Sticky And Mini Apples

31 Oct 2020 – Indian Heritage Centre

Tue: senior grocery day at the local MT Giant with 0.80c savings. Do not need to go to the main Giant@Tampines every week, ~once or twice a month is enough. Watching these TV series can be additive for me, tend to binge-watch wanting to know what happens next, and not good to be sitting in front the screen all day – will probably get Lucific withdrawal soon, hahaha

Wed: when you received a message – he refuses to eat, or let anyone eat the last ones, its time to find Sticky, even when it takes 3different buses to unfamiliar industrial estate!

Used to be able to get these at CathayCineleisure on Orchard and would usually get them before my trips back to Norway&USA. They are one of the nice little gifts made in SIN to get for kids. Not sure if this last one was the one I got at MBS when the family was visiting in Feb? 

Fun to discover new grounds with sweet thoughts. Was informed by the sales ppl that the only other place to get them was at some Korean Restaurant in ClarkQuay. Snail-mail will not get these to Norway&USA in time for Halloween, but hopefully will get there for the holiday season. 
Campers new window display – Calvin is now into cycling.
Thu: 1st visit to this $21-million Indian Heritage Centre (2015) and was fortunate to be the only visitor, nice&quiet exactly how I like it even when only the 4&5 levels are opened to public.
Random pix from the lobby and Level-4
Travel accessories, correspondences+documents
A view from Level-4 down to Level-3.
My 1st time seeing a typewriter with Tamil characters.
Entrance to Level-3
Would not like to hug or get into a flight with someone wearing this metal belt/Oddiyanam, but it would be another story if it was gold with precious stones! This Fireman’s Helmet gives hard-hat another perspective!
Wonder if the Pearly Gates is anything like this Mother of Pearl Doors? Overdosing on Lucifer??
Am I the only one who finds it odd that Heaven has gates? What kind of neighborhood is Heaven in – Jim Gaffigan
Soaking in the ambience before Deepavali/12Nov – no intentions of being in this area area until after the Festival of Lights are over.
And to fill the craving of ChickenBriyani@Tekka for this year.
Annual Deepavali pix taken in the middle of the road crossing and looks like someone else in this pix got the same idea!
Fri: these mini produces are perfect for my portion&taste, no need to waste and always fresh. The mini Romaine lettuce are amazing as they can keep fresh&crisp for up to 2weeks in the fridge (ie if you know how to store them), and they are good&refreshing for wrapping all kinds of everything to make a delicious light meal/snack. Today I discovered these mini apples from NZ, absolutely deliciously crisp, small cores, sweet&juicy, not usually a fan of apples, but these will make me one even when they are S$6.50 for 5.  
If Adam and Eve were Chinese we would still be in paradise, because they would had eaten the snake instead of the apple.
Sat: Happy Halloween – Trick or Treat🎃 Enjoy your last Oct2020 day. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for yummy BahKutTeh 肉骨茶=meat bone tea+side dishes&condiments in good company of 3gen, Clement, Daisy & Darryl. Dinner delivered by Old Tiong Bahru BakKutTeh

Sat31Oct2020: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 28
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 3,896
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 282

Netflix Series

26 Oct 2020 – Lucifer & Sex Education

Thu: delivered urine for test and also blood test@SGH. Since being out&about, and that DaisyC was not busy, got the chance to catch up in Chinatown. This robot catches my eyes whenever I walk by it from SGH, but most of the time when I am passing by, the restaurant 泰福楼Tai Fu Lou (Northeast Chinese Cuisine) with this yummy looking fish on their glass-door is closed. Supposedly its SIN exclusive specialty paper wrapped fish 特色纸包鱼餐厅, must try one day!

A bite&cuppa@Tiong Shian Porridge Centre長城粥品中心, one of my favourite congee places, especially when raw fish was allowed in those days! Today just had the chicken-feet&some veg, and it was breezy&relaxing sitting outside this coffeeshop chatting&watching life goes by.

Durian Snow-Ice@MeiHeongYuen 味香园甜品, the only place I like for this Taiwanese shaved-ice which is very finely shaved, unlike the others, like the ice-cones, ice-kacang, etc which are more coarsely shaved. Again pleasant sitting outside cheering with encouragement for this guy who dropped his van-keys in the drain and successfully fished it out. 

