Profile Of Time

16 Oct 2015 – Salvador Dali

Mon: last walk here in OSL for 2015, along Parkveien behind the palace park.


Heading towards Uranienborgveien.



The little park on top on the hill where the church is located.


Tue:  dealing with goodbye hugs are reality of life. Tkx May for the pin which say is all. The truth lies between two lies – Munch. Let’s just put on the brave front and fast forward. Have been trying to capture this pix of Lillestrøm on the OSL Airport Express train for the past years. Either it was going too fast or it was just not clear enough to shoot. Today with blue sky and the train was slowing down just at that moment…


Wed: blue sky in LHR/London on transit. Flight took off in time and LHR is an airport where one is bus to and from the different terminals. Having to go thru’ both immigration and security another round is not much fun! Thank goodness my fellow Portuguese passenger Ricardo is a nice friendly chap!


Not so blue HKG sky in transit with 15mins delay and an uneventful flight.  Some loud obnoxious PRC were sitting near me, fortunately the plane was not full and I moved far far away from them. Finally the wings which got me to Norway also brought me back to SIN safe and sound 🙂


Wed: tkx to the new sculpture on Orchard Rd with Dali’s ‘Profile of Time’ – back in SIN where the heat and humidity can melt both clock and time!


Welcome Ruth & Mandy from Canada. With the combination of the jet-lag, heat and haze, was only capable to do indoors tourist guiding and local food tasting was the best I could do. They are great guests to take food tasting – enthusiastically tried everything I suggested, eating and finishing everything wholeheartedly.



Appreciate Clement for meeting up later for a bite. The bus-stop by St Andrews Cathedral has lovely night-lights on and there was some function across the road at  the newly renovated Capitol, now a Theatre and no longer a movie cinema. Visited with bro Steven and sad to see him with increasing signs of dementia…

None of us wants to be reminded that dementia is random, relentless, and frighteningly common – Laurie Graham

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  1. Hi James, tkx for the words. There is certainly not much I can do but to move forward with life’s journey. C’est la vie and whatever will be will be! You take good care.

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