmosCookie (have to have something American!) with Calvin, Sam, Chris & Helen@CC. Tkx to Helen for salad and ice-cream.
Tkx to 1st-born for these pix, sooo missing my FabulousFivein the USA
and good to see them all here hands-on for their Thanksgiving dinner. Bon Appetit
Fri: TGIF and thank goodness DonaManisCakeShop@KatongShoppingCentre has the ChocolateTarts (S$5 per box of 5) – have been calling for them this whole whole week. These are the perfect bite size, not too seeet, and taste good for my dinner’s dessert tomorrow. Not being a fan of pumpkin pie, thus chocolate pie has been a tradition for my Thanksgiving dinner.
Was chatting with a friend a few days ago before Omicron surfaced! literally told him that what did not kill me will make me stronger after all my underlying health issues and surgeries. Just as we hoped&thought that the situation is looking up, a new mutated Omicron, the latest variant has been detected in SouthAfrica. To all, plx take whatever possible precautions&preventions to protect yourselves&your loved ones from getting and or spreading this hostile&nasty Coronavirus.
Sat: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/Market Food Centre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) in SIN. AhHwee BBQChickenWing & SpringChicken, EastCoastLagoon FoodVillage, Stall14. $1.30per wing. This location is on EC Pk and is a pleasant 20mins brisk walk or 10mins to cycle by the sea from my 4-walls.
Belated Thanksgiving dinner and I do not think I have made a spread like this since I left the US: pumpkin soup (have to make something with pumpkin as long as not pumpkin pie!),  no whole turkey, but sliced turkey, ham, roast-pork, sausages, smoked-duck (garnished with apples, corn, glazed-carrots, fresh-cranberries&Physallis) with BrusselSprouts, CranberrySauce, Gravy&Stuffing, GreenBeanCasserole, IrishCreamPotatoes. Tkx to Clem for cakes since he is no fan of chocolate tart! It has taken me a few days to get the food shopping done and I doubt that I will have the energy to do this again! Made enough food to last for a few meals with friends.

Sun: Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating. First Sunday of Advent – 3more Sundays for Christmas shopping! Will wait till Nov is over to gather some energy to think about Christmas but need to search for my AdventCalender of international ThankYou in 24Languages – might try add 24Languages for Peace for this year or perhaps Hope which is much needed in present circumstances! Lunch with HS and dinner at Les&Ivy with Jo&Sue. Abundance of food for this posting sums up the Thanksgiving week as we go into advent. And as SINs previous Irish Ambassador/GeoffreyKeating so appropriately puts it: Good Lord! Is it that time already?

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