Appreciations to DaisyC for this pix & for catching up. Do enjoy these interactive wall murals by YC Yip. Where Chinese characters are concerned, will definitely need help, not only with reading&writing, but translation too! ~50,000+characters, ~20,000 rarely use, and you will need ~2,000+ to be able to read a newspaper. I only know ~20+characters!! Got the Lunar/Chinese 2021 Calendar to remind me of special dates. Looking forward to receiving the Norwegian&US ones from L&M and perhaps Carmel who is now in Ireland can find me an Irish one. That will cover the countries where I have lived for over a decade and have been home to me…
Fri: not being able to travel or wander about, started on these 2Netflix series, Lucifer and Sex Ed after AudreyM’s recommendation. Let’s see how many Seasons/S&Episodes/E I will manage to hang on to without getting bored! From what I have read, there are so far S5&E44 and still a S6 on the way for Lucifer; SexEd, S2&E16 and S3 on its way. So far after a few episodes, they seem promising, even when the titles may be misleading.


Edited: found my Angel-Wings somewhere from OSL/Norway via HEL/Finland to SIN in Sep-Oct2015! 5yrs ago then and now 5yrs later on track with Lucifer (S3-E10) who does not want his wings! 

Sat: what an exciting afternoon looking thru’ old B/W pix from Audrey’s childhood days, Audrey and Alvin’s Katong childhood grounds – tkx for sharing. Good luck to Alvin’s new book, do enjoy&like the charm & uniqueness of his books where the pix in there are all hand-drawn or painted, ie no photography.
Sun: tkx to AudreyW for ClayPotRice, how can the sellers make a profit when this is sold for S$3 (food&pot for keeps)?? To those who have turned their clock back tonight, enjoy the extra hour of sleep and a good last Oct week ahead to all.
Mon: much to update here when so much has happened in 5days! These amazing freshly-cut SpiderOrchid aka Arachnis flos-aeris last up to 1month when you know how to treat them – the blooms do fall off and can be placed on a plate like this for another week. Also one of the few orchids that has a sweet fragrance
I think a fragrance is all about sensations and imagery, and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts – Shakira

5 Temenggong Road/Painting

21 Oct 2020 – Mexican & Korean Foods

Sat: this was what I found at my gate this morning –  593dengue cases were reported by NEA in this week ending – NEA who are also doing their best to educate ppl to be aware as to how to flight this. I get Pandan&LemonGrass to make tea as I like the taste of them individually. Roaches& mozzies do not seem to like them and being on the 7floor might also be a help to keep them away and they are most unwelcome!

Sun: belated Bday lunch for AudreyW. Since unable to travel to the US and wanted some Tex-Mex, homemade Fajita Chicken with Tequila Shots (tkx to Estella for that bottle). Appreciations to Aud and Clement for good company and an enjoyable afternoon that passed by quickly. Pix credits her.

Mon: many thanks to Singaporean painter Yusoff Abdul Latiff of 5 Temenggong Road/Singapore of the B/W pix (1948-9). The write-up below is from a magazine PASSAGE/Friends of the Museums Singapore – January/February 2021

This stately mansion at 5 Temenggong Road, Singapore was owned by Amy Lam’s grandfather Lam Song Kee, whose brother Lam Ji Chiew founded Kwong Lee Bank in Kuching in 1905. The bank later established branches in Singapore and Malaya. Lam Song Kee bought this mansion from Wong Ah Fook’s family. Wong Ah Fook the builder, entrepreneur and philanthropist was heavily involved in various major construction works in Johor Baru , Singapore and with the Johor royal family. Being close to the Johor royal family, he might have obtained the land, next to the now defunct Istana Telok Blangah, for building this mansion from the Temenggong whose land stretched from Tanjong Pagar to Telok Blangah.
However this property and land was acquired by the government in the early 1970s, at the then minimal acquisition rate, supposedly for the construction of the cable car. Today this land after more than 40 years looks unkempt and still undeveloped, probably because the government planners at that time changed their minds and chose the Harbourfront site instead, for the cable car station for it is more aligned with Sentosa and Mount Faber.
It is a pity that such a magnificent building with a history of it own was torn down and then nothing was done to the land. Similarly the Malay Settlement at Sembawang, established by the British during colonial times was acquired by the government in the 1980s, supposedly for the expansion of Sembawang port, but today, after 40 years the land has become a forest, saved for the isolated kampong mosque. Off course it is the policy of the present government to consider wooden houses as temporary, no matter how well-built they are.
The late prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew did express his regret at his decision to demolish his alma mater Raffles Institution (established 1823) in order to build Raffles City, which could have been built on the Marina reclaimed land. A magnificient and historic building or structure, with a great history and heritage behind it, once demolished is lost forever and the country is poorer for it.

