Sarawak KoloMee

16 Oct 2020 – Dinosaurs At The Airport 

Mon: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to family&friends and to those celebrating this day. Was planning to check out this new JurassicMile, but was told that it is crowded, so will wait till the novelty passes by and then can finally walk to the airport!

When I last walked this section, it was not connected to the airport.

Tue: senior grocery day@Tampines Giant usually taking up the morning with the shopping and the afternoon with cleaning and storing away the groceries. 

Wed: digging up info for AT-Hikers&TrailAngels in a FBgroup I have set up last Fri. Decided to do this as the book/journal printed in 2008 are all gone, except the one copy on hand, thus putting it here online to share. This will be the 3rd group I have set up to manage, including 2others for the LAM &TSANG family-trees. Looks like I will be busy online – busy hands are happy hands.

Thu: was craving for KCH KoloMee, and with no visit to KCH this year to fix it. Heard about this location and yes, the rumour is true! Was there early with just 2ppl in front of me and by the time I finished, the lines were sneaking around the corner@Yummy ‘Sarawak Kolo Mee’@#01-45 Tampines Round Market&Food Centre.

The taste was yummy, but somehow the noodles lack that crunchiness that I like. Bought a packet for cousin Karen for her verdict. Believe it or not, for me the most memorable bowl of KoloMee was in Sarikei, Sarawak/2011. 3MYR~S$1@RianCheongCafe where the noodles were of perfect consistency and the sauce was simple&tasty – have yet to taste anything like that.

Took over an hour to get and to find this stall, and an unchartered area for me. Remembered vaguely being at the opening of the TampinesHub 3yrs ago, but somehow it seems longer. First the 31bus from MP to Tampines-Interchange, connecting with bus292 to Tampines St11.
A Norwegian friend just told me that It seems that you eat a lot in Singapore, and my reply to him – unlike the Norwegians, we live to eat more than to eat to live. L&Ms father used to teased about my family for discussing what’s for dinner while we are still eating lunch… hahaha!
If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world – JRR Tolkien
Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Happy 50th Bday to niece PatriciaLAM, difficult to image that she has now joined the over half century, 50+Club – so vividly remember visiting her when she was born and babysitting her in Dublin!
Thank you cousin Karen (paternal grandmother RGCHAN SweeNgor side) for showing around the lovely grounds@The SeaViewCondos. 
The clubhouse brought back memories of 5TemenggongRd. Was sooo tempted to slide down those railings on the staircase, but not a good idea!
The dark wooden paneling no matter how lovely to look at is not where I would want to live in, maybe for a short holiday period or if I had enough househelp to clean&dust! Personal preference to live in is still the Scandinavian simple clear-cut lines in light wood. But this is absolutely beautiful. Tkx to Karen for showing me around and for this interesting link:
O fools, awake! The rites ye sacred hold Are but a cheat contrived by men of old Who lusted after wealth and gained their lust And died in baseness-and their law is dust. – Al-Maʿarri

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