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13 Nov 2020 – Fri The 13th And World Kindness Day

Tue: this old-time-snacks outlet, K&H Paper Trading recently opened here in my hood – name of this shop is misleading as there isn’t any form or trace of paper trading in there. Instead there are 100+ variety of local-made retro cookies and another 100+other snacks. Tried asking them how many sorts, but they were not sure. Will pop by again another day to estimated how many! 

5 different varieties of the wafers – chocolate, durian, pandan, strawberry, vanilla+BellyButton Ice Gem biscuits (all for~S$8). Most of us who grew up here in SIN will remember the BellyButton biscuits. Have been wanting to taste these since the opening, but the min amount to buy is 100g for each item (~S$1-$2per100g). Today is the best time to get these & some prawn-crackers (from the mama-store) to share with everyone in CC.

Appreciations to Calvin@CC for combined Bday celebrations for Sam & Chris. Pix of me taking a pix, credits to Helen. Yummy fresh TopShells cooked by PengHann – first time tasting these. Just checked out about these Baigai/Babylonia Spirata. 

Ordered online from Ka-Soh for delivery – 16pcs HarCheongGai 虾酱鸡=PrawnPasteChicken (S$39 including delivery) being one of Sam & my favourite deep-fried chickens. 1st time ordering from this venue, was OK, but would probably have been better to eat it fresh as deep-fired food tends to go soggy after being delivered. Good Sashimi&Sushi

Friend of CC made one of my favourite Malay soups, Soto Ayam=ChickenNoodleSoup – tasted a sip of the soup and it was scrumptious, had to package some to take with me. Cedele’s RedVelvet from Ann was just too rich to eat a whole slice, perfect with a bite or the heart will be complaining! Eating far too much the whole evening – Eat, drink and be merry

A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk ― Charlie Chaplin

Wed: today 11Nov is VeteransDay honoring military veterans, that is, persons who have served in the US-Armed Forces (and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable). Major hostilities of WW1 were formally ended at the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. At the urging of major US VeteranOrganizations, ArmisticeDay was renamed VeteransDay in 1954.

Thu: woke up to this lovey sky with both the sunrise colours&a half-crescent moon smiling at me, its going to be a lovely day! Appreciations to LEE MeiChen, TimothyPWEE & LisaLIM from NationalLibraryBoard/NLB for their time to look at some of father’s old documents&items which will be donated to the library. In this way, they will be taken care of and ppl who are interested can also request to see them at the library. Will wait for the agreement (draft) before listing the items donated.

Fri: did not expect my TGIFs greetings would have been missed, trust Johnny&Richard in HKG to notice that I was late with my posting! special greetings to them!! A good weekend to all, stay healthy&safe this Friday the 13th! and World Kindness Day!! After a nice walk&grocery shopping, and as I closed the door behind ~12n, the rains started. Fresh cut-flowers for the hostess for tonight’s special dinner and a special white flower hanging-plant for Ivy.

Appreciations to Theresa&ChengJoon for the scrumptious 大闸蟹Eriocheir sinensis+many more other dishes dinner. This ChineseMittenCrab, also known as the ShanghaiHairyCrab, is a medium-sized burrowing crab that is named for its furry claws, which resemble mittens. It is native to rivers, estuaries and other coastal habitats of E-Asia from Korea in the north to Fujian/China, in the south – a seasonal delicacy in Asia, prized for its sweet flesh&creamy roe. The male roe is creamier, buttery and lava-like while the female roe is denser, darker in color and more solid (crumbly).