Tue: new area to discover from KovanMRT connecting with a feeder-bus

to this well-maintained and serene surroundings of this 1,000+units condo complex.

Appreciations to AudreyM for this delicious home-made Korean lunch spread+sides – 갈비탕KaibiTang/BeefSoup, 닭갈비DakGalbi/SpicyChicken with veggie, bringing back fun memories from my one&only visit to Korea in 2013 when she was working there. Tkx for sharing these spices, will try to make this chicken some day.부산/

Wed: today is another stay-in my 4-walls day. Again urine has to be collected for 24hrs to be tested for Hyperparathyroidism/overactive glands in the thyroid. Hoping&praying that the result from this test is better than that in Aug so that surgery is not needed. Have been taking VitD supplements daily for the past 2months.

Tkx to Linn for this registration plate MORMOROK – mormor=maternal grandmother in Norwegian, so it s good that #1-6 think that I am OK – hahaha

Sarawak KoloMee

16 Oct 2020 – Dinosaurs At The Airport 

Mon: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to family&friends and to those celebrating this day. Was planning to check out this new JurassicMile, but was told that it is crowded, so will wait till the novelty passes by and then can finally walk to the airport!

When I last walked this section, it was not connected to the airport.

Tue: senior grocery day@Tampines Giant usually taking up the morning with the shopping and the afternoon with cleaning and storing away the groceries. 

Wed: digging up info for AT-Hikers&TrailAngels in a FBgroup I have set up last Fri. Decided to do this as the book/journal printed in 2008 are all gone, except the one copy on hand, thus putting it here online to share. This will be the 3rd group I have set up to manage, including 2others for the LAM &TSANG family-trees. Looks like I will be busy online – busy hands are happy hands.

Thu: was craving for KCH KoloMee, and with no visit to KCH this year to fix it. Heard about this location and yes, the rumour is true! Was there early with just 2ppl in front of me and by the time I finished, the lines were sneaking around the corner@Yummy ‘Sarawak Kolo Mee’@#01-45 Tampines Round Market&Food Centre.

The taste was yummy, but somehow the noodles lack that crunchiness that I like. Bought a packet for cousin Karen for her verdict. Believe it or not, for me the most memorable bowl of KoloMee was in Sarikei, Sarawak/2011. 3MYR~S$1@RianCheongCafe where the noodles were of perfect consistency and the sauce was simple&tasty – have yet to taste anything like that.

Took over an hour to get and to find this stall, and an unchartered area for me. Remembered vaguely being at the opening of the TampinesHub 3yrs ago, but somehow it seems longer. First the 31bus from MP to Tampines-Interchange, connecting with bus292 to Tampines St11.
A Norwegian friend just told me that It seems that you eat a lot in Singapore, and my reply to him – unlike the Norwegians, we live to eat more than to eat to live. L&Ms father used to teased about my family for discussing what’s for dinner while we are still eating lunch… hahaha!
If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world – JRR Tolkien
Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Happy 50th Bday to niece PatriciaLAM, difficult to image that she has now joined the over half century, 50+Club – so vividly remember visiting her when she was born and babysitting her in Dublin!
Thank you cousin Karen (paternal grandmother RGCHAN SweeNgor side) for showing around the lovely grounds@The SeaViewCondos. 
The clubhouse brought back memories of 5TemenggongRd. Was sooo tempted to slide down those railings on the staircase, but not a good idea!
The dark wooden paneling no matter how lovely to look at is not where I would want to live in, maybe for a short holiday period or if I had enough househelp to clean&dust! Personal preference to live in is still the Scandinavian simple clear-cut lines in light wood. But this is absolutely beautiful. Tkx to Karen for showing me around and for this interesting link:
O fools, awake! The rites ye sacred hold Are but a cheat contrived by men of old Who lusted after wealth and gained their lust And died in baseness-and their law is dust. – Al-Maʿarri

Island Hopping South of SIN

11 Oct 2020 – Kusu, StJohn’s and Lazarus

Thu: this trip would not have been if not for Calvin’s ride n his car to MarinaSouthPier/MSP and for the use of his bike on the islands – appreciations to Helen for the arrangments. Has been a long while ago (Dec2016) since I was last at this location, dinner on the Stewords Riverboat which is no longer here now. And even a longer time since I last stepped foot on these islands.

