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21 Oct 2020 – Mexican & Korean Foods

Sat: this was what I found at my gate this morning –  593dengue cases were reported by NEA in this week ending – NEA who are also doing their best to educate ppl to be aware as to how to flight this. I get Pandan&LemonGrass to make tea as I like the taste of them individually. Roaches& mozzies do not seem to like them and being on the 7floor might also be a help to keep them away and they are most unwelcome!

Sun: belated Bday lunch for AudreyW. Since unable to travel to the US and wanted some Tex-Mex, homemade Fajita Chicken with Tequila Shots (tkx to Estella for that bottle). Appreciations to Aud and Clement for good company and an enjoyable afternoon that passed by quickly. Pix credits her.

Mon: many thanks to Singaporean painter Yusoff Abdul Latiff of 5 Temenggong Road/Singapore of the B/W pix (1948-9). The write-up below is from a magazine PASSAGE/Friends of the Museums Singapore – January/February 2021

This stately mansion at 5 Temenggong Road, Singapore was owned by Amy Lam’s grandfather Lam Song Kee, whose brother Lam Ji Chiew founded Kwong Lee Bank in Kuching in 1905. The bank later established branches in Singapore and Malaya. Lam Song Kee bought this mansion from Wong Ah Fook’s family. Wong Ah Fook the builder, entrepreneur and philanthropist was heavily involved in various major construction works in Johor Baru , Singapore and with the Johor royal family. Being close to the Johor royal family, he might have obtained the land, next to the now defunct Istana Telok Blangah, for building this mansion from the Temenggong whose land stretched from Tanjong Pagar to Telok Blangah.
However this property and land was acquired by the government in the early 1970s, at the then minimal acquisition rate, supposedly for the construction of the cable car. Today this land after more than 40 years looks unkempt and still undeveloped, probably because the government planners at that time changed their minds and chose the Harbourfront site instead, for the cable car station for it is more aligned with Sentosa and Mount Faber.
It is a pity that such a magnificent building with a history of it own was torn down and then nothing was done to the land. Similarly the Malay Settlement at Sembawang, established by the British during colonial times was acquired by the government in the 1980s, supposedly for the expansion of Sembawang port, but today, after 40 years the land has become a forest, saved for the isolated kampong mosque. Off course it is the policy of the present government to consider wooden houses as temporary, no matter how well-built they are.
The late prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew did express his regret at his decision to demolish his alma mater Raffles Institution (established 1823) in order to build Raffles City, which could have been built on the Marina reclaimed land. A magnificient and historic building or structure, with a great history and heritage behind it, once demolished is lost forever and the country is poorer for it.

Tue: new area to discover from KovanMRT connecting with a feeder-bus

to this well-maintained and serene surroundings of this 1,000+units condo complex.

Appreciations to AudreyM for this delicious home-made Korean lunch spread+sides – 갈비탕KaibiTang/BeefSoup, 닭갈비DakGalbi/SpicyChicken with veggie, bringing back fun memories from my one&only visit to Korea in 2013 when she was working there. Tkx for sharing these spices, will try to make this chicken some day.


Wed: today is another stay-in my 4-walls day. Again urine has to be collected for 24hrs to be tested for Hyperparathyroidism/overactive glands in the thyroid. Hoping&praying that the result from this test is better than that in Aug so that surgery is not needed. Have been taking VitD supplements daily for the past 2months.

Tkx to Linn for this registration plate MORMOROK – mormor=maternal grandmother in Norwegian, so it s good that #1-6 think that I am OK – hahaha

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