Coffee With Butter

7 Nov 2021 – KopiGuYou

Wed: bus to BedokMall to pick up a tab-cutter@WatsonS$7.65. Appreciations to Helen for arranging hair-cut appt, last one was end Jul, just before surgery. MRT to PasirRis connecting to the new PasirRisInterchange is a quite an experience, but the ladies’ restroom is clean&new! By the time I was done, had to look for the stop, missing the bus but no worries, always early for the next bus. 2above pix downloaded.

After 3months, there was quite abit of hair to be cut. Cappucinno&DarkChocolate ice cream are my favourites from EutopiaCafe+yummy curry-puffs to go from PrimaDeli@EliasMall

Tkx to Yoshie for chicken-noodles from HawkerChan and to Iyas for homemade curry-chicken, 5above pix credits to Helen. Great to catch up with CCfriends – tkx to Chris for the ride and for picking up the freezer+bike, appreciations for the loan.

Thu: Happy Deepavali/Diwali to those celebrating. May this Festival of Lights, the new year celebrations for Hindus, Sikhs&Jains bring new beginnings with the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness to all. Delighted to have my lovely niece Yasmine in my neck of the woods for breakfast@ favourite CCFun stall – so sweet of her to take time despite of her short visit from London/UK. Was actually planning to pick up for her some ChickenBiryani from LittleIndia yesterday, but of course it would be suicidal of me to attempt into TekkaMarket last night!!

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – just discovered coffee with butter/KopiGuYou, choices of butter are Tine/Norwegain, KerryGold/Irish and Lurpak/Danish in this order. Unable to get Norwegian butter here in SIN, happy with Irish or German butter, taste amazingly good, better than I could imagine!

NewPowerDrink of the SiliconValley, this BulletproofCoffee is coffee, with a spoon of good butter! Have read and known about it for ages – thinking that I would not like it, but have never tried until now! Making my own with my choice of butter and glad that I did – not sure how it will taste outside, am usually quite fussy&particular with my butter&fresh cream! Pix downloaded.

Sat: 665 Buffalo Rd, TekkaCentre&Market #01-232, #01-229 Food Centre, Allauddin’s BriyaniS$5 – Famous Nasi Briyani With Michelin Recommendation. Pix downloaded.

Appreciations for yummy dinner – tastefully done and good value for the price all delivered to your doorstep! The meat here was enough for 4ppl, but could do with a larger portion of potatoes, especailly for the younger ppl.

Sun: nice walk in my neck of the woods ppl-watching (not crowds!) enjoying their weekend-breakfast (still stuffed from last night’s dinner!) at this iconic KatongBakery&Confectionary (1925). In the 1960s (pix downloaded), a favourite hangout for local bands. The RedHouse today is restored as a residential(42units)-retail-lifestyle heritage development.

From the traditional shop-houses of 19-115EC-Rd on one side of a narrow street

to such contrasting views on 30-112EC-Rd just directly across the street&fence!

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is greenest where it is watered – Robert Fulghum

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