Ferries to the SouthernIslands taking off from MPS costing S$12RT for Seniors.

The ride was on time and refreshing in the morning misty drizzles. Felt like being in paradise to be outdoors with fresh air on the upper deck.

Kusu=tortoise or turtle, located about 5.6km south of SIN. Being the smallest of the 3islands to visit, decided to stop off here first. With an area of 0.085sqK/0.033sqM, took us only a few mins to cycle around. Has been a long while since I have been on a cycle, and forgetting that pedaling backwards does not mean to brake (old habits die hard!), took a clumsy harmless fall to get the hang of using the hand-brakes before going into the temple of DaBoGong 大伯公. 

Tortoise Sanctuary where we saw a tortoise with the most unusual shell. Can anyone explain to me what is the cause of this? They all came towards us when they heard voices, but also dispersed just as fast when they discovered that it was not feeding time.

152steps leading up to 3keramats where there were also 3monkeys there today. Not being a fan of monkeys got me down those stairs quite quickly – See, Hear and Do No Evil

St. John’s is the largest of SIN SouthernIslands, 6.5km from SIN. With an area of 0.4sqK/0.2sqM, the charming old pier can still be seen next to the newer one.

Quiet, peaceful and far from the maddening crowds, this is a bicycle haven for me. Being a weekday, met only a handful of ppl and 1-2 other cyclist. Being enochlophobia, this was perfect for me. Linked by a short causeway to Lazarus it is easy to cycle on these 2islands. 

Interesting&rich in history – saw a most tempting site when I would like to return to spend the day on foot to discover more and swim in these clean clear waters.

Lovely breeze on the way back, nearly crossing paths with a humongous container-ship!

Clearer weathers for skyline views. Thanks to Alvin for his share:

Welcome back to the unwelcoming traffic! Tkx to Calvin for yummy ZiChar dinner@DeTain BishanCoffeeshop and for the best day for me since Mar. Pix where I am in, credits to Helen.

Seldom do I see such a nice ZiChar place with bright&clean with decorative electrical hurricane lamps. If the power ever goes here, there will be no problems with lights! The sky opened up after I got on the bus as I doze off with the peaceful raindrops lullaby. Set my alarm for 45mins. #13bus runs directly from Bishan to the bus-stop by my 4walls and would take ~1hour, especially in this heavy downpours.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. Restful night and surprising enough to not feel any sore or tender muscles anywhere, was expecting some consequences after riding the bike ride. Busy day trying to download yesterday’s pix and figuring out what to write. A simple home-made bourbon salmon for dinner tonight, quite a contrast from last night’s choices of dishes! 

Sat: a very unique date today 10102020 and will never happen again. The garbage chutes are long due for a thorough clean&paint job. Surprising it is done a week ahead of time and the chutes are opened again today. Garbage bins were emptied more than once a day when they were left outside for the week.

Sun: a day to work on both the LAMs&TSANGs family trees, more a jungle than trees for this never-ending project. Tkx to Leonard for his help to edit the LAM family tree and for dinner in the neighbourhood.

How can it be possible to even image that I got married for the first-time 51yrs ago today – twice married, twice divorced and fortunately unable to remember the other dates! Now, happily single for 2+decades and intend to remain so – hahaha. 

One can never be 100% certain when it comes to family lineage. One must always keep an open mind, willing to go wherever the facts may lead ― Laurence Overmire

195 Pearl Hill Terrace

7 Oct 2020 – UnderGround Police

Mon: a day to search for info&pix from my maternal side to start a group in FB for the TSANG MayLan Heritage, another never-ending task and still missing some names from the LAM TinYue side??

Tue: 70steps up the staircase to this Bunker built in 1956 to house the Combined Ops HQ for police&military use during crises.

A shield from the 1950s is in this Briefing Room – not quite bullet-proof, but it did serve its purpose then.

Giving orders in the Radio Control Room – pix of me credits to Victor

Fun with toy cars in the Map Room – group pix credits to Victor.

Police Officer’s Rest Room – Victor will need a rest after having to put up with us!

Tkx to Victor for arranging this and appreciations to George & Evelyn (who was and still is working in this location since the 1970s!) for an enlightening and interesting tour.

