Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2020

28 Nov 2020 – Tropical Thanksgiving Spread

Wed: more grocery shopping@PP-ColdS&NTUC, bringing some of the foods to CC for tomorrow’s spread. Without a car&help, have to make a few trips over a few days for grocery if a spread is in mind and the mind is willing but the body is another story!

Thu: Happy Thanksgiving – whether you are celebrating or not, one should always give thanks to all our blessings. No usual turkey or BeaujolaisNouveau2020 with the family, but thinking about them and still enjoy different foods with friends.

Not quite your traditional Thanksgiving spread, but a Tropical-Thanksgiving spread for CC staff. BBQ PorkRibs, SpicyChickenSauages, SmokedDuck, RoastChicken by ColdStorage with fresh-produce+dip and Physalis/ChineseLanternBerries which most of CCstaff have not tasted. PengHann did not like it. The spread was served on banana-leaf, being decoratively eco-friendly.

Pix credits to Helen. Tkx to Henry for his yummy spinach casserole. Laptop is acting up and it is so very frustrating, will probably need to edit this&future posts! According to my high-tech guru, its time for a new machine. How can it be when I bought this one less than 3yrs ago!!

Andy getting the bottle ready for me to cork it, go figure it out – hahaha. Christmas gift to CC if I can finish it on time!

Fri: started this BlackFriday with mask shopping for #1-6@Bedok,

MRT-SGH for thyroid ultrasound. Had to first collect paper from Blk9 and then headed to Blk2. Was there earlier than the appointed time and no wait, in and out in less than 30mins.

Chinatown Point: not sure what this gigantic dim-sum display is about? Must ask Victor about it. A new joint to try.

Discovered another one of these old-time snacks, Munch with the forte on candies. Not being a fan of candies, did not get any. Saw these bags in Daiso and was actually thinking of ordering them online, but of course more expensive – happy to find them there. How can I resist the DurianShavedIce@MeiHeongYuen when it is next door to Daiso!

Having some problems with breathing with mask on, decided to take a short break by the ToothRelicTemple, nice and quiet hardly any one around with a breeze to calm the soul. Like that there is no one around, but can’t help feeling sorry for all the businesses around.

YueHwa: has been quite some time ago since I set foot inside this building. Needed to pick up a bottle of Shaoxing-HuaTiew/紹興花雕酒S$31 for Theresa&ChengJun as a thank-you gift for the HairyCrabs invites. Tired to tell Les that this building was the hotel where one of our uncles (father’s cousin) was found dead here in the 1940s!

HairyCrabs are still in season, wanted the cute cooler bag, but not for sale unless you buy the crabs. Could not resist it, bought 1crabS$31.96 and a small bottle of the wineS$9.10 as a reminder of this 2020 HairyCrabsSeason. Literally shopped till I dropped today.

泰福楼Tai Fu Lou (Northeast Chinese Cuisine) SIN exclusive specialty paper wrapped fish 特色纸包鱼餐厅. Finally got to try it and It was OK – perhaps after wanting to try for such a long time, the expectations might have built up too much.

Sat: really had problems cooking this cute little crab after hearing his discreet rapping sounds. 15-20mins in hot boiling water and he was the most delicious breakfast I have ever had.

With BlackFriday&Thanksgiving behind and sooo behind with Christmas mailing as the mood is not quite there yet! With todays circumstances, the mood might not even get there!! Watching these feathered friends in the cool wet weathers can be relaxing or am I just procrastinating or fooling my lazy self??? A long afternoon nap which made me even more lethargic.

 Sat28Nov2020: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 29
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 4,346
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 328