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26 Oct 2020 – Lucifer & Sex Education

Thu: delivered urine for test and also blood test@SGH. Since being out&about, and that DaisyC was not busy, got the chance to catch up in Chinatown. This robot catches my eyes whenever I walk by it from SGH, but most of the time when I am passing by, the restaurant 泰福楼Tai Fu Lou (Northeast Chinese Cuisine) with this yummy looking fish on their glass-door is closed. Supposedly its SIN exclusive specialty paper wrapped fish 特色纸包鱼餐厅, must try one day!

A bite&cuppa@Tiong Shian Porridge Centre長城粥品中心, one of my favourite congee places, especially when raw fish was allowed in those days! Today just had the chicken-feet&some veg, and it was breezy&relaxing sitting outside this coffeeshop chatting&watching life goes by.

Durian Snow-Ice@MeiHeongYuen 味香园甜品, the only place I like for this Taiwanese shaved-ice which is very finely shaved, unlike the others, like the ice-cones, ice-kacang, etc which are more coarsely shaved. Again pleasant sitting outside cheering with encouragement for this guy who dropped his van-keys in the drain and successfully fished it out. 

Appreciations to DaisyC for this pix & for catching up. Do enjoy these interactive wall murals by YC Yip. Where Chinese characters are concerned, will definitely need help, not only with reading&writing, but translation too! ~50,000+characters, ~20,000 rarely use, and you will need ~2,000+ to be able to read a newspaper. I only know ~20+characters!! Got the Lunar/Chinese 2021 Calendar to remind me of special dates. Looking forward to receiving the Norwegian&US ones from L&M and perhaps Carmel who is now in Ireland can find me an Irish one. That will cover the countries where I have lived for over a decade and have been home to me…
Fri: not being able to travel or wander about, started on these 2Netflix series, Lucifer and Sex Ed after AudreyM’s recommendation. Let’s see how many Seasons/S&Episodes/E I will manage to hang on to without getting bored! From what I have read, there are so far S5&E44 and still a S6 on the way for Lucifer; SexEd, S2&E16 and S3 on its way. So far after a few episodes, they seem promising, even when the titles may be misleading.


Edited: found my Angel-Wings somewhere from OSL/Norway via HEL/Finland to SIN in Sep-Oct2015! 5yrs ago then and now 5yrs later on track with Lucifer (S3-E10) who does not want his wings! 

Sat: what an exciting afternoon looking thru’ old B/W pix from Audrey’s childhood days, Audrey and Alvin’s Katong childhood grounds – tkx for sharing. Good luck to Alvin’s new book, do enjoy&like the charm & uniqueness of his books where the pix in there are all hand-drawn or painted, ie no photography.
Sun: tkx to AudreyW for ClayPotRice, how can the sellers make a profit when this is sold for S$3 (food&pot for keeps)?? To those who have turned their clock back tonight, enjoy the extra hour of sleep and a good last Oct week ahead to all.
Mon: much to update here when so much has happened in 5days! These amazing freshly-cut SpiderOrchid aka Arachnis flos-aeris last up to 1month when you know how to treat them – the blooms do fall off and can be placed on a plate like this for another week. Also one of the few orchids that has a sweet fragrance
I think a fragrance is all about sensations and imagery, and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts – Shakira

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