Police officers may drive black and white cars, however what goes on in their job is a lot of gray – Arik Matson

Tkx to Alvin for his share –

Once a police headquarters during the mid 20thcentury, 195 Pearl Hill Terrace is one of the longest pre-war civic buildings in existence. 

Edited Fri30 Oct2020: UpperBarracks@195 PearlHillTerrace. Built in 1934 it used to be the accommodation for the SikhContingent of the StraitsSettlementsPoliceForce. The Contingent was disbanded after WW II, 1945 and was replaced by the GurkhaContingent in April 1949. Thereafter the building was used by various Govt Agencies eg MID (Ministry of Interior &Defense, the predecessor of Mindef&Ministry of HomeAffairs), Ministry of SocialAffairs and also the CombinedOperationsRoom. Today the building house many offices and a cafe.

This historical building has now been transformed into an artistic and hipster space and is located behind the People’s Park Food Centre.

195 Pearl Hill Café where an unusual combination of pasta and seldom yummy pork-satay is served. Satay is a Malay/Muslim dish, thus no pork, so this is more a fusion-kebab with an unusual appetizing delicious peanut/pineapple sauce. Appreciations to Victor for ordering all this way in advance otherwise, no chance to taste.

Edited Thu25Mar2021: tkx to CK Lee for this link –

This feline has not moved since we passed by it this morning. Heading down those steps in that lovely breeze, I too could have like a deck-chair or a hammock to hang out there for some hours. Eyeing at this delicious looking fish at someone’s lunch in the food center (perhaps another time!) and headed to run errands in Chinatown.

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort – James Herriot

Chinatown Complex for take-away kampong chicken to try. What came first, The chicken or the egg? I don’t care, I eat both!  

Mid-Autumn lights here in Chinatown will be over 16Oct, but not sure if I will get to see them this year.

Wed: would usually collect a few days of events before posting, but there was so much happening yesterday and the same will go for tomorrow.

Gardens By The Bay 2020

4 Oct 2020 – LAM+TSANG FamilyTree

Fri: met at CC to catch up with Calvin&co (must get a hair-cut like Helens, welcome to the Grey&White HairClub – hahaha). Condolences to Chris&family for the passing of his uncle, may he RIP. Memory-lane pix with Chris from 2013.

Helen&I decided to take a walk with the Giant Baby & The Royal Family at Gardens By The Bay, catching the mid-autumn lights which will be over on Sunday.

The Apricot Grove featured apricot flowers at various stages of blooming, enhanced with gobo lighting effect to simulate falling flower petals, is inspired by the Chinese fable of Dong Feng 董奉 who is a skilled and generous medical practitioner from the Three Kingdoms period 三国时代

The moon was teasing&playing hide&seek with us the whole evening.

The new (opened Sep2020) Apple@MBS which looks more impressive at night. 

Around MarinaBlv to the CustomHouse where most of the eating joints were done with their last orders. OneFullerton for a bite&drinks@Aseana, just in time to place the last order. Appreciations to Helen for good company and a lovely evening. Was blessed to be on the bus when the sky opened up, got back to the 4-walls just past midnight. 

Sat: had a restful sleep with the blissful sound of raindrops. Tkx to SL for helping to pick up bulky&heavy grocery stuff, am now set with all kind of detergents+toilet-paper for until 2021. Tonight’s dinner reservation was made nearly a month ago, but had to be postponed. So combining a belated Bday for Ivy and an early Bday for Les from Clement, SL & I

BakkwaBaconSalad 自制肉干沙律菜bacon strips grilled bakkwa-style with an oriental green salad complete with lotus root croutons, WagyuTruffleHorFun松露和牛鸳鸯河粉, Awesome FlamingPineappleBeef 火焰菠萝牛肉

The Mermaid 美人鱼 delicious collagen dish with grilled barramundi. Irish RoastDuck 爱尔兰烧鸭 usually not a fan of duck, but this one was roast to perfect and the meat was tender&moist. Fried Durian Tempura 榴莲天妇罗 was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. The above 3dishes are a definite die die must try! This is a second visit and do intend to return to try other dishes. 
Sun: thrilled&delighted to connect with my maternal side, TSANGs. That all started because cousinVincentTSANG(TSANG-branch8) in GA/USA being concern about the fires in CA/USA, wrote to KerwinLEE(TSANG-branch6) in CA/USA. Kerwin was sorting thru’ old photos and could not recognise or know anyone from this 1939/SINpix. He then forwarded it to Vincent who sent to me for identification. After that I connected us with AnnaTSANG, the only TSANG cousin who visited us in 2014/SIN has done an excellent chart of the TSANG. 
The Orange&Purple generation from the LAM TinYue(LAM-branch1) has no idea as to who is who for the TSANGs, but thanks to her chart, it will be easier to show them now. Glad that we have updates now and are connecting.
No normal sheet of paper could possibly trace their family tree, which in any case was more like a mangrove thicket ― Terry Pratchett

