Gardens By The Bay 2020

4 Oct 2020 – LAM+TSANG FamilyTree

Fri: met at CC to catch up with Calvin&co (must get a hair-cut like Helens, welcome to the Grey&White HairClub – hahaha). Condolences to Chris&family for the passing of his uncle, may he RIP. Memory-lane pix with Chris from 2013.

Helen&I decided to take a walk with the Giant Baby & The Royal Family at Gardens By The Bay, catching the mid-autumn lights which will be over on Sunday.

The Apricot Grove featured apricot flowers at various stages of blooming, enhanced with gobo lighting effect to simulate falling flower petals, is inspired by the Chinese fable of Dong Feng 董奉 who is a skilled and generous medical practitioner from the Three Kingdoms period 三国时代

The moon was teasing&playing hide&seek with us the whole evening.

The new (opened Sep2020) Apple@MBS which looks more impressive at night. 

Around MarinaBlv to the CustomHouse where most of the eating joints were done with their last orders. OneFullerton for a bite&drinks@Aseana, just in time to place the last order. Appreciations to Helen for good company and a lovely evening. Was blessed to be on the bus when the sky opened up, got back to the 4-walls just past midnight. 

Sat: had a restful sleep with the blissful sound of raindrops. Tkx to SL for helping to pick up bulky&heavy grocery stuff, am now set with all kind of detergents+toilet-paper for until 2021. Tonight’s dinner reservation was made nearly a month ago, but had to be postponed. So combining a belated Bday for Ivy and an early Bday for Les from Clement, SL & I

BakkwaBaconSalad 自制肉干沙律菜bacon strips grilled bakkwa-style with an oriental green salad complete with lotus root croutons, WagyuTruffleHorFun松露和牛鸳鸯河粉, Awesome FlamingPineappleBeef 火焰菠萝牛肉

The Mermaid 美人鱼 delicious collagen dish with grilled barramundi. Irish RoastDuck 爱尔兰烧鸭 usually not a fan of duck, but this one was roast to perfect and the meat was tender&moist. Fried Durian Tempura 榴莲天妇罗 was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. The above 3dishes are a definite die die must try! This is a second visit and do intend to return to try other dishes. 
Sun: thrilled&delighted to connect with my maternal side, TSANGs. That all started because cousinVincentTSANG(TSANG-branch8) in GA/USA being concern about the fires in CA/USA, wrote to KerwinLEE(TSANG-branch6) in CA/USA. Kerwin was sorting thru’ old photos and could not recognise or know anyone from this 1939/SINpix. He then forwarded it to Vincent who sent to me for identification. After that I connected us with AnnaTSANG, the only TSANG cousin who visited us in 2014/SIN has done an excellent chart of the TSANG. 
The Orange&Purple generation from the LAM TinYue(LAM-branch1) has no idea as to who is who for the TSANGs, but thanks to her chart, it will be easier to show them now. Glad that we have updates now and are connecting.
No normal sheet of paper could possibly trace their family tree, which in any case was more like a mangrove thicket ― Terry Pratchett

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