Beaujolais Nouveau 2020

24 Nov 2020 – LAM-Family-Tree In Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Sat: much appreciations to Leonard for helping out with the Excel file for the LAM-FamilyTree – finally seeing a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Still need much work with the editing of numbers&names but such a help will most of the cells in place. Feeling that I have nearly accomplished what I returned to SIN to do, now with SIN NLB interested to help with preserving some of the documents+pix and another new interest from ReisLEE who will be writing about he history of TemenggongRd will be needing some info&pix from me.

Tkx for dinner@SinHengClaypot BakKootTeh/新興瓦煲肉骨茶 – both herbal&pepper styles. Nice change from my bro’s usual haunt@OldTiongBahru where the clear broth soup there is still one of my favourites

Sun: 1545-1600hrs – this is what happens when Thor/Þórr throws his hammer on to earth! Anyone in my area or areas that are effected, stay dry&safe. Perfect indoor day for chilling.

Taking care of bills, mail, etc. Both daughters have messaged me to let me know that they have got their BeaujolaisNouveau2020 and as usual, expect that it will be difficult to find here in SIN, especially for the 2020. To me this young wine really compliments the turkey+all the trimmings&sides for the Thanksgiving meal. Oh well, just have to rely on my memories as long as I have them…

Nov2012: the last Thanksgiving in L&J old house in the US before it was burnt down with everything in it. Good memories with good company in the dinning room and with the grandchildren drawings for their place-sitting in the kitchen on this wooden Norwegian – Husfilden table&chairs L&M grew up with. Thankful that we all came out of it safe&sound, things&stuff can all be replaced!

Mon: similar weather as yesterday making it another perfect napping&screen time day! My  Plantar Fasciitis has been bothering me yesterday&today, another reason to get my feet off the grounds! Just came to think of it, the elevator was under maintenance for a few weeks the beginning of this month and have been taking the 100stairs down&another 100up for a couple of weeks; last week did a 10+k walk. All this might have aggravated the heels.

Tue: Good morning from one of the most overworked cities in the world according to The Star! Not being in the full work-force but stuck in SIN is the best place for me at present. For years Norway has been ranking as one of the best countries to live in. But why are the Norwegians so happy with their life?

Due to the circumstances, am unable to visit my other homes, Norway&US this year, staying put in one country for a whole year – cannot even recall when I have gone a year without travelling!!
Leisure is only possible when we are at one with ourselves. We tend to overwork as a means of self-escape, as a way of trying to justify our existence ― Josef Pieper
Today’s grocery shopping from Giant/Tampines SeniorSavingsS$3.58 Some of their stuff@$1 Zone are quite a steal, but forgot a whole bag of veggie – now, where is my memory when I need it most?? Called them to explain and to let them know the items forgotten, was then told that I will be refunded upon receiving my receipt.