Mid Autumn 2020

30 Sep 2020 – SingPost & Shopee

Sat: neighbour works for SIN-Post and left her bike on the elevator-landing today. She removed it after I told her that it should not be parked here, but could not resist taking this pix which really puts snail-mail into perspective, hahaha! Have not rode on a bicycle since the helmet got stolen, and gave away my bike! Doubt if I will buy another bike again and If I do ride, will have to borrow or rent one. As for helmet, do not like borrowing or renting – that means neither I get a new one or I will not be able to ride a bike again!

Sun: discovered this online shopping and could find just about anything. Would usually make it a morning or an afternoon to buy Recogen supplements at their store@UbinAve where I need to change 2buses to get there. It is also the location where I get roasted foods for a group. And other times when there are promotions at the HealthFairs, usually@SunTec. Due to Covid, no fairs and trying to avoid wondering around unnecessarily. Surfing online and found that Shopee has them at the same price including FOC delivery+shop voucher worth S$8. Ordered 4items, will see how long they will take to get here.

The great thing about the Internet isn’t that you can reconnect with old friends or stay up to date with developing world events or send pictures of newborns immediately around the world. It is simply that you can log on to from anywhere and order fresh underwear immediately after seeing your life flash before your eyes ― David C Holley

Mon: received 3 boxes of Recogen (30sachets perbox, 300g ) Original. Free 7 Sachets. Regular price, S$62perbox-total S$186 – paid S$178 using S$8voucher&FOCshipping. Quite impressed with how fast this arrived, the order was placed just 24hrs ago. 

Tue: grocery day@Giant/Tampines. Free shuttle was punctual for the 1015hrs pick-up and the driver must be on of the best I have experienced so far – smooth ride, no jerking around, perfect speed. Also he was smart enough to keep the front door closed so that ppl had to get off at the back to not block those who trying to board in front. New@Giant, fresh seafood – today’s SeniorSaving was S$4.

Wed: tkx to HS&Boon for good dinner company (made GravLaks+SeafoodPasta) and for the hand-made mooncake+beef-stew. Looking forward to tasting them. Not too sure if I feel like or want to check out the mid-autumn lights in Chinatown or GardensByTheBay this year. But if I do, it will not be until next week, ie if they are still on! Nowadays, after going out, would usually get all my clothes in for washing and myself into the shower. So will try to do my gallivanting in the late afternoons to be back to shower nearer bed-time like I have always done otherwise the skin will get dry with too many showers.

Wed30Sep2020: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 27
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 3,359
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 274

Thu1Oct2020: Happy Mid-Autumn, Lantern, MoonCakes Festival to those celebrating. Enjoy the lights+your favourite mooncakes. The plain traditional ones are still my favourite, but happy to taste all these new ones. Also the dough piglets in the basket were popular during childhood, now only for decoration.

Most memorable are these delicate beautiful hand-made lanterns – could hardly wait till dark when we can light them with candles and carried them walking around TemenggongRd. The transparent coloured cellophane ones are my favourite. They are absolutely beautiful&mesmerizing when a real candle flame is flicking inside them. Bought these 2decades ago and they need repair every year when I take them out. The new ones are quite different with music and run by battery which has taken the charm out, but probably safer.

Hugs&well wishes are out to family&friends all around the world connecting us under this clear sky with a beautiful, bright & big moon tonight in SIN.

Oct Bdays

3  – Happy Bday CHONGSiongYin
6  – Happy Bday DavidWONG
7  – Happy Bday LeslieLAM
8 – Happy Bdays Larry LAM, AudreyWONG and KONGHengSun
12 – Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM
13 – Happy Bdays DavidYUNG
16 – Happy PatriciaLAM
21 – Happy Bday SteveLAM & DeeHALL
27 – In memory of EllenHALD Sr
29 – Happy Bdays KwokLockLAM & KieraCHUA
31 – Happy Bday AdelineLEE, MarkBOROWSKY, and Happy Halloween