Congratulations to the 46th US President

9 Nov 2020 – President Joe Biden

Fri: picking up fresh chives for the weekend lunch. Not having a car and when having company for a 4course lunch, need to get the foods, etc bit by bit over a few days. Taken care of some frozen foods from IKEA yesterday&today. 

Sat: still no final or official results for the US 2020Elections. Some of my favourite quotes on ignorance and stupidity – very applicable for life’s journey, especially today on this lovely cool wet day. Continue to hope&pray for a different US than what has been happening the past 4years and somehow I find it difficult to see it happening if there is no change with the leadership and his followers.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity ― Martin Luther King Jr.
The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Sun: never thought I could have the craving for Norwegian food, but todays lunch proved otherwise! Norwegian lunch in good company of nieces&grandnephew – pumpkin soup, smoked salmon-roll (made with lumpa, Norwegian potato pancake) with cream-cheese, bourbon salmon with mashed potato+sides, and waffle with cream-cheese&strawberry.

Mon: Looking forward to visiting family in Norway&US when travelling is possible without quarantine. Tkx to niece for strawberries and appreciations to Gel for helping me to finish them, would be a pity to not eat them while they are fresh – as it is, I still have a few frozen boxes in the freezer.
Food pix are the only pix in this posting taken by me, the rest are all uploaded.

So it is official – WASHINGTON: US President-elect Joe Biden took the first steps on Sunday (Nov 8) towards taking over the White House 73 days from now but Donald Trump showed no signs of being ready to admit defeat and continued to sow doubt about the election results.

Just wondering what it is that makes such a deceitful, demonic, despicable creature with no dignity or decency? What is so sad is that many do not see it. Appreciations to KK for the Alamak share, the best so far. For my overseas friends, Alamak is a local slang here for Oh no! Hopefully that is the worst he can do say or do. Again hope&pray for the best, but be prepared for unconstructive actions&words from a sore loser.

While here in SE Asia, 

~37+million Myanmar citizens, including 5mil 1st time voters, have gone to the polls yesterday. Waiting for results – Aung San Suu Kyi will likely keep her position!

BBK/Thailand: Thai protesters dispersed last night after being confronted by police and security forces as they marched to the royal offices.

With all these crowds, the COVID-19 cases are going to sky-rocket!