Weekend With Lights

15 Nov 2021 – Roselle/HibiscusTea

Fri: 0530hrs early&dark morning at the market for breakfast+fresh produce, no purple sweet potatoes but Roselle/Hibiscus for weekend tea. Not for everyone, especially if you are not a fan of tart flavour, but can always add honey, sugar or sweetener – I enjoy the natural tart flavour, like in cranberries&keylime!

There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life – Lin Yutang


Girls finished 12th; boys 14th@SC-State XC Championship/USA. Go Irmo – good job to #2&4+Coach Hall and pix credits to her.

Tkx to Les&Ivy and also having similar taste regarding butter&seafoods! Mussels cooked with Kerrygold+white wine&parsely.

Absoutely scrumptious where ever these seafoods may be from as long as they are fresh and have swam 3times – in water, in butter and in wine, hahaha! Tkx MeiPin for the company to walk down OrchardRd to see the lights, but far too early to post about Christmas! Still have yet to see Deepavali lights!! Feeling wonderful to be able to walk longer distances without getting short of breath.

Lobster has an aroma that is not in itself that appealing, more so than most other breeds of seafood. Yet, the lean protein of lobster is always joined by the lurid fats of melted butter, improving the texture and taste of most things, as well as increasing waist and decreasing arteriole width ―  Quackenbush

Sat: dropped by to CC to wish Sam(10Nov)&Chris(15Nov) happy Bdays – found these Bday-musical candles which was a nice surprise, all of the CC ppl here tonight have never seen them! Made them their favourite fresh-fruit-cocktail-salad from me and tkx for yummy Häagen-Dazs strawberry-ice-cream/473ml which was my dinner – for real. Delighted to catch up with Yukie&Lum, been a while since we had a chat without being surrounding by other ppl.

Decided to walk by LittleIndia to see the Deepavali lights ie, if without too much of a crowd, NO, did not go into LittleIndia, its Sat night 2200hrs! Short stroll passing by RaceCourse&SerangoonRd from one bus-stop40019 on the main BukitTimahRd to the next bus stop07539 on SungeiRd – forgot my camera, thus downloading exactly what I saw tonight with angles&positions I would have taken these, but better&clearer pix! OK now the Deepavali lights are done, can move on to Christmas lights, not until after Thanksgiving – hahaha.

Sun: after consuming these rich dairy produces over the past 2days will now have to take a break from butter before packing it in again for the Thanksgiving dinner! Sorting out and taking care of medical bills trying to figure out which is for what, quite a chaos&confusion considering the amount of appointments, medications, precedures, tests, etc – thinking about what JackieWolford told me about her mother who would place these kind paper work in the pile and burnt them. Tempting!!!

1358hrs: just heard the DJ from Symphony924 telling how he gave his wife a gluestick instead of lipstick and she is still not talking to him – that did put a smile on my face as I am at this very moment holding a gluestick here getting the packages ready!

Mon: also do need to get these packages to the flock via snailmail if they are to arr to Norway&USA in time for Christmas – that means a short stroll to the post office@PP despite that moods&thoughts regarding Christmas are not even anywhere in the heart or mind. Also to get a new tracer on the way@MPCC as the 2nd old one has run out of juice. Oh well, some things have to been done, mood